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2022 Infiniti QX55. Image: Infiniti

The flood of new-car debuts continues unabated.

Why are you seeing so much news this week? Because the LA Auto Show was supposed to have been right around this time, but as with everything else, COVID canceled it. Also, with Thanksgiving next week, automakers are trying to get news out before you spend next week eating turkey and arguing politics over Zoom.

Add Infiniti to that list, with the QX55 crossover.

Meant to evoke the FX crossovers from recent memory, the QX55 will be powered by a 2.0-liter turbo four-cylinder with a variable compression ratio that makes 268 horsepower and 280 lb-ft of torque. An all-wheel-drive system is fed power via a continuously-variable automatic transmission.

(Full disclosure: Infiniti sent a bottle of champagne to those of us covering this event. I may or may not keep it, but if I do, it doesn’t strike me as any more ethically dubious than drinking champagne at an in-person event.)

There will be three trim levels: Luxe, Essential, and Sensory; and available features will include wireless Apple CarPlay, separate touch screens (8- and 7-inches, respectively) for infotainment and vehicle controls, sliding second-row seats, a head-up display, and ProPilot Assist.

2022 Infiniti QX55. Image: Infiniti

Key design elements include a rear roof spoiler, a curving roofline, and roof rails. A large front grille has a mesh pattern modeled after Japanese origami, and the headlights are meant to be shaped like an eyebrow. LED lights are standard, and black accents surround the fog lamps. A four-link hinge allows the hood to integrate into the A-pillar.

Twenty-inch wheels are standard across the board, and Infiniti calls the taillights “digital piano key” style. There are 45 individual LED lights in each taillight.

A power liftgate is standard, and a motion-activated liftgate is available. The rear fascia is body-colored and there are dual-exhaust diffusers. Eight paint colors will be available.

2022 Infiniti QX55. Image: Infiniti

Other available interior features include a power moonroof, “zero gravity” seats, standard leatherette seating (leather is available), three color combo choices, heated front seats, aluminum or wood trim, noise cancellation, navigation, and piped-in exhaust sounds that are more aggressive when in Sport mode.

Android Auto isn’t wireless but is available, and there are four USB ports. A Bose audio system is standard on the upper two trims, and up to 16 speakers are available. In-car Wi-Fi and over-the-air software updates will be available.


Smart cruise control joins Pro Pilot Assist as one of the available driver’s aids, and other available nannies include automatic emergency braking, forward emergency braking with pedestrian detection, lane-departure warning, blind-spot warning, and traffic-sign recognition.

2022 Infiniti QX55. Image: Infiniti

In addition to Sport mode, drivers can select Standard, Eco, or Personal, and the AWD system starts off with a 50/50 power split, but it can send up to 100 percent of the torque to the front wheels for efficiency. Should there be wheel slip, up to 50 percent of the torque can be redirected to the rear. Another electronic system can brake each wheel individually to provide grip if needed.

Underpinning it all is a four-wheel independent suspension with MacPherson struts up front and a multilink setup outback.

The Infiniti QX55 goes on sale in the U.S. and Canada in the spring of 2021, with launches in other global markets served by Infiniti to follow. The brand will release pricing information at a later date.

[Images: Infiniti]

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29 Comments on “2022 Infiniti QX55: Channeling the Spirit of the FX...”

  • avatar

    Not unusual for Infinity to look good. But VCR… Have they improved it?

  • avatar

    “Infiniti sent a bottle of champagne”

    What kind?

  • avatar

    This channels the FX about as much as the current Blazer channels the K5.

    • 0 avatar

      A used FX is more desirable by a wide margin than this, at least in terms of appearance. I would love if this simply reused the body and updated the internals of the FX. That is a seriously good looking crossover and has aged very well, still looking better than most newer crossovers.

      Something about the grill seriously confounds this design. Is it too high, to wide, too bright, protrude too far, all the above?

  • avatar

    -Tailgate clearly not aligned properly.

    -Interior already outdated as they’ve pulled the center stack, buttons, gauges, and wheel from the Q50, which is from 2014.

  • avatar

    Where’s the rest of the car behind the rear wheels? It’s got four doors, but not enough trunk space for four peoples’ luggage, so day trips only? I’m not crazy about the fuel filler above the rear wheel well either.

  • avatar

    Wow just what the world needed, an Infiniti X6. Nissan – fire every single person who developed your garbage double screen setup. Start over.

  • avatar

    So a decent vehicle like the QX50 ruined by the CVT. And cargo capacity ruined by the sloping roof. Hard pass.

  • avatar

    CVT??? I’m out.

  • avatar

    7 or 8 Inches does not scream luxury.

  • avatar

    I am sure this was designed by Fisher Price. It looks like a 5 year old’s toy. The regular QX50 looks fine enough but this is just down right weird

  • avatar

    Styled like the Lexus RX in front and profile, but now with 50% garbage by volume.

  • avatar

    Was the Corvette-style dividing wall (bundling board) an intentional design choice made by a human, or have the machines started evolving on their own? [Wouldn’t be surprised either way, just trying to keep track.]

  • avatar

    I feel like that guy in the audience in “The Producers” who clapped after seeing the opening act – I think these lifted sedans are silly, and I wouldn’t buy it, but I like the way it looks.

    (Reaches for a shield to stop the incoming rotten tomatoes…)

  • avatar

    Since Infiniti seems to be going a similar route as Lincoln where they simply restyle parent brand models, how much longer will Infiniti last?

    I just happened to find this so I can’t comment on the accuracy of the data, but it claims there are 875 Lincoln dealers in USDM vs 186 for Infiniti. Initially I thought the 875 to be off but I was thinking standalone dealers, and since 2008 most Lincoln dealers are also Ford dealers so that figure sounds accurate. 2020 has not been kind to Infiniti, per GCBC from Q1-Q3 Lincoln sold 74,397 units but Infiniti has only sold 36,021 – this with the QX50 being refreshed for MY19. Given Nissan’s own issues, how much longer will it continue?

    • 0 avatar

      I think Nissan is shooting for Infiniti to be its’ Buick. And I don’t think that’s a bad idea – I think there’s a market for “mid-luxury” vehicles, particularly crossovers. Like Buick, this is going to be a CUV brand, and people who buy those don’t give a s**t about how they drive. They care about some style, a “luxurious” driving experience, and good dealer service. The brand’s been around, it has an established dealer network, and it has some name recognition. Heck, Genesis has VASTLY better product, but I bet Hyundai wishes it had Infiniti’s established market going for it.

      But it all depends on pricing. If they’re going after a Buick price point, with a “semi-premium” dealership experience, I think they have a long-term shot. If they’re trying to price their stuff like Lexus and Ze Germans, they’ll bomb REALLY hard.

      But the basic idea here is sound, I think.

  • avatar

    Giant non-functional brake-ducts – check, squinty-eye head lamps – check, black plastic wheel-openings – check, silly grille – check, awkward slightly raised ride height – check. All styling cliches in place, release to lease!

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