By on September 29, 2020

Image: Hyundai

Is it a car if it can walk?

Hyundai is working on a concept called Ultimate Mobility Vehicles (UMVs), a sort of walking car/vehicle/contraption that can go where traditional vehicles cannot.

The company has formed a group called the New Horizons Studio to work on the UMVs, including a concept called the Hyundai Elevate.

These vehicles look like walking pods, with wheels at the end of each of four “legs.” The idea is that they could be used to traverse extremely difficult terrain or assist disabled people with mobility. Imagine a scenario where these vehicles help first responders rescue hikers stranded in a canyon/crevasse, or maybe these things can assist firefighting crews as they battle wildfires.

Image: Hyundai

They look a bit like larger, vehicular versions of the frightening robotic dogs from Boston Dynamics. But the robo dogs are still way more terrifying.

For now, these vehicles, which have a bit of Transformers in them, are a concept, but they could be useful in the real world.

Whether it is called a car or not.

[Images: Hyundai]

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15 Comments on “Hyundai Develops Walking Car, The Future is Strange...”

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    The Hyundai AT-AT!! I’ll show myself out!

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    I wouldn’t want one unless they offered an armament package.

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    I’ll wait for the Kia version that looks better.

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    Where’s my fly swatter.

    Better mobility for the disabled would be a great thing Unfortunately that won’t happen quickly because getting it approved for all the medical requirements isn’t easy. I know someone who was in a power wheelchair for several years. She would have loved this because she liked to go to parks and didn’t feel like staying on the paths. I should know; I got to get her unstuck many times.

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    Wonder how much of each sale will go to royalties for Lucasfilm or whoever controls the “Star Wars” franchise?

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    Too top heavy, especially loaded with a couple obese disabled persons! Even the Imperial Walkers were always stepping on flat land!

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    That’s how SUV craze evolves in the near future. Future mobility will be not sedans, nor wagons (brown or otherwise), nor SUV or CUVs. It will be four legged monsters with machine gun turrets on both sides walking in what remains of Democrat controlled cities. It is the only way.

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    Stanley Steamer

    I’ve had this extremely similar idea for decades. I envisioned an egg shaped pod suspended on 4 “legs” with wheels at the bottom. Basically it could squat as low as an F1 car, or raise up to clear obstacles. And it could lean into turns. It could also easily be amphibious. Imagine the 4 wheels having propeller shaped rims and basically becoming 4 azipods. Electric power at each wheel makes this all possible. I love it.

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    Dr. Venture approves

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    A dabble in testing engineering capabilities.

    I’ll hold out for the flying car; where the noise is loud, and I see nothing but the same generic blue sky, all the time, every time. My fellow travelers will smash into Amazon drones, and planes, and towers, and wires and the ground, and the US president must travel underground to be safe.

    The news story of the day will be my flying car crashed into the mechanic who fixed it yesterday, killing he and I.

    Good times.

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    How very Seussian.

    I’m more partial to the hamster balls from Jurassic World.

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    Please don’t give crazy Mary any ideas. I envision her cancelling the Malibu and Camaro to free up resources for legged vehicles.

    LV’s (Legged vehicles).

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    I was given one of these things to drive while my C Class air bags were being replaced. It was a real penalty box, hard riding, loud, and poor handling. Would never consider this vehicle.

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