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2020 Chevrolet Silverado HD

General Motors’ revamped 2020 Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra HD pickups are striking in appearance, but some buyers might be more enamored with the new 6.6-liter gas V8 under the hood. It’s a selling point, but it’s not something you want the truck showing off an inopportune times.

Like, say, when driving down the highway.

The possibility of unexpected underhood peep shows for the occupants of passing school buses are what prompted the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to issue a recall.

According to the agency, the hoods on a relative handful of 2020 Silverado and Sierra HDs could fly open without warning. Some 1,909 pickups are impacted by the recall; the bulk of them Chevys, both in 2500 and 3500 guise.

“The hood-latch striker wires may not have been heat-treated properly, possibly causing them to fracture,” the agency wrote. Obviously, if that wire fractures, the vast hood might fly up while the vehicle is underway, providing the driver with an opaque head-up display spanning the height and breadth of the windshield. Hardly a low-stress situation.

While the automaker claims no knowledge of real-world impromptu hood openings, engineers at GM’s Milford Proving Grounds first noticed the problem back in October. The vehicle in question was a company-owned truck. This led to a tip-off, which then sparked a formal investigation.

“Hardness testing on the striker wire recovered from the first durability vehicle confirmed that the wire’s metal hardness was significantly higher than GM’s specifications,” an associated recall document states.

“On January 30, 2020, GM’s hood striker-assembly supplier informed GM that it used an alternate supplier to heat treat two batches of striker wires in January 2019, and that the supplier failed to properly heat treat these wires. Before receiving this information, GM believed that any material issue with the striker wires was fully contained to GM-owned vehicles in GM’s possession.”

General Motors will replace the hood assembly free of charge; recall notices should reach owners on April 26th.

[Image: General Motors]

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29 Comments on “Open and Shut: NHTSA Issues Hood Recall for New Silverado, Sierra HD...”

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    SCE to AUX

    Supplier quality engineering is either under-staffed or asleep, or GM rushed the vehicle into production without every t crossed.

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    Master Baiter

    Front end is a joke. Looks like Clark Griswald’s Family Truckster.

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    I bet event the designers at Lexus look at this and think, “Damn, that is one ugly front end”.

    I am not sure how something that looks this bad got approved. To be fair, the back end of these things isn’t much better. Maybe it would look better in another color. Or not.

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    Can they recall the entire front end? It looks like it was damaged from the factory.

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    How does this stuff happen? This is not some new fancy part. Its a hood latch. The manufacturing process of such a part should be bullet proof by now. Oh that’s right they sent it out to the lowest bidder.

    In cases like this does GM hold the supplier accountable? Seems they admitted fault.

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    I love the front of this truck…

    Designer: “There, finished”

    Designer after engineering checks it out: “What do you mean it’s 8″ too short?”

    Designer 10 minutes later: “There, fixed it”

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    The GMC grille isn’t awful, but it’s a little overwrought. The half-tons aren’t that bad in the flesh, either.

    That Chevy 3-4-ton, OTOH! A face even a mother would projectile-vomit over!

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    The hood was embarrassed by the ugly snout and tried to leave.

  • avatar

    Apparently the guy who install the hood latch didn’t even want to to see the front end of that atrocity! :-)

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    Apparently the guy who installs the hood latch didn’t even want to to see the front end of that atrocity! :-)

  • avatar

    I’m confused. Are they replacing the entire hood, or just the latch?

  • avatar

    What about the secondary safety latch? Is it still separate from the primary hood latch? Or has the secondary safety latch gone the way of the emergency brake, which on some cars can only be used as a parking brake.

    • 0 avatar

      The secondary safety catch is a Federal requirement since at least 1967 (FMVSS 113):

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    When you build garbage this is exactly what you expect. Another great job GM.

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    The hood latch will be the least of your problems if you buy a GM vehicle. I drive company issued Chevy trucks and never has one been defect free or had 100% working switch-gear). I just don’t understand who buys this crap….but then I also don’t understand fake wrestling on TV or much of new American cultural phenomena….

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      Turbo Is Black Magic

      Yeah, this has been my experience as well. I was in the Middle East a couple years ago and got excited to have a brand new one issued to me… got to drive it right off the C-17 with only 500 miles on it. A/C compressor seized after the 3rd day… got it back a couple days later and then the alternator shot a shower of sparks for a minute and gave up… turned in back in and got my trusty Hilux back…. old as dirt, never broke, ice cold A/C, and never got stuck… wish I could have brought it back with me!

      • 0 avatar

        Middle East is a hard place, heat is brutal, windshields exploding, sandstorms and whiteouts. Drove Kuwait’s 7 ring road and a violent steering wheel shutter, pulled over exited the vehicle and watched a bulge in a nearly new tire grow until it burst.

        225k miles on my HD Chevy, AC still runs without any service.

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    That front end… imagine Gunny saying, “I didn’t know you could stack $#!+ that high!”

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    i just got one of these for a company truck, i think its the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen, it also rides rougher than my 77 F250 i used to have with solid axles. funny thing i have lots of people tell me nice truck ! i mumble through the bag that i have on my head and say ummm thanks ~

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    Witch Barra Motors. Since the styling department at GM is filled with blind people and challenged former zoo monkeys, why would you think their engineering department would have a higher level of competence. Who knows how many mules and three legged dogs they have to check specs of parts? You’d be lucky to find a giraffe and an organ grinder monkey doing it.

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    When will Tesla learn how to make a car!!! Oh – wrong thread.

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