By on April 1, 2020

2022 Chevrolet Traverse Premier

Things in the automotive industry are in constant flux, and as the industry goes, so must we.

While the coronavirus pandemic has the industry temporarily paused, along with the rest of the world, there will, sooner or later, be a resumption of production and vehicle sales. And since we’re in tune with the pulse of the industry, we’ve decided we need to change our name. We’re doing so now, so that we can suck up the sweet, sweet Google juice as bored shoppers search for the car they plan to buy as soon as the shelter-in-place orders lift.

Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce The Truth About Crossovers.

That’s right. With a market that’s rapidly shifting away from sedans, sports cars, and wagons, it seems odd that we’d be called The Truth About Cars when no one is buying any. And saying “crossovers” instead of SUVs or trucks (the only other thing people buy) allows us to keep the “C” in the name, thus saving pennies on graphic designers and keeping our SEO intact.

I know y’all love to come here to read about Accords and Camrys and Mustangs, but those cars? Relics of the past! Everyone now drives an anonymous blob with ride height and names that evoke off-road adventures that the owners will never, ever experience. Sure, they’re just tall wagons, but don’t tell Karen from down the street that.

I mean, even the Mustang is going crossover. The incoming Mustang Mach-E may not have all that much ground clearance, and it’s really just an EV hatchback using the Mustang name in order to get consumers to pay attention to it, but if you ask Ford, it’s a crossover.

Hell, Tesla is even driving its Model Y through shallow puddles, because it’s a crossover!

So in a world gone crossover, it’s only time that we catch up to the trends. Sure, TTAC is known as being as a thorn in the side of the automotive establishment (thornier at some times more so than others), but even we have to ride the tide of the mainstream on some level.

Breathe it in, get used to it … we are now The Truth About Crossovers. We’ll update you in the following days about changes to the URL so you can bookmark us properly and keep your RSS feeds up to date.

Yes, I know this is hard news to swallow for some of you. You might think I’m joking. Maybe you should check the date of this post ;)

Editor’s note: I had some apprehension writing a joke post with all the grim news brought about by the coronavirus pandemic. We had an internal discussion and decided that with everything going on, the world needs some comedy, or at least poor attempts at comedy, during this awful time. Besides, we’re not a brand trying to sell you something via a cynical marketing ploy – we’re just idiots who write about cars.

Hopefully you got a chuckle out of this.

[Image: General Motors]

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