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Yesterday was EV Day at General Motors, with the automaker revealing a $20 billion roadmap to electric vehicle dominance. By 2025, a slew of EVs riding atop a new modular platform (and powered by an innovative new battery) will find a home in every GM brand, segment, and price point, the automaker claims.

Some of those vehicles already have names. Perhaps we were too quick to call for the return of traditional naming conventions at Cadillac.

Caddy’s bid to out-European the Europeans by ditching boring old words led to the creation of dissimilar models with similar monikers. XT4 and CT4, XT5 and CT5, XT6 and CT6. It was all too much. The names lacked both recognition and presence.

In yesterday’s presentation, GM announced that Caddy’s first emissions-free vehicle will carry the Lyriq name. The sharp-edged crossover appears next month, with launch details to follow.

Lyriq. Hands up if this name, as well as its spelling, rubs you the wrong way. Frankly, the same can be said for the wording of this tweet:

But there’s more!

As reported by Car and Driver, GM had a second tidbit waiting for journos at the Warren, Michigan presser. It seems the demise of the flagship CT6 sedan will not spell the end of big Cadillac passenger cars, as there’s a range-topping EV model on the way. Its name? Celestiq.

The four-passenger fastback model will be hand-built near Detroit, arriving sometime after the release of the Lyriq. GM President Mark Reuss remarked on Cadillac’s need for a glitzy halo, saying, “Do you think the Cadillac brand is in good shape? It’s not.”

Lyriq and Celestiq. It’s quite possible you’ve got an opinion on these monikers, so feel free to air them in the comments section.

As for future Cadillac product, it doesn’t end here. A large, Escalade-sized electric SUV is said to be on the way, arriving near the middle of the decade. This vehicle will carry the same platform and enormous battery pack (up to 200 kWh) used by the upcoming GMC Hummer EV pickup. One has to wonder about its name.


[Images: General Motors]

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32 Comments on “The Name Game: Cadillac’s Future EVs Ditch Alphanumerics in a Questionable Way, but at Least There’s an Actual Flagship...”

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    Lyriq has Ultium.

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    I can’t be the only one whose first thought was of the other “iq” named electric/hybrid vehicle that is already on the market. A Hyundai Ioniq.

    For that reason alone this is a terrible idea. An also ran naming scheme brought to market on another brand’s electric COMPACT CAR.

    Maybe we’re not chasing the Germans anymore, they’re now chasing the South Koreans?

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    In a realm all its own – Cadillaq.

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      “It Outsteps It’s Own Great Traditions!”

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        “Every Cadillac is a Dewar Trophy” (1911)

        List of Dewar Trophy winners:

        2019 Dewar Trophy winner is JCB for the 19C-1E:

        Here are some advantages:
        “The 19C-1E is JCB’s first fully electric mini excavator and the first JCB E-TECH machine offered in North America. The 2-ton (1.9-tonne) 19C-1E is ideally suited to construction and excavation applications within enclosed or urban job sites, or noise- and emissions-sensitive environments such as hospitals and schools. It offers the same power and more torque as comparable diesel-powered machines yet produces zero exhaust emissions and one-fifth of the noise.

        The 19C-1E is cost efficient too. JCB research indicates that electric charging costs for the 19C-1E will be 50 percent lower than fuel costs for a comparable diesel-powered machine over a five-year ownership period. Similarly, with fewer consumable spare parts and fluids, servicing costs will be up to 70 per cent lower.”

        And now you see that I am dropping you off exactly where we began our tour. Have a wonderful day!

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    Cadyllaq: Standyrd Ov Tha Worlt.

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    I hope that isn’t the Hummer platform, this is the perfect time to bring out geared hubs and make a statement they are serious about this, that suspension looks poorly designed – something I would expect on a Chevy Cruze not a supposed off-road vehicle.

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      I wouldn’t sweat the suspension just yet. The forward connection points of the upper wishbones are just floating in air..obviously a hurried effort to show off the powertrain.

      As for the name, they were pretty close but a certain world class Tier 1 contract manufacturer based in Toronto got the first 7 letters right and Cadillac can’t have the other two. Celestica rolls off the tongue quite nicely, Celestiq just sort of hits a wall.

      At least there’s no Xtreme or extra Z’s thrown in like there would have been 20 years ago.

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    LyrIQ and CelestIQ?

    And Mark Reuss may have been misquoted. “Do you think the Cadillac brand is in good shape? It’s *hot*!”

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    Is “Lyriq” really any worse than “Camry” or “Veloster?” They’re all non-words.

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    Sounds like Cadillac is getting into the pharmaceutical business.

    “Lyriq may cause insomnia, double vision and anal seepage. Do not drive Lyriq if you’re allergic to Lyriq or any of its components. If you cannot afford Lyriq, the federal and/or state government may provide financial assistance courtesy of US taxpayers.”

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    I’d prefer “Lyric” to “Lyriq” but it is still better than alphanumerics.

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    On a related note, I recently watched a commercial for Cadillac’s new crossovers?!, and for the life of me, I couldn’t figure out to whom it was aimed. Really, riding with your “posse” in a Cadillac?! Those two images just didn’t connect for me. It just reaffirms the ideas that Cadillac doesn’t know what to do with itself anymore! And now, this naming idiocy……..

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      The primary brand demographic for the Escalade are Rappers, Athletes and other flashy Celebrities. Posse is right up their alley.

      Note that I said “brand” and not “buyer”. The point is not so much who buys the cars, but the image that they want to evoke. And the whole point of riding in an Escalade is that you are either a guy who just signed a $20 million deal to play basketball for the Celtics, or you really wanna feel like that guy.

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        Because in order to buy an $50k Escalade you have to have $20 million?? I drive a new XTS and I make 34k after taxes. It’s for those who want to be a step above the Impala or Fusion not for millionaires

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    How’s about Titaniq for the big SUV? Or perhaps the whole line of products.

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      The Escalade really doesn’t look very big anymore, it would be nice if Cadillac could finally start to build large cars that could be considered ship sized.

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    Cadihack releases the new Momma Celeste. It serves the pizzas frozen because it spent the money for the oven on a gimmick light up logo.

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    Eventually we will get a piqup truq.

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    The alphanumeric names were really only a problem for the automotive press, who have a problem with everything Cadillac tries anyway (see story for details). The only other complainers were old guys who wanted them to go back to Eldorados with marshmallow suspension.

    But Johan was right to leave when he did. Clearly GM Corporate is trying to manage Cadillac the way they manage their other brands, which is “poorly”.

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      I was at a dealer buying touch up paint when the parts lady had to call up a service advisor to ask what car was the ATS, she couldn’t remember if it was the crossover or the impala like car….

      No the letter names were all around awful. Everyone knows what an Escalade is, for the others their names are awful – XR7, STD, XT5 no one knows what the hell as happening.

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    To me these new names associate with rap lyriqs. I do not know why. May be they passed focus group made of rappers.

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    Okay, I have explanation:

    “Lyriq Bent (born January 3, 1979) is a Jamaican-Canadian actor. He is known for his roles in the Saw films.”

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    Terrifiq names for plastiq qars.

    No, Cadillac, no, no, no!

    Was “Lyric” already taken? That would be a terrific car name.
    They need to be thinking about culture and class, more along the lines of “Symphony”, not street gang monikers.

    The loss of jobs when Cadillac finally goes under will be Tragiq.

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    I think Cadillac ought to get off this shtiq before they even really get on it.

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