By on September 30, 2020

Image: Honda

We showed you what the next-generation Honda Civic hatchback might look like, based on patent filings unearthed by one of our forums, yesterday, and now our corporate friends have the sedan renders.

And, well, the sedan version looks pretty much like the hatch is expected to, with the only real difference being a lower profile in the rear since there’s no hatchback.

There are slight differences, mainly in the rear, where the sedan’s taillamps sloped a bit less, and are more angular and more pronounced.

And that is about it.

Like with the hatch, it’s a more sedate, more “mature” look that drops the boy-racer/sport themes. It’s a look that’s clean at the risk of being boring, allowing Honda to try to snag more buyers. And there’s almost certainly room for Si modifications that give the car “flair.”

Check it all out here.

[Image: Honda]

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8 Comments on “More Honda Civic Renderings Hit the Web...”

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    Something about the front end looks disproportionate, squished vis-a-vis the rest of the car. Maybe my eye is playing tricks.

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      Basically a design in pencil on a piece of paper. I have seen some forums where people said they wouldn’t buy one because of the drawings in graphite. People really need to wait to see in person before so much judgement.

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      Actually I think this is a more “honest” look at Civic. The front hood of the 10th Gen has a lot of cutlines to trick the eye into thinking there is less visual bulk than there actually is. Seeing the outline of the 11th in greyscale only gives it a “true” representation; in real life if will probably look better. Modern car design is like designing swimsuits for the average women; it’s all about the cuts and lines to visually slim down the body.

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        Generally speaking, I can see where the renderings are of a fairly attractive vehicle. My preferences tend to skew toward the geometric (circa 2011 Jetta being a prime example). I would be interested to see this in the flesh.

        I guess I’ve gotten used to short and squat, whereas the hood on this drawing is long and low relative to the rest of the car while the trunk is high and tight.

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    Much improved from the current car.

    It’s not the most exciting design in the world and more like a shrunken Accord than anything, but this is Civic afterall.
    I think this is exactly what this car needed.

    Now if then can keep at least one good trim level with an MT, all is good.

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    what is it now, Jetta?

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    Is it reductive— or on-brand— for one to immediately dismiss the tuning fork design theme?

    Honda fancy themselves an engineering company, what with the calipers and tuning forks— but I’m just going to call this one:

    Stick the fork in(not on) this pig. She done.

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