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Image: Daimler AG

The countdown to Mercedes-Benz EQC production last year was preceded by stories about the model’s anticipated range and uncontroversial styling, but when the time came to get EQCs into the hands of buyers, the electric crossover had trouble leaving the launch pad.

Not long after reports emerged of the EQC’s U.S. arrival being delayed by a full year, a German outlet claims Mercedes-Benz has chopped its 2020 production target in half.

Manager Magazin stated Thursday that a battery cell supply issue has forced the automaker to drop its production target from 60,000 to 30,000 for the current year, Reuters reports. Mercedes-Benz’s battery provider, LG Chem, sits at the heart of the issue.

While the production prediction could place the automaker in hot water with EU regulators, the supply issue doesn’t look like a new thing. Mercedes-Benz had hoped to deliver 25,000 EQCs in calendar year 2019, Manager Magazin reports, but only managed to get off about 7,000 of them.

As production struggles to ramp up, German and European customers will obviously be first in line to receive a vehicle they likely have already reserved. Whether Mercedes-Benz can build enough of them to offset enough of its gas- and diesel-burning products remains to be seen. A recent report claimed the automaker could be on the hook for $1.1 billion in emissions-related fines if it doesn’t get its environmental act together.

Under a new emissions mandate that goes into effect this year, all automakers who exceed their newly lowered fleetwide emissions limits will have to pay the piper. The required reductions are not small, leaving many automakers — Mercedes-Benz among them — contemplating model or engine culls. That, or turning certain models or configurations into limited-availability offerings.

The EQC was expected to arrive this spring in the United States. Recently, dealers were told that its journey stateside won’t occur for at least a year, placing its entry date in spring or early summer of 2021. The delay hands an advantage to rivals like Audi and BMW.

[Image: Daimler AG]

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13 Comments on “Report: Battery Shortage Has Mercedes-Benz’s Newest EV Struggling to Clear the Tower...”

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    Mercedes? Pfft. Try to order a RAV4 or corolla hybrid – both have been like hens teeth for the past year due to the battery shortage.

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    SCE to AUX

    The battery shortage is exactly what I guessed a month ago.

    All this talk of EVs flooding from the ‘mainstream’ mfrs is BS if they don’t explain where the batteries will be sourced. The ‘morons’ at Tesla saw this looming problem years ago and took care of it themselves, and it’s the main reason they can build 200k cars a year at just one plant.

    No matter, the EQC is a dud with such a short range.

    • 0 avatar
      Rick Astley

      Or more accurately: Elon Musk had the moral principals and vision to anticipate something which he could hoist most of the risk and financial burden onto the taxpayers, and if it panned out he would profit from it personally.

      Yes, truly a visionary.

      Can’t think of any other company or individual so guided by foresight, risk management and stature. Anyway, i’ll just hop in my DMC DeLorean and contemplate what type of man it takes to create such vision and hope for the little people.

      PS: The smugness of Tesla drivers is truly a sight to behold on public roadways. A car which picks the driver indeed. Assuming a driver can’t pay attention to a GPS screen the size of a serving platter and needs to swerve across 4 busy freeway lanes to make their exit lest they run out of range.

      • 0 avatar
        SCE to AUX

        “…most of the risk and financial burden onto the taxpayers”

        That would be terrible if it was true. But it isn’t.

        • 0 avatar

          Well, Musk used his personal funds to become the main investor before the public funds came in, but then the 2009 DOE loan was basically twice as much as the capital raised to that time. So there’s some truth to the criticism in my mind, but his firm has risen above the Solyndras of the world.

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    OK, now let’s dial up EV production by an order of magnitude.

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    Maybe some Mercedes-Benz vehicles struggle to “clear the tower” but others make 330-foot jumps over the San Joaquin in Fresno.

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    Kyree S. Williams

    Thankfully, these don’t transact anywhere near their MSRP, so actual retail for one like this—in my area—would be closer to $34K at the most.

    The real killer app is the RAV4 Hybrid. Unfortunately, a loaded one of those *is* close to or right at $40K, and in some areas, it’s tough to get your hands upon one.

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    So is the problem manufacturing capacity for finished cells, shortage of raw materials to make cells, or shortage of manufacturers willing to make cells at a predetermined price point?

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    Offbeat Oddity

    My family and I drove a 2019 RAV4 as a rental and had mixed feelings about it.

    Pros were that it rode and handled well. It also got 31 mpg overall despite the fact that it had to be driven aggressively on MA’s roads- we only filled it up once during the week we drove it.

    Cons were that my mom and I found the rear seats very uncomfortable. You sat low in the seat, and it reminded me of sitting in a car. We also noticed that the engine was quite load and that the interior materials- at least in the back- were low rent and nothing special.

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    “The delay hands an advantage to rivals like Audi and BMW”
    You mean the company whose EV CUV effort is equally overexpensive and underwhelming, and the company that hasn’t got one? You don’t think the advantage goes to — oh God, can you get the word past your lips? — Tesla? The company that was smart enough to make batteries in house, BTW? JFC. The only thing more annoying than a Tesla superfan is a Tesla hater.

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