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The California Air Resources Board (CARB) made a slew of announcements on Monday regarding what types of vehicles will be allowed within the confines of its borders. These included everything from proclaiming aftermarket parts would be subject to a faster approval (or denial) process in the future, to announcing a joint initiative with 15 other states (most of whom joined CA in opposing the fuel efficiency rollback), to accelerating the implementation of electrified buses and trucks.

It also confirmed that California has finalized binding agreements with several automakers to cut vehicle emissions. BMW, Ford Motor Co., Honda Motor Co., and Volkswagen Group all entered into a voluntary agreement with the Golden State to adhere to Obama-era emission mandates last summer. While this prompted the U.S. Justice Department to launch an antitrust investigation into the deal, no action was taken. CARB said those companies — and some of their friends  made a binding commitment to California this month and will commit to its new emission targets, rather than the revised quotas set by the federal government.

While the DOJ didn’t seem to think California had crossed any lines when voluntarily agreements were announced in 2019, the White House also didn’t seem to push back all that seriously. New concessions by the Trump administration’s fuel mandate, which changed to require 1.5 percent annual increases in efficiency through 2026 in its final draft, was assumed to be a sufficient compromise.

Automakers who wanted to go beyond were always welcome to do so. But you could tell the administration didn’t care for industry players making overt alliances with California.

CARB said Volvo Cars (owned by China’s Geely Holdings) has joined Ford, Honda, VW Group and BMW (which includes Rolls-Royce) in signing official agreements with the state to adhere its emission rules. They’re also required to commit themselves to “the legal authority of the California Air Resources Board.” Though this is all still technically “voluntarily”  with the language seeming to exist to avoid any additional scrutiny form the Justice Department regarding the industrial pact.

From CARB:

The framework agreements are voluntary commitments that support continued annual reductions of vehicle greenhouse gas emissions through the 2026 model year, encourage innovation to accelerate the transition to electric vehicles, provide industry the certainty needed to make investments and create jobs, and save consumers money.

The auto companies party to the voluntary agreements will stay on course to make cleaner cars consistent with their individual production plans to substantially electrify their respective fleets and cut greenhouse gas emissions. The other states that have previously adopted California’s cleaner vehicle standards have notified each of the Framework automakers by letters that they will also support the Framework agreements.

Each of the automobile manufacturers that have finalized Framework agreements have made additional and individual commitments to expedite the transition to zero-emission vehicles. These agreements, designed to further advance innovation and investment, are memorialized in a separate appendix for each company, and are designated as Confidential Business Information because they relate to specific model production plans and similar matters. Generally they promote enhanced distribution of zero emission vehicles.

The issue has been overtly political since day one, with Dems saying any pushback against California amounted to bullying. Meanwhile, Republicans in support of the White House’s fuel rollback bemoaned the West Coast for intentionally trying to undermine its authority and exercise its influence over the rest of the nation. Frankly, it’s difficult to argue against either claim. Despite Obama-era emission mandates being dubbed untenable by the administration that penned it, any negations/changes have been mired in political grandstanding and a lack of cooperation.

However, both sides actually made concessions. The Environmental Protection Agency allowed the rollback to be a little tougher on emissions than originally planned, and the California Air Resources Board’s plan is actually a tad less stringent than the standards finalized by the Obama administration. You’ll never hear either side proudly admitting this.

Looking through the framework provided by California (available here), there doesn’t seem to be anything prohibiting automakers from selling vehicles that don’t meet the targets in states that haven’t agreed to follow its path. That should help avoid trouble in any future antitrust investigations. While it could also be argued that no automaker would bother building for two markets, it falls short of being able to claim there’s an industrial cartel afoot.

General Motors, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, and Toyota were previously shamed by Sen. Tom Carper of Delaware for not adhering to Californian law. “Instead of choosing the responsible path forged by four automakers and the state of California, one that will move us toward the cleaner, alternative fuel vehicles of the future, these companies have chosen to head down a dead-end road,” Carper said in 2019.

But the public outrage they were presumed to receive for not advancing the green mindset hasn’t manifested. No boycotts sprang up, and some even praised the brand for not going along with the crowd. Most of the opposition to California comes by way of private transportation costs. Critics often note California’s extremely high energy bill and the lofty MSRPs associated with electric vehicles. Automakers not involved in the state-based pact said they want to provide the kind of products people want  whether those be hyper-efficient models or a big bruiser with a large, gas-powered engine.

That said, most just want to be able to predict where the regulatory needle will be in a few years. Even those that signed on with CARB suggest they’d have preferred a nationwide standard across the United States. However, accompanying California offers an excellent opportunity to virtue signal, while setting higher targets means not getting caught with their pants down if the next administration tries to roll back the rollback.

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47 Comments on “Gas War: California Finalizes Side Deal With Automakers...”

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    Once the current administration is gone and things go back to being science-based, I’m betting that CARB will be a very strong influence on CAFE…to the point that the EPA may adopt CARB across the board.

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      That is a given.

      OTOH, if President Trump keeps doing “FOR the people”, instead of “TO the people”, he will be handily re-elected for four more years, and it is entirely possible that his successor will follow in his, President Trump’s, foot steps AND BE A WOMAN.

      “Promises Made. Promises Kept” is what gets them re-elected.

      I believe that more Americans prefer President Trump’s policies over the policies of the failed previous administration, science or not.

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        Uh, are you aware that a bi-partisan Senate Intellingence Committee has released a report concerning Russian influence and contacts with the election effort ? (note, not “the dems”, or “liberals”, the Senate Intelligence Committee). The Trump org is banned from running a charity after it was proven they STOLE from a kids’ cancer charity….and they paid a fine.

        I normally avoid the Two Minutes’ Hate that politics has been on the internet, but your boy is just….not qualified. The Judge processing is more McConnell’s handiwork, and would have occurred under any Republican Administration. Three wives, five children sounds like something he’d accuse an inner city ne’er do well of….

        He has de-regulated major polluters. He has opened lands to drilling. What he’s done for, oh, the man on the street is a mystery.

        There was a massive tax break, which de funded the Treasury….and went to stock buybacks and such. What trickle down there was was only a tiny little stream from above.

        BTW, I’m not a fan of my state (NY) adopting CA regs. Buying a new Cat Con means you have to go OE $$$ only, which also means a lucrative aftermarket in hot Cats…..I also can’t register a new two stroke Jet Ski, again because we follow CA regs. Thanks guys.

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          Are you aware that if we don’t elect Trump and both houses, you can kiss goodbye America. And welcome back to USSR… You choose to concentrate on certain failures of the person who also had great successes, and you overlook the whole country’s downfall. I don’t remember any country that was of socialist kind with democracy and powerful. I’ve seen socialist, totalitarian and powerful. I’ve seen democratic, fairly powerful, partially socialist. Or I’ve seen capitalist, powerful, fairly democratic.

          you will be sorry. Half of this year brought more US citizenship renunciations than whole last year. Smart people and lucky they have other ways around

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            “Are you aware…”

            No they are not. Utterly clueless. To them it’s just a continuation of the back and forth between administrations with an R and with D. They have no idea they are looking down the barrel of a loaded gun. If the dems get in in November we can kiss our a$$es goodbye. Sadly, if the US goes that way it will drag many other countries with it. The propaganda in this country is over the top. But, no they are not aware…

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            I’ve heard that from Republicans during every election in my lifetime.

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          The bottom line always is that “voters should vote their conscience based on which policy they prefer.”

          We can all be assured that the ‘crats will do anything and everything in their power including collusion with the Russians, the Chinese and Iran to regain the White House and run the Hill.

          The winners under the last administration were the big losers when President Trump was elected. And the losers under the last administration were the YUGE winners during the first Trump administration.

          I Like being a winner under this administration. I like it, I love it, I want four more years of it!

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            Arthur Dailey

            Throughout history the destruction of a democracy has been abetted by those who ‘profited’ or believed that they would personally profit from the regime that usurped/overthrew the democracy.

            In a democracy your rights cease when they harm others. A ‘societal contract’ exists.

            But as the old saying goes ‘the capitalists will sell us the very rope that we use to hang them’.

            As for Trump’s successes despite having a majority in both the House and the Senate for his first two years in office, he accomplished very little of what he promised. The nation is in greater disarray than ever. It’s citizens more divided than since the Vietnam War. Its allies mistrust the president, giving aid and succor to America’s enemies. Finally Russia (and China) can use a ‘divide and threaten’ strategy globally in the knowledge that weaker nations can no longer rely on/trust American support.

            How intelligent people can support someone who relies on lies, falsities and misstatements on an almost daily basis and who has demonstrated zero managerial skills in his selection of staff and day to day operations of his office, is beyond me.

            When each of his hires disparages him after leaving it is a telling indictment of incompetence of both his management and his actions.

            In Canada the majority of the electorate have turned on our current PM for indiscretions that are minor compared to those of the person currently in the Oval Office.

          • 0 avatar

            “When each of his hires disparages him after leaving”

            Yea, sure. Because these guys thought to run their policies and not Trumps. Bolton is the brightest example. Lets do the war with Iran. Lets bomb, etc. Trump said, “wait a minute. Did I tell you to say this?”

          • 0 avatar

            Arthur Dailey, it remains to be seen if those intelligent people will turn out for President Trump this election.

            My philosophy on voting for an individual any time, any where, for any office, is what that candidate brings to the office and what they can do for “We, The People.”

            Hilary Clinton was without a doubt the most experienced of the candidates in the 2016 General Election, yet the intelligent people voted for the “loose-cannon” candidate with an axe to grind against the swamp creatures because he spoke what they felt and believed deep down.

            I remember the Left Wing Media saying for the record that Candidate Trump had no chance of getting elected, and then busting out laughing when Ann Coulter (and others), guests on MSNBC all, said that they predicted that Trump would win. So did many on Wall Street.

            So, if intelligent people vote on the merits, i.e. what has President Trump done for We, The People, he wins hands down, by a landslide on Nov 3rd, 2020.

            Why would any intelligent person want to go back to the failed policies of the welfare state during the last administration. Socialism is not America.

            Promises Made, Promises Kept. And that is exactly what the GOP will hammer us with in their ads from now until Nov 2nd.

            Only China could have prevented the pandemic, and they chose to unleash it on the world instead.

            American investors are being advised already to divest from China interests Poste Haste because of America’s imminent decoupling from China’s economy.

            Stay tuned to that. It’s not going to be pretty.

            And even worse after President Trump is sworn in for his second term.

            For those who think that President Trump’s first term was intolerable, his second term will be much, much worse; exponentially worse for them.

            I didn’t vote for Trump in 2016, but I will in 2020, and I believe that a lot of others with similar circumstances to mine will as well.

            Whether it will be a fair election? My guess is a resounding NO, cheating and collusion by the ‘crats, and the SCOTUS will have to step in, like in Bush v Gore.

        • 0 avatar

          “a bi-partisan Senate Intellingence [sic] Committee has released a report concerning Russian influence and contacts with the election effort”

          I bet you believed the Warren Commission as well. Soviet intelligence had and has no discernible impact due to the way elections are conducted on a state by state basis. If somehow they could have penetrated a vote counting center or vote database they would have to have done it in multiple places and all gone undetected. If anyone interfered with the 2016 election it would have been *Western* Intelligence because it was they who backed Hillary. If any foreign power attempted to interfere with the upcoming election it will be whatever PLA’s intelligence agency calls itself. Do you really think all of these riots and destabilization are just happenstance? Even the virus itself just happening to be released in late 2019 and really picking up steam in the second week of January in PRC?

          “I normally avoid the Two Minutes’ Hate that politics has been on the internet, but your boy is just….not qualified.”

          Oh so you’d swap one old obnoxious man with dementia with another old obnoxious man more severe dementia? Sounds like winning to me.

          “What he’s done for, oh, the man on the street is a mystery.”

          The Fed has been running the fiscal show for at least decade if not longer and they do not care about the real economy – only their Petrodollar and derivatives. Wake up man.

          “There was a massive tax break, which de funded the Treasury….and went to stock buybacks and such”

          Two seconds:

          “S&P 500 Stock Buybacks Up 19% in 2013”

          The buybacks have been happening for nearly a decade, they are not just since 2017. Oh and prior to 2008 I think the deficit was around $6 or 7 trillion. Twelve years later what is it now, $23 trillion. So $16 trillion or thereabouts in ***twelve years***. But you’re worried about a tax cut? Deck chairs on the Titanic, man. Worry about the next five years before 2017 tax cuts which may or may not have been wise.

      • 0 avatar

        “OTOH, if President Trump keeps doing “FOR the people”, instead of “TO the people”, he will be handily re-elected for four more years, and it is entirely possible that his successor will follow”

        Trump has campaigned against me and a lot of my friends.

        Remember that about half of Americans are liberals, and Trump didn’t just run against liberal policies, he ran against us as people to a large degree.

        Trump’s government is not for “the people”, unless you define “the people” to exclude a lot of Americans.

        We will see if this is a successful strategy in November. You should be prepared for the possibility that this exclusionary approach to governing could backfire bigly on Trump.

        Let’s settle this like Americans: in the voting booth.

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          I just had to pay a separate 20% duty charge on computer components. It was from a US company located only a few miles from me that has chinese manufacturing. The alternative was a chinese company with horrible support. Final parts manufacturing, including the case, is here in the US at my facility. How does this encourage US manufacturing? I’m the one getting stuck paying the stupid duty. Not the manufacturer and not the chinese. Useless policy that has done next to nothing except raise prices. Just a backdoor national sales tax.

        • 0 avatar

          I’m really surprised at you. Not because of the argument but because you make the argument with no mention of Hillary’s “Deplorables” comment. That b!tch really believed what she said and so did all of the people around her. How is that any different than the President campaigning against you/your friends?

          Its not to say you’re wrong, but:

          “Trump’s government is not for “the people”, unless you define “the people” to exclude a lot of Americans.”

          This is just as easily:

          “Obama’s government is not for “the people”, unless you define “the people” to exclude a lot of Americans.”

          The questions not being asked is why have they taken a relatively stable republic and in *twenty years* gotten it to the point where it is nearly one side against the other on the brink of internal conflict? This is just happenstance? Really?

          Oh and if you think anything resembling a normal election is going to take place in November I’ve got a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you. Hate Trump or not, after all of the back door coup attempts they released a f**ing *bio weapon* on the world in part to sway the election and prepare the world for the next phase. Think about how insane these people are, should we expect nukes next? Serious question. Oh and please don’t start with the Wuhan market sh!t, its about as plausible as Oswald was the sole assassin of President Kennedy and “I did not have sexual relations with that woman”.

        • 0 avatar

          Luke42, that’s just the nature of politics, campaigning against the opposition. Both sides do it.

          I did a little reading on Trump (after he was elected), and he has an interesting road to the White House – a road never traveled before. People actually asked him to run for President and give up the life of leisure he so much enjoyed.

          Of particular note was his declaration that he (Trump) would not be President today had it not been for the failed policies of the O’Biden administration. I believe that’s right. Hillary would be president now.

          This will be settled alright, in the voting booth, but with all the cheating done by the ‘crats in 2016 with the backing of the FBI sedition against the Trump Campaign, the outcome in 2020 may be in doubt for a long time. The ‘crats will cheat again – they did before, we all found out. One of their attorneys is going to the Big House for falsifying docs that led to spying on the Trump Campaign.

          Universal Mail-In ballots lead to fraud because anyone can fill them out. Absentee ballots the voter has to actually apply for. Take me for example – I am now a registered voter in El Paso, TX, but I bet I will get a UMB at my former address in NM. Some illegal alien will probably use it to vote.

          I believe Trump will win by a landslide. But given all the uncertainties of the validity of the ballots, it will be a contested election. For sure!

          It’s always the Independents like myself who decide which candidate will win because there are only half as many registered Republicans as there are registered ‘crats, nationwide.

          • 0 avatar

            “that’s just the nature of politics, campaigning against the opposition. Both sides do it.”

            Running against the other side’s people is a strategic mistake, because you need all of the people to accept your leadership after the election.

            Trump lost the popular vote, and he’s made no effort whatsoever to bring all of these people who didn’t vote for him into the fold. The Obama (as a diplomat’s stepson) at least tried to bring everyone along, even though his attempts to do so were summarily and repeatedly rejected.

            It’s likely that Trump’s vindictiveness toward the majority of the electorate is a strategic mistake, both in terms of Trump’s ability to govern and in terms of his ability to earn a second term. He’s coasting on the support he had in 2016, and hasn’t managed to make any more — at least that I can see.

            But, we shall see, and the history books are yet to be written. The election in November will test both of our hypotheses, and reality will prevail.

            P.S. I was a conservative when I was young, and then an independent for a few years. The Republican Party does not want people like me or most of my friends, though, so I’m a liberal now.

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    Let the trolling begin….

    Those who only have bad things to say about California are free to leave at any time most don’t even live here .

    It’s actually a very Conservative state apart from three large cities .


    • 0 avatar

      What is “conservative” about it? How CA can even be conservative? This is Mexico with bunch of looneys who like the good weather and weed.

      • 0 avatar

        “How CA can even be conservative?”

        I have one word for you: Fresno

        Just like every state, the urban areas tend to be liberal and the rural areas tend to conservative.

        California’s rural areas are huge and very conservative. California’s urban areas are huger, and very very liberal. As a result, California is a “blue” state with a lot of very conservative people in it.

        Illinois is the same way. The money and that power are in the big blue cities (Chicago), but there are a lot of very conservative people out in the corn (and in the small cities downstate).

    • 0 avatar

      I don’t need to leave. I’m not going in the first place. Screw yourselves up. Stop screwing things up for the rest of us.

      • 0 avatar

        Spoken like the coward you are .

        If you don’t live here and have no interest in ever coming, shaddap .

        BTW : I don’t in fact have lots of black friends, I just want the killing to stop .


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    They’re not “official agreements” nor “binding” no matter how much winking or secret handshakes (or fist bumping) is going on that would make them not “voluntary” or roll playing.

    Even though subject automakers have “negotiated” with the CARB, it doesn’t mean they’re not in favor of the rollbacks. Not by a long shot.

    It’s all a numbers game and said automakers have nothing to lose by meeting and talking with the CARB. In fact, the CARB “agreed” to a one year rollback of their own.

    Those automakers (as well as CARB) know good and well, nothing would change either way. They’ll sell what they normally would, and the only variable would be the fines involved.

    • 0 avatar

      You’re right. Nothing will change either way – until the issue reaches the Supreme Court. The bottom line is federal primacy over interstate commerce, and it’s hard to see the Court upholding one state’s actions over federal primacy.

      The automakers, whose products must cross state lines to reach California, are just playing nice with an unelected state agency until the issue reaches the highest court. They’ll follow the federal guidelines, once the line of authority is established.

      I live in California, and I love me some clean air, but even I can see CARB is trying to bluff with a pair of deuces against the dealer who owns four aces. The final result will see more of my tax money being paid out to lawyers (every man is innocent until proven broke).

      • 0 avatar

        I’m sure DC can spot the racketeering from way over there. It hasn’t been about cleaner air since Clinton maybe.

        Yes it was needed once, but CARB can be killed at this point. They’re redundant to the California EPA and four or five other CA environmental agencies that I forget, but obviously the most of any state.

        The CAFE used to mean something when the fines were a few hundred dollars per vehicle or over 1,000 for the worst offenders, circa Nixon. The problem is they’re still in the same price range, but not adjusted for inflation.

        But that’s exactly how the CARB wants it. It’s no longer enough (penalties) to change what’s for sale, except would amount to billions in fines (profit sharing) annually.

  • avatar

    I just can’t wait when CA will replace all cars with electro-mobiles and will fall into total darkness due to lack of electricity.

    • 0 avatar

      You don’t have to wait for lack of electricity. It is already happening in parts of SOCAL. Rolling blackouts due to load-balancing.

      But usually only on the highest-demand days when everyone is running their AC full blast, like right now during the heatwave.

      I recently gave my son a spare CyberPower 1500KVA (900-watt) UPS I had to keep his Router alive so his wife can continue to work on her laptop from home without interruption. He also hooked up the Satellite Receiver and TV to it so she can multi-task.

      Like in many other places across the US, AC power in SOCAL is very fragile. If too many people crank down their AC, it trips a breaker somewhere.

      • 0 avatar

        your first paragraph was my point. Now, imagine everybody plugin their Teslas fro the night.Will be fun. I mean, I’ve talked to Amish people. They go to bed early since there is no light and nothing to do. So, they have a lot of fun.

    • 0 avatar

      The situation with California’s power grid is concerning.

  • avatar

    Marxism is taking over the country state by state, town by town, soul by soul. The revolution is coming in this fall. The enemies will be destroyed, you will try hard to lie but no, you won’t fool the children of the revolution, no, you won’t fool the children of the revolution, no no no.

    • 0 avatar

      I’ve got my 1000m scope, so Marxists better keep out

    • 0 avatar

      One needn’t fool the children of the revolution — they fool themselves. I think Marxism (the most narcissistic ideology) is so popular with the young because it is so perfect an outlet for hysteria. If you feel your life is empty, numb, and meaningless, there is no better way to temporarily feel like you’ve found meaning than to run around in groups screeching marxist blather. Marxism is nonsense well tailored for people who are incapable of critical thinking and ignorant of human nature. Sadly, it is also destructive and extremely offensive to anyone with any respect for anything.

      • 0 avatar

        I warned people 10-15 years back that crony capitalism corporations practice in this country will lead to the conditions we have today. And I tell you more. Look at the time-frame. As USSR disappeared, so started to disappear freedoms in USA. I hope you know why

        • 0 avatar


          I first noticed the suppression of free speech in the US about 1990. That was the year of the first Bush attack on Iraq. There was an eerie silence. There was no public controversy about that war. Year after year it gets worse. Always using keeping us “safe” as an excuse to take away more rights. And nobody says a word.

          • 0 avatar


            1990. With USSR out of the way, US did not have to create conditions for its own people anymore. USSR was a global scale competition. Western “democracies” (quotes to signify that they only meant that for themselves and trashed the rest of the world) “won” the cold war (which somehow is still going). There was no longer need to prove that capitalist system is better and free.

            As one person put it, “before, politicians represented people”. FDR admin had to go as far as withholding intel info from commanders of Pearl Harbor (this is confirmed and no longer a conspiracy) to turn public opinion on engaging into a war. Today, politicians tell people, “we “hear” you but you don’t understand – we know better”

            Basically, people are not getting represented anymore. Look at this latest example – Biden beats Bernie at the primaries with a different agenda from Bernie’s. Bernie – universal health, Biden – we have already done nice ACA. But now, Biden sings Bernie’s song and call himself most liberal policy dude ever. So, he just abandoned all the base who voted for him and not for Bernie.

            Kiss goodbye v8 mustang. (I must say something about cars to be legit here)

    • 0 avatar

      You guys don’t know what Marxism actually is.

      When you call everything from having a competent post office through full-blown communism “Marxism”, it becomes worse than useless as a descriptor.

      The guy had a very specific perspective.

      But, the Fox News hosts have never checked an encyclopedia to know what it is. So, all y’all seem to be misinformed.

  • avatar

    If demos win in November. The children and grand children of this country will be losing the gift that really matters FREEDOM. I can see the democrats parents telling their children we sold out your future for the defeat of President Trump. The new administration new constitution will be WE GOVT not we the people.

  • avatar


    FDR needed Pearl Harbor to get the people revved up to go to war. Of course they knew. But, the list of deceptions goes on and on. The pols represent the corporations.

    The fact that the dems seem like they are going to nominate someone who is so far gone (Biden) should tell anyone paying attention that something is WRONG! The dems back the rioters; give them complete control (pres, senate and congress) and ride ’em cowboy! Or, should I say, the rioters and the dems work for the same people.

    PATRIOT act, TSA, Homeland Security, corona virus, masks, contact tracing (come on, how obvious does it need to be, folks?), abolish paper money. And coming soon: internal passports, etc.

    It is true that I will miss those obnoxious machines (cars). Sigh, always a love hate thing with the automobile. Though, I really miss cars that a mere mortal could actually work on. I mean I replaced the driveshaft on my old WRX, but replacing the valve cover gasket is (for me) a day or two of digging through spaghetti.

    • 0 avatar

      The only thing that makes me content for awhile now is that I wasn’t born, lets say, in the last 15 years. Because these people are really screwed. From mental and all the way to the end of life

  • avatar

    As Jacques Mallet du Pan once said: “Like Saturn, the Revolution devours its children.” If Democrats take power in November they sooner than later will get rid of the “children of the revolution” i.e. rioters and protesters. Depending of severity of revolution they will either put them in jail, summarily execute them or send them to labor/death camps (as it happened in France, Russia and Germany).

    • 0 avatar

      You are pretty out-of-touch with what’s actually happening on “the left”.

      We just want police to enforce the law without killing our black friends (and without killing everyone else too), and we want everyone to be able to go to the doctor when they need to.

      If conservatives had actual solutions to these problems, then I’d be just fine with those. The catch is we need actual solutions, not just ways to pretend these things aren’t happening.

      Funnily enough, the Democrats are now the party of free trade. As someone with a business degree, currently working in a consumer products company, I’m a big fan of business and free trade. But, we do need a useful social safety net in order to deal with the side-effects of America’s wonderful and powerful capitalist economy — so that I can get rich in business (even if I have to pay taxes), and poor people can eat and go to the doctor.

      Your echo chamber is way-way-way out of touch with reality.

  • avatar

    Here’s proof that CNN practices distortion:

    • 0 avatar

      All media practices distortion. The only difference is which way they distort.

      • 0 avatar

        “All media practices distortion.”


        It’s more than slightly possible that all the political fighting going on now and in the last few decades is nothing more than a show to distract us from the sleaze going on behind it all. One thing that points strongly to this is that, regardless of whether we have a rep or dem in the white house, the US/NATO war for world domination continues uninterrupted.

        There is no doubt that the sh!t happening this year — virus and riots — isn’t going to just go away. It seems more like a preamble to worse stuff to come.

        It may or may not matter who “wins” the election. That there will be a great deal of noise about the election is a given. Is it all just noise? Does the outcome on November really matter?

  • avatar

    Here’s proof that CNN practices distortion (this part got cut off?):

  • avatar

    CARB caught up to me this month with their self-sealing cans of R134a (took several years to reach my state, and I haven’t done any a/c work in ages).

    [Took me a couple of days but I’ve caught back up with them.]

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