Hyundai Develops Walking Car, The Future is Strange

Tim Healey
by Tim Healey
hyundai develops walking car the future is strange

Is it a car if it can walk?

Hyundai is working on a concept called Ultimate Mobility Vehicles (UMVs), a sort of walking car/vehicle/contraption that can go where traditional vehicles cannot.

The company has formed a group called the New Horizons Studio to work on the UMVs, including a concept called the Hyundai Elevate.

These vehicles look like walking pods, with wheels at the end of each of four “legs.” The idea is that they could be used to traverse extremely difficult terrain or assist disabled people with mobility. Imagine a scenario where these vehicles help first responders rescue hikers stranded in a canyon/crevasse, or maybe these things can assist firefighting crews as they battle wildfires.

They look a bit like larger, vehicular versions of the frightening robotic dogs from Boston Dynamics. But the robo dogs are still way more terrifying.

For now, these vehicles, which have a bit of Transformers in them, are a concept, but they could be useful in the real world.

Whether it is called a car or not.

[Images: Hyundai]

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  • Akear Akear on Sep 30, 2020

    Please don't give crazy Mary any ideas. I envision her cancelling the Malibu and Camaro to free up resources for legged vehicles. LV's (Legged vehicles).

  • Jdmcomp Jdmcomp on Oct 01, 2020

    I was given one of these things to drive while my C Class air bags were being replaced. It was a real penalty box, hard riding, loud, and poor handling. Would never consider this vehicle.

  • FifaCup Loving both Interior and exterior designs.
  • FifaCup This is not good for the auto industry
  • Jeff S This would be a good commuter vehicle especially for those working in a large metropolitan area. The only thing is that by the time you put airbags, backup cameras, and a few of the other required safety features this car would no longer be simple and the price would be not much cheaper than a subcompact. I like the idea but I doubt a car like this would get marketed in anyplace besides Europe and the 3rd World.
  • ScarecrowRepair That's what I came to say!
  • Inside Looking Out " the plastic reinforced with cotton waste used on select garbage vehicles assembled by the Soviet Union. "Wrong. The car you are talking about was the product German engineering, East German. It's name was Trabant.