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Chery Automobile

It sounds like a European-Australian air carrier, but Vantas is also the name of a new Chinese automotive brand envisioned for the North American market.

The distributor behind the proposed brand should be familiar: California’s HAAH Automotive Holdings, which also plans to introduce the Chinese Zotye brand to the United States. This time, the introduction is an upscale one, with HAAH and China’s Chery Automobile signing a technical cooperation agreement to deliver a new brand, and a new SUV, to U.S. consumers.

In an announcement Monday, HAAH stated, “VANTAS vehicles will be on the Exeed platform, which has been developed with global resources and technologies targeted specifically at United States and Canadian consumers.”

Exeed is a subsidiary of Chery; the holding company claims an upmarket SUV will be the first vehicle it brings to North America.

“The specific model and other details have not been announced yet. Engineering development for homologation in the U.S. market has already begun,” HAAH stated, adding that the model will be “similar, but not identical, to” the Chinese-market Exeed TXL.

In October, HAAH and Zotye USA announced the filling of 100 U.S. dealer markets for that brand’s introduction, citing a 2021 on-sale date.

HAAH CEO Duke Hale told Automotive News at the time, “HAAH Automotive Holdings is a holding company really designed to handle shared services, so IT, legal, finance, HR, parts distribution, those kind of things are housed in HAAH Holdings. That was always the vision,” adding, “Zotye USA happens to be the first brand we’ll represent.”

The Exceed TXL is a long-wheelbase, three-row variant of a midsize crossover that, in stock form, is slightly smaller than a Ford Edge. In the Chinese market, both versions draw power from a 1.6-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine (197 hp, 214 lb-ft). An underwhelming prospect for American consumers, though parent Chery fields a lineup of engines up to 4.0 liters of displacement.

With two Chinese brands now in line for a U.S. entry via HAAH, the story’s conclusion remains cloaked in haze. No shortage of on-the-ground work must be performed before U.S.-conforming vehicles arrive; even then, there’s still the question of market reception. It remains to be seen whether American buyers are ready to take a Chinese-brand vehicle home, even if offered at a cut-rate price. At the back of many minds will be quality concerns, followed soon after by those relating to the brand’s longevity.

Place your bets.

[Image: Chery Automobile]

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32 Comments on “Vantas – a Brand Worth Knowing About?...”

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    This looks and is packaged like a knockoff Hyundai Santa Fe. I’m sure people will just be rushing to buy a derivative CUV from a brand with no history in the US and unknown after-sale support.

  • avatar

    Anyone have experience with getting an in warranty Huawei laptop fixed?

    I had a ZTE phone a few years ago, and needed repair. They have an office in TX that did the work and I was happy with the turnaround. Cars are a whole different game, though.

  • avatar

    They’ll be in court forever with that knock-off crap getting their asses sued off. Please do come, so you can have an example made out of you.

  • avatar

    Sadly, I think most consumers won’t give a fig, as long as the price is right. More $$$ for Chairman-for-life Xi to use to continue to push the US to the side with…

    • 0 avatar

      Will the dealers have unified names? – Commie’s Motors?

    • 0 avatar

      Xi is a “dictator for the life” figure, just like Ceasar. But his term is coming to abrupt end. Just watch.

      • 0 avatar

        I always ask people this question – why do you care? Why nobody cares about UK, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Swaziland, Monaco, Bahrain, Brunei, etc. Places where monarchs rule or have say. Now, Xi is actually elected by Chinese hierarchical electoral process. Same group of people surely can take him down. And yea, nobody screams that UK has no constitution and lives on gentlemanly agreement between parliament and royals.

        • 0 avatar

          Royalty in the UK has very little written power, sure they approve what the parliament votes on but very rarely do they go against what is voted for since they know their power is really only ceremonial and would be stripped the second they voted against pretty much anything.

          As for China, Seeing the jail cells, excuse me, hospitals that China has built for the victims of this recent disease should tell you what their priorities are, they are focused on limiting bad news from getting out not combating actual issues.
          Also seeing that they are actively violating basic human rights, the recent video of the woman scaling her apartment building and falling to her death to get away from the quarantine police come to mind, tells me they aren’t concerned with making ethical decisions.

          Traditionally I don’t give a rat about other governments unless it effects mine, and it goes without saying multiple facets of Chinese government decisions are negatively affecting my country.

          • 0 avatar

            This is all hypocrisies. US gov has done so much bad stuff… + everything China does is enabled by US. Now, did Epstein had a human right to live to a trial? What is wrong with quarantine police? These people know that they need to stop the virus. And one day US soldiers did kill American students during protests. there are 1.5B people and surely some are crazy. If you eat animal like Pangolin, you are crazy. It is so cute. And you also see Chinese jail cells. What about US jail cells and corrupt judges throwing people into prisons because their county signed up an agreement with private jail that it must be 90% occupied? Come on! Only in Europe there is some form of criminal justice. Even Russia right now has only 500K prisoners, down from 1.5M from 10 years ago.

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    Greg Hamilton

    Consumers won’t care that it comes from China as long as it has a warranty. They already buy the Buick Envision for 35k +. This will probably lead to further decimation of the the U.S. manufacturing base. Prove me wrong. Please.

    • 0 avatar
      Art Vandelay

      I wasn’t aware the Envision was such a runaway sales success. And maybe in a generation they won’t care, but right now, the people with the money to buy cars care.

      And this isn’t the perfect storm of the mid to late 70’s where The Japanese could swoop in and build vastly more reliable vehicles combined with gas crisis ready fuel economy. The Chinese can’t leapfrog the established players like that in today’s market.

    • 0 avatar

      I’m hopeful that most consumers of the Buick and Volvo are ignorant of that fact. Unfortunately that ignorance would probably extend to buying actual Chinese originated brands.

      Of course with the Coronavirus ravaging through China who knows when the next shipment will arrive?

      The last thing America needs is another Blazer minivan clone.

  • avatar

    What a perfect blending of Nissan, Mazda and Mitsu cute yutes. Probly what they were going for.

  • avatar
    Art Vandelay


  • avatar

    File this with the fifty other announcements over the past ten years of some Chinese nameplate coming to U.S. showrooms ‘real soon now’.

  • avatar
    R Henry

    RE: The rectangular silver-framed openings on the bottom lip of the front bumper cover:

    Are these fork lift pockets or front facing exhaust outlets?

  • avatar

    Wait a minute! these wheels… straight from Kia Forte

  • avatar

    Vantas looks like a Mitsubishi.

    I hate it.

  • avatar

    That might almost look okay if the lower 3/4 of that grille treatment were body colored. I dare say this is slightly less appalling than the facelifted Highlander from the other day.

    That said, I’m not interested in anything with an L-VIN.

  • avatar

    Chery is missing an R, Exeed is missing a C, and HAAH has an extra A.

    They will have to out-Mitsubishi Mitsubishi to sell these things. (“199 down and 199 a month!*) (*for 199 months)

    They will have a Limited Powertrain Warranty of 36,000 miles or until the Year of the Rat, whichever comes first.

    The buyers will use it for going to the mall and Wal-Mart, where they can fill their junky Chinese-built car with Chinese-made junk, then off to Kohl’s where they can drop off their Chinese-made Amazon junk to have it sent back.

    Why wouldn’t the teenage girl tell her father that her Chinese car had been stolen?

    She was too embarrassed to tell him that someone had taken her Chery.

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