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It’s big and it sells very well, but the upcoming Chevrolet Traverse is having something of an identity issue. Unveiled in top-trim form last month, the refreshed version of the second-generation Traverse was expected to go on sale late this year as a 2021 model.

Fast-forward a few weeks and that plan’s off the table.

In an amended version of its earlier announcement, Chevrolet now says customers will have to wait a while longer — certainly not the first, and likely not the last time we’ll hear such an announcement.

“The timing for launch of the refreshed Chevrolet Traverse has been revised,” the automaker said in its blurb. “It will now launch in calendar year 2021 as a 2022 model. We will share more details as we get closer to launch.”

2022 Chevrolet Traverse Premier

With GM’s return to domestic production carrying a hazy date (something it shares with its rivals), production plans are being pushed into the future. The automaker didn’t say what would become of the 2021 model year; GM will likely build extra units of the current version to carry it through the gap if inventory isn’t sufficient. It’s assumed GM’s timing calls for a late winter or spring 2021 on-sale date for the refreshed model.

As we outlined already, the big changes afoot are a revised front and rear fascia that more closely aligns the model’s appearance with GM’s truck and SUV lineup. LED lighting will be standard, with broader availability of certain content and a greater level of standard safety features.

[Images: General Motors]

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17 Comments on “Who’s Ready for the 2021 – Wait, Scratch That – 2022 Chevy Traverse?...”

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    “something it shares with its rivals”
    Mild ‘correction’ – GM has no rivals (I kid).

    “more closely aligns the model’s appearance with GM’s truck and SUV lineup”
    So this pause offers more time to rethink a potentially damaging misstep.

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    No TelluRide love fest here, eh?

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    The Chevrolet Traverse looks great! Thanks for the article very helpful.

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    This is not all that unheard of. When my father bought his MKVII LSC, he got an ’88 in early ’87.

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    I’m in the target demographic for this thing (3 kids, two low-six figure-incomes), and was shopping for a new family hauler (with more towing and cargo than the Mazda5) in February.

    I’m willing to pay about twice as much for an electric or 30-mile PHEV as I will for a dino-burner, though, but I won’t go above $40k (with a plug) until next year.

    I’m not excited about this one, though. Standard CUV basic ICE engine and a <=5k towing capacity? There's just no reason to buy one of those new.

    • 0 avatar

      This model has the same towing capacity as the KIA Telluride, itself simply an enlarged Sorrento with the same towing capacity:

      So it would seem from the towing point of view, its par for the course of transverse unibody fake suvs.

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      Peter Gazis


      But if you didn’t think KIA was crap, you wouldn’t be here trying to piss off the Chevy fans by comparing their vehicles to KIAs

    • 0 avatar
      Peter Gazis

      28- Cars- Later

      If you believed that Kia wasn’t (rubbish), you wouldn’t be using it to (agitate) the Chevy fans.

      • 0 avatar

        A used 2012+ Dodge Durango has a much better tow rating (7000lbs and some change) and a lower price.

        I can also find a used Citadel or R/T below my $20k price-ceiling for conventionally powered vehicles.

        (I’d pay about twice that for a used Tesla Model X, despite the tradeoffs which come with it.)

      • 0 avatar

        It wouldn’t be fair to not compare garbage to garbage (also above they were talking about Telluride)

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