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auto salon

The Tokyo Auto Salon, possibly the most anticipated event among tuner-car enthusiasts, was canceled for 2021. In its place, a virtual event was held this past weekend.

auto salon

Normally at this time of year, Narita International Airport in Tokyo would be filled with automotive enthusiasts, on their way home from the Tokyo Auto Salon. However, with concerns over COVID-19, the organizers of the event canceled the 2021 event, which was scheduled to take place January 15-17. In its place, they held a virtual auto show, a drive-through event that had some interesting entries.


auto salon

This was no doubt a disappointment for the Japanese automotive aftermarket manufacturers, as it was the tuners and builders throughout the country. Much like the SEMA Show in Las Vegas, the Tokyo Auto Salon is an opportunity to showcase new and classic vehicles, the shops that build them, and the parts and accessories that they use. What is different about the Tokyo Auto Salon is that it is a three-day affair held at Makuhari Messe that’s open to the public, unlike SEMA, which is a trade-only event.

auto salon

In its place, the Auto Salon held an outdoor event with a smattering of vehicles you’d see at the show, which they filmed for a live broadcast on Auto Salon TV. On the broadcast, the features of each car were discussed with the builder or owner, along with the regrets many were having in not being able to display them to a live audience. As it would be with events here, builders enjoy hearing the reaction of spectators to their creations, an aspect that for many has been lost to the pandemic.

auto salon

Auto Salon TV  introduced 40 exhibitors, filmed over two days, some of which are shown here. If you are bi-lingual and understand Japanese, you can fully comprehend the hosts and their guests, as the video has been archived, and can be seen in its entirety on Auto Salon TV on the salon’s official site.

auto salon

Due to the circumstances, this year’s Tokyo Auto Salon was only held online, but next year, the promoters have already announced they will return to Makuhari Messe on January 14-16 for the 2022 Tokyo Auto Salon. With any luck, we may be there too.

auto salon

[Images: Tokyo Auto Salon]

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11 Comments on “Tokyo Auto Salon 2021 Takes Place Virtually...”

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    I will say that someone has done some amazing things with wallpaper and upholstery on that Nissan Cube.

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    They should resurrect opera windows and vinyl roofs in Kei cars.

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    Last picture (the trucks): The bed sides fold down any time you want, giving you your own flatbed [I learned this late in life]. Don’t know what the bed height is exactly, but it’s conveniently low.

    (This has been on my mind since our ~18-year-old upright freezer is signaling its intention to pass on in 2021 [the compressor is too noisy sometimes, and it’s not going to be repaired]. Farewell, Commercial-grade Frigidaire – you were Peak Appliance.)

    [On the other hand, I can have my people call Jeff Bezos’ people and the new freezer will appear in the driveway. The hand truck (“last foot” delivery) requires no fuel and only one operator. So nevermind.]

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    Jeff S

    My 25 year old refrigerator in my garage is still going strong but if it passes I will not replace it but it will get a trip in the back of my pickup to to recycler. They don’t make appliances like they use to–lucky to get 10 years out of new appliances.

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    There is a movement starting in my town,started by Republicans which is rapidly gaining traction. We will no longer purchase from Democratic stores in town, you know the type, with signs in the window promoting Biden, and dissing Trump. Well I live in a small town, and none of us buy there anymore, and I went there for 20 years. Hit these fools where it counts! In the wallet! Not buying from democrats anymore! No matter what it costs me! And yes, we know who you are!

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    And by the way, he knew what the problem was and took down the signs, but it’s too late! The damage has been done, and like the NBA, we ain’t coming back! So go ahead Democrats, destroy yourselves!

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