Volkswagen Crozz Crossover Now Named ID.4, Prototype Teased in Frankfurt

Matt Posky
by Matt Posky
volkswagen crozz crossover now named id 4 prototype teased in frankfurt

Naming a car is difficult. All the best predatory animals have been taken and getting creative often results in the certain parts of the world thinking you’ve intentionally named your car something hilarious. Chevrolet’s Nova is the classic example, but modern automobiles still run into trouble. Hyundai’s Kona falls on Portuguese ears as the most vulgar synonym for vagina (an oddly common theme among car monikers) and Audi’s e-Tron translates roughly into French as “turd.” It’s no wonder so many automakers simply forgo issuing real names, opting instead for an alphanumeric jumble.

When Volkswagen began previewing concept versions of its electrified ID lineup, models used a bizarre naming strategy. Maybe titles like Roomzz, Buzz, Crozz, and Vizzion sound better in German, but they didn’t play well here. VW’s solution to the problem has been to simply assign their production counterparts with a number — and it’s looking like that will be continue to be the case.

While the brand was showcasing the new ID.3 hatchback at the Frankfurt Motor Show this week, it also teased a follow-up model that will actually make its way stateside. Originally dubbed the Crozz, the car is now named simply “ID.4.”

As the model is to be the first MEB-based electric that will be available globally, VW seems to be playing it safe with the title. It’s also probably worth having a cohesive naming strategy for the electric sub-brand. We just wish it wasn’t based on ranking how much money models costs in relation to each other — not that there aren’t plenty of other brands doing the exact same thing.

Still, ID.4 is miles better than Crozz and will save owners some mild embarrassment when they excitedly to tell their families all about their new crossover vehicle. That is, if reports from Automotive News are to be believed. The outlet only cited an anonymous source “familiar with the matter.” Fortunately, we can do the same — though our source only said VW would not use the model’s concept name.

Like the ID.3, the ex-Crozz is shaping up to look congruous with early renderings. In Frankfurt, VW had the prototype behind patterned glass (below), looking relatively close to a production-ready automobile.

Major changes include nixing the sloping roofline for a more-traditional hatchback style. In fact, the ID.4 looks quite a bit like an oversized ID.3 and is said to possess a similar interior design ( hope you like floating screens). Roughly the size of Tiguan, if not a wee bit smaller, the model is slated to go into production at Volkswagen’s brand-new EV assembly line in Chattanooga, Tennessee. North American sales will begin in 2020.

Curious for the future of Volkswagen's electric family? Get a glimpse of the next ID.!

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— Volkswagen News (@volkswagen) September 10, 2019

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  • Darex Darex on Sep 12, 2019

    So, VW is betting its future on these fully-electric vehicles? What if, we don't want an EV? I guess VW will be pulling out of the N.A. market after these fail. cf. #smartfortwosuicide

  • Retrocrank Retrocrank on Oct 31, 2019

    I'm moving to California. Can I get a Generator Pack as an option?

  • FreedMike Bicyclists.
  • FreedMike But will it have a badge?And maybe I don’t understand this whole truck thing, but isn’t 430 hp out of 7.3 liters a bit low? That’s not a whole lot better than the Coyote engine in the Mustang. I don’t see that as a selling point.
  • Goatshadow My favorite Lambo ever. It's gorgeous..
  • DenverMike Column shifter in all trims? Thank god someone is listening. The console shifter is just the stupidest thing ever. Frick just make the whole area useful utility. Luxury means something different in trucks. Definitely removable and I’ll make my own work station.
  • Joh65689020 1. Drape/ Masking-tape paint.2. Blue Coral (or any brand) chrome polish on PowerBall with cordless drill-driver.3. Buff lightly with microfiber towel to crystal clear finish.