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Morgan is a carmaker for traditionalists who wear tweeds, enjoy wooden car frames, and shun modern technology. Its customers’ tobacco pipes are firmly pointed toward the past.

Seems like today’s Rare Ride is not for them. Presenting the 2007 Aero 8.

Morgan doesn’t often develop a new model, instead preferring to fiddle around with their existing roadsters, which is the only style of vehicle the company builds. In the late Nineties though, someone decided it was time for an addition to the model range, and set to work.

The resulting car was the Aero 8, which was the first new model from Morgan since 1964. Breaking with its own tradition, the Aero 8 utilized an aluminum chassis and frame. At a weight of just 2,596 pounds, the slick roadster was powered by a very German 4.4-liter V8 borrowed from BMW. 329 horsepower were on tap, delivered to the rear via the auto’s six-speed manual.

Aero 8 had a couple other notable features: The original design included headlamps which, for aerodynamic reasons, appeared to be cross-eyed. And the fully independent suspension did not include anti-roll bars. Onlookers were discomfited by the Aero 8’s headlamps, so in 2007 Morgan released a revised version with a more acceptable looking visage. That same model year, the 4.4 was replaced by BMW’s own 4.8-liter. Horsepower jumped to 362, and an automatic transmission became optional.

An upmarket coupe version called the AeroMax debuted in 2008. It had a limited run of 100 units, and a price of $161,000 (inflation adjusted). Morgan continued production of the AeroMax, perhaps to the chagrin of original purchasers, and cut a hole in the roof. Voila, the Aero SuperSports targa coupe.

During its production the Aero 8 competed in a few different races; its best finish was 10th place in the GT class, at the 2004 12 Hours of Sebring. Production of the Aero 8 ended in 2010. Though the company announced a successor later, it never materialized. Today Morgan offers their 3 Wheeler model, and three different versions of the “4” Roadster. They have 12 dealerships spread across the United States and one near Downtown Canada.

Today’s Rare Ride is an in-betweener example of Aero 8. It has the revised headlamps of 2007, but was not fitted with the larger V8. This one was sold as new in the United States, for which Morgan developed the America version specially. The ad copy indicates 2007 was the last time the Aero 8 was offered in the U.S. market. With 20,000 miles, left-hand drive, and the most killer wheels, Aero 8 asks $149,995.

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24 Comments on “Rare Rides: The Very Rare Morgan Aero 8 America, From 2007...”

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    Downtown Canada?

    • 0 avatar
      Arthur Dailey

      That replicates a relatively common joke for all those who dislike Toronto. Like the old poster of New York City with the rest of the USA about the same size as NYC.

      Not sure what is happening socially/economically?? During the first two decades of my life I remember seeing a total of 2 Astons on the road. A DB5 (Jame Bond!) and a DB4 that the driver could not shift properly). Maybe a half dozen Royces.

      Today I saw 3 Lambos in the student parking lot for the local university. Plus an Audi R8, a Maseratti SUV, and assorted BMW M series and Range Rovers.

      Now I see Bentleys and Ferraris and Astons on almost daily basis driving around where I work.

      So why not a Morgan? It will at least differentiate you, and you will probably have the only one in your peer group.

      • 0 avatar

        I always include geography jokes in Rare Rides!

      • 0 avatar

        Arthur, I imagine all those ultralux cars belong to foreign students whose parents bought their way into American/Canadian universities. And the universities are happy to let them in, because they have no problem paying full tuition plus a lot more.

        And for the money, I’d rather have a new 911 AND a new Corvette for the asking price of this vehicle that looks like a kit car built in somebody’s garage on the body of a Plymouth Prowler.

      • 0 avatar

        I too remember supercar sightings being extremely rare in the 80s & 90s in Ontario.

        Now it’s just odd when you see them in a random place, like a Bentley parked among the rank & file at a grocery store in a small town 30 minutes outside Ottawa.

    • 0 avatar

      I always think of Canada as being the burbs, so yeah, weird

    • 0 avatar

      Actually not a bad price for a Morgan

  • avatar

    These things look awkward in person (even with the revised headlights) and for that price you can get a 3-Wheeler and still have $100K left over.

  • avatar

    Looks like a Morgan 3-wheeler crossed with a BMW clownshoe and a Triumph TR-3.

  • avatar

    I’ll take that set of wheels (which would look fantastic on damn near anything) and leave the rest of the car on blocks.

  • avatar

    Are new Morgan vehicles once again available in North America under the low volume vehicle manufacturer exemption?

  • avatar

    Someone designed this to take the piss out of someone else’s good idea.

  • avatar
    Kyree S. Williams

    BMW has long-since discontinued the 4.8-liter (N62) V8 from its own cars. Last I heard, they were still building it for Morgan in low volumes, on their prototype-engine line.

    • 0 avatar

      It’s like they’re keeping a toe in the not-completely-feces-saturated water just in case Europe comes out of its death spiral.

      • 0 avatar
        Arthur Dailey

        Well Todd, with an infant mortality rate that ranks as 35th, a life expectancy that is 31st, ranking 13th in the human development index, 11th in per capita GDP, 19th in standard of living, 10th in firearm related deaths and 1st in incarceration rates, it appears that the USA is the nation that is descending into a death spiral.

        Particularly since as late as 1980, it ranked at or near the top in all the positive indicators.

        Not to worry, we send our ‘thoughts and prayers’, that things will improve in the USA.

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    87 Morgan

    Be still my beating heart! Those wheels are awful, so many other choices were available.

    Unfortunately, like most Morgans, I met a gentleman who owned an Aero 8 and he admitted that while a fun car to drive it was a complete POS and needed constant repairs. Having 20+ years of Morgan ownership (dad then me) I can attest. They are fun, eclectic, but complete turds. The B&B here hacks on the cars that GM has made, Oy, don’t own a Morgan that is for sure your heads would explode.

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    The good news is that if you accidentally damage a headlight you can source a replacement from a 2005-2006 MINI in any junkyard. They are the same lights only mounted on opposite sides and upside down. So much for bespoke.

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    How many bags of candy are hiding in those panel gaps? (Asking for a friend.)

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