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Christmas is upon us, and New Year’s Eve is lurking just around the corner. So with that in mind, here’s a look at how we’re operating these next two weeks.

We’ll be off Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and New Year’s Day. There may still be a few posts scheduled, and if any news breaks we’ll cover it, but for the most part we’re going to be drinking relaxing on those days.

The rest of the time we’ll be on a slower posting schedule than usual, but there will still be posts for you to read over your spiked eggnog.

As for you all, keep it safe out there. Don’t drink and drive, don’t get high and drive, and enjoy whatever holidays you celebrate, whether it’s Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanzaa, whatever. For those of you who, like me, enjoy sports, enjoy all the NFL and college games coming your way (not to mention NBA and NHL and college basketball).

We’ll be back full speed on January 6th. May your days be merry and bright.

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33 Comments on “Housekeeping: Happy Holidays!...”

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    Happy Holidays to everyone! Merry Christmas!

    Even to those who tailgate with their Honduhs and Toyoduhs while driving in the slow lane and to those who think the new C8 Shamvette looks good!

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    Happy Holidays to everyone, even the readers who think I want to send black helicopters to put them forcibly in gray concrete apartment blocks where the only available entertainment is vodka and jerry-rigged Zhiguli repairs.

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    I wish you all super happy fun family time.

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    If anyone gets a new car for Christmas, you know just like those on the commercials with the giant red bow, we want a full report when we reconvene in January

    Do adults in the real world actually get new cars for Christmas?

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    CKNSLS Sierra SLT

    Twas the night before Christmas…and in the night-there wasn’t a Crown Vic any where in sight!

    Just a few with manual transmissions-driven by those who go against the grain in spite…..

    Happy Holidays!

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    Hey, you forgot Festivus. There are grievances to be aired.

    • 0 avatar
      Tim Healey

      “I’ve got a lot of problems with you people!”

      • 0 avatar

        Including the damn COMMENTING stuff!! Sorry — you’re gonna hear about it!! ;-)

        Fixing this “read all comments” garbage in 2020 would be appreciated, a late Christmas gift to the B&B!

        To continue the theme, it’d be a Festivus for the rest of us were you to make it so!

        Now to put the aluminum pole back in the crawl space!

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    Happy Holidays for my family and friends and a special shout-out for our liquor delivery service!

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    No driving impaired please, I see so many who are not just clueless but high as kites as they text, do eye makeup, read, so on and so forth…..

    I’d like to ride my Moto in 202 and not get run over again .

    Yes, new cars are some how given as Christmas gifts, one got ruined in the 62 car pileup on the news the other day…..

    Los Angeles is supposed to get cold, driving rain all day Christmas .


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    Christmas Eve 2019: Unseasonably warm weather. 18-year-old daughter comparing lightly-toasted numbered spark plugs to the previous two sets (cooling issue – thank you P2181).

    Same daughter removing and numbering water pump bolts: “This is fun – it’s like a puzzle!”


    • 0 avatar

      @ ToolGuy ;

      ? How young ? .

      Cherish these moments and DON’T BLINK ~ they’ll be gone all too soon .

      I remember my 5 Y.O. son playing as I worked, asking about what tools were for, why this did that and so on…

      If you’re a Motocyclist, begin teaching the safety and taking rides with her A.S.A.P. .


      • 0 avatar

        Nate, that quote was from yesterday (18 years old – Early Childhood Education major).

        This week’s round of parts (2010 Jeep Liberty):
        P2181 “Cooling System Performance”: Thermostat/Housing, Temperature Sensor, Water Pump (plus Hoses, Serpentine Belt and Tensioner).
        Longstanding intermittent misfire on Cylinder 2 (misfire counts very low): Coils, Crankshaft Position Sensor, Camshaft Position Sensor, MAP Sensor, Knock Sensors (all these parts upgraded to genuine MOPAR), plugs [fuel injectors, intake manifold gasket set, plug wires and some other parts previously replaced]. Possibly overkill, but a) tired of dealing with it, b) school is ~100 miles away, c) she likes the vehicle and plans to keep it for several years.

        Total for this round of parts was roughly equal to one month of Matthew’s “bank error”. The result is reportedly “the best Christmas gift ever!” The bonding and life lessons are a bonus.

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    Christmas day, record breaking warmth here in southern Wisconsin, sunny, high in the mid-50s

    And I know the reason, I just spent a lot of money on a block heater and winter tires, so there won’t be a winter this year :(

    You midwesterners can thank ME for this wonderful weather :)

    • 0 avatar

      Might even break out the shorts to go around today — mid-50s in the Toledo area today!

      We’ve had “December thaws” before, but usually the warmups seem to happen between Christmas and New Year’s Day, and not before.

      Why do I suspect we’ll be paying for this come later in January?! Things always seem to balance out!

      • 0 avatar

        It’s too bizarre, back at Halloween we had a foot of snow and 8 degree temperatures, I wasn’t ready, so like a madman I ran around doing all things needed to get my car ready for winter and now this record warmth.

        I just know it’s all my fault ;-)

        I also know it won’t last, but everyday it’s above freezing will mean one less day of below zero. Enjoy your round of golf, all the courses here are closed for winter

        • 0 avatar

          about 40 here…too damn warm. Christmas demands snow and big fire in the fireplace. Merry Christmas!

        • 0 avatar

          No golf, and it was a damp, chilly mid-50s, even with the sun out. Just a little cool for shorts. (My best golf is played at the 19th hole! There was a story on the local news about a couple public golf courses that were open!)

          I agree that every day from here on out’s a day closer to spring!

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    Christmas ushered in a snowstorm dropping up to 30″ of snow on Central California’s mountain communities. A white Christmas indeed! Said storm also taught some rough lessons. For me: never confuse your SUV with a snowplow, especially when it’s 16*F out. And for that poor SOB who died on the Grapevine: don’t drive a big rig without a working cabin heater.

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