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All-new for 2020, the heavy-duty versions of Chevrolet’s Silverado and GMC’s Sierra arrived with front-end styling just as controversial as that of their light-duty siblings. Pricier, more potent (in gas V8 form), more capable, and boasting more gears, the new HDs made it easy for buyers to spend ever more bundles of cash outfitting them to just the right spec.

It seems the customization has only just begun.

As reported by The Car Connection, order guides for the 2021 Silverado and Sierra HDs show additions to the list of available packages.

While buyers of the 2020 Silverado 2500 could outfit their crew cab truck (in LT, LTZ, or High Country guise) with the Z71 Off-Road Package, bringing on board a beefier suspension and Rancho twin-tube shocks, skid plates, hill descent mode, badging, and 17-inch all-terrain rubber, 2021 adds two new flavors, guides show.

Joining the fray are Z71 Sport and Chrome Sport editions that liven up the model’s vast exterior with appearance add-ons, including 18- or 20-inch wheels. The packages differ from the existing, more off-road focused Z71. When a model boasts big sales and big margins, why not cater to the healthy handfuls who want to go a different direction. Adding another box for buyers to check is cash in GM’s pocket. Not many people are crying over the Impala.

In the Sierra 2500 order guide, GMC has reportedly added two very divergent new flavors for ’21: the Denali Black Diamond and the X31 package. The former is exactly what you’d expect — an even loftier strata of the glitzy sub-brand, while the latter apes the Silverado’s Z71 off-road package. Meanwhile, lux off-roader AT4 gains a convenience package that bundles together more niceties and safety aids.

GM hasn’t confirmed the new additions, but order guides rarely lie.

As it strives to replenish threadbare inventory and restock hungry dealers, GM is putting the pedal down at its truck plants, adding a second shift at Flint Assembly this week.

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21 Comments on “Report: More Glitz Inbound to GM’s Biggest...”

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    They must really try to eff up the front ends as much as possible.

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    Steve Biro

    GM was the last U.S. automaker to default to cartoon styling for its pickups. But, clearly, they have made up for lost time. That is one fugly truck.

  • avatar

    Now they’re just showing off. Buyers will still line up to get their hands on the world’s ugliest truck.

    They’re not that interested in pretty, compared to massive rebates and high risk financing.

    Except all that chrome makes it 10X worse. So there is a fix.

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    CKNSLS Sierra SLT

    I have to admit the half-tons styling has grown on me-but I still prefer my 2018 Silverado I bought to avoid the ownership (due to the front end) of a 2019.

    With that being said-The styling of the HD trucks will never be pleasing to me with this new design direction.

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    You know people with a wonky eye that you’re never quite sure where to look when you talk to them? That’s this truck with a couple of extra eyebrows to boot.

    My apologies to those of you with wonky eyes

  • avatar

    With an EV version, rather than an ordinary frunk, you could probably fit a pretty decent hot tub under the hood. Let’s see Rivian and Bollinger top that!

    • 0 avatar

      We discussed your proposal at this afternoon’s Zoom call.
      • The suspension/payload team asked how many ounces of water this hot tub will hold.
      • Safety excused themselves suddenly from the meeting.
      • EV/Battery team would like to know if ambient +0.3F counts as “hot”.
      • When Aerogel was proposed to help with energy losses, our Purchasing rep got very stressed.

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    Pile on some bling, add some goofy naming, jack up the price, and, profit!

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    They say the higher the hood the closer to god. Besides the engines havent gotten physically larger and with all this extra hood space it’s easier to hide someone in there or work on the truck, Once you stand on a step laddder to reach over the side.

    It’s crazy to me these light duty trucks hoods are higher than my 2000 F-450 (Bucket truck), with less work capability and a bed that’s impossible to use by normal humans because the floor is stomach high with 3 feet of tail gate making it impossible to reach in. Those high hoods make it hard to see out of, making it easier to miss someone on a bicycle…, Or worse climbing a hill all you see is hood. These vehicles are meant to look intimidating to other drivers, that’s their prime function to the point it’s compromised their actual work use cases.

    The gmc version is the better looking of the two.

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    I can’t think of a worse looking new vehicle over my 30 years of keeping up with automotive news. And I used really like Silverado’s having owned three of them. GM is just no longer competitive in the looks and quality departments IMO.

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    Interesting sewer grate on the front of the hood.

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    Or maybe it’s part of the Marlboro Man (RIP) Heavy Duty Smoker Package?

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    I was in line at the car wash today (they have 4 lanes that merge into one). Most everything was a huge pickup, and even in my 4000 lb Blazer I felt like I was in an MG Midget lol.

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    Polka King

    If ugly stopped people from buying stuff, nobody would buy a new house.

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    GM just cannot admit they ruined the designs of their trucks. It is the main reason the RAM surpassed them in sales last year. GM has cancelled most of their carline so they better start making decent trucks.

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