10 Days Until Jeep Ends the Grand Wagoneer Teasing

Steph Willems
by Steph Willems
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10 days until jeep ends the grand wagoneer teasing

Worried there’ll be legit flying cars by the time Jeep gets around to showing off its latest and largest? Don’t be. The busy teaser campaign Jeep’s marketing team has on the go will end on September 3rd.

On that day, the reveal of Jeep’s reborn Grand Wagoneer, the clock starts ticking down to second-quarter 2021 production.

The off-road brand announced the debut date late last week, though there’s plenty of time for additional hints and furtive glimpses. Today included, as Jeep dropped a brief video (“The Shape of Premium”) showing the vehicle’s front-on profile.

Looks like an SUV, yup.

Did the Wagoneer/Grand Wagoneer truly define “a generation of adventure?” That could be debated. Ford could just as easily say the same about its Bronco, which also stands ready to tempt new car buyers in 2021. Still, thinking back to my own childhood, I can recall only a single utility vehicle in my elementary school’s parking lot or student pick-up row.

It was a Jeep Grand Wagoneer. At the time, it really stood out from the sea of sedans, wagons, and hatchbacks. That there was a family that lived life to the extreme!

And so it can be again. The Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer will return body-on-frame construction to the upper end of the Jeep lineup, borrowing the Ram 1500’s underpinnings and no doubt a large helping of displacement. Everyone seems to expect Fiat Chrysler’s 6.4-liter V8 to set up shop in at least one flavor of the returning nameplate; other buyers might wish to wait for the plug-in hybrid variant that most certainly will not carry a 6.4-liter engine.

We’ve seen the front-end glitz, we’ve seen what appears to be a rotary shift dial, and now we wait for the whole package, complete with specs. Ten days.

[Image: Jeep/ Twitter]

Steph Willems
Steph Willems

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  • Lie2me Lie2me on Aug 24, 2020

    How do I sleep for the next 10 days? Zzzzzzzz!

    • Inside Looking Out Inside Looking Out on Aug 24, 2020

      That's the question I ask myself every 10 days - whether it is nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune or to take arms against a sea of troubles and by opposing end them.

  • EBFlex EBFlex on Aug 25, 2020

    Ford teases the Bronco for almost half a decade and TTAC says nothing. Jeep teases the Grand Wagoneer for a few weeks and we have an article about ending the teasing. Hilarious

    • Amuse Amuse on Aug 26, 2020

      except the thing about the Bronco is that for the longest time no one was even sure that Ford would put it into production

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