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On Saturday, Nissan’s North American dealerships found themselves with a problem. A power outage at the automaker’s data center in Denver disabled a system dealers use to order vehicles, procure parts, check on recall statuses, obtain rebate information, and file warranty claims. As a result, the manufacturer’s communications in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico were disrupted. “Some of our dealer business applications have run in a reduced capacity using manual processing,” Nissan said on Wednesday.

Dealers were not pleased.

“I’ve never seen anything like this,” Dave Wright, dealer principal at Dave Wright Nissan-Subaru in Hiawatha, Iowa, told Automotive News earlier in the week. “I have had three customers today become irate … We look like idiots because we can’t tell them what incentives they are eligible for, even how much they have left on their Nissan lease or finance note.”

From Automotive News:

The NNANet system has gone down for a few hours in the past, but it’s never been down for more than a day, said Tim Hill, owner of Hill Nissan in Winter Haven, Fla.

“Everything we do with Nissan goes through NNANet,” Hill said. “That is our lifeblood.”

Mario Murgado, owner of Infiniti Stuart in South Florida and chairman of the Infiniti National Dealer Advisory Board, said the company worked around the clock to fix the problem.

Fortunately, Nissan managed to get its internal comms up and running on Thursday. Hill said it couldn’t have come sooner, as dealers typically receive incentive payments at the end of the week. But that doesn’t make the breakdown a non-issue. Nissan and Infiniti likely lost out on a batch of sales as annoyed customers walked off the lot. Even though August isn’t the hottest month for selling cars, it’s far from the worst. Consumers are also inclined to purchase more often in the later days of any month.

[Image: Nissan]

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16 Comments on “Dealership Dilemmas: Nissan Communications Reportedly Back Online...”

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    TheDumbGuy-formerly JoeBrick

    Imagine what a Mass Coronal Ejection or a man-made Electro- Magnetic Pulse would do to our economy. It wouldn’t be just one company-owned network, it would be EVERYTHING. Instant Flintstone town of Bedrock.

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    Firestorm 500

    Is it time to start a Nissan/Infiniti deathwatch?

  • avatar

    So, basically, they put Nissan and Infiniti dealers out of the Nissan and Infiniti business for *four or five business days*?

    Wow, are heads are gonna roll.

    • 0 avatar

      The thing I miss about my time in IT for investment banks is the sense of purpose that everyone had. Maybe we weren’t really doing anything wonderful, but we were a collection of smart, hard working, talented and stimulant-enhanced professionals who knew we could be fired by anyone even tangentially associated with one of the profit centers. I’ve never found another work environment where I didn’t have to do breathing exercises while I waited for dullards to get to the point or prioritize productivity over talking about their dogs. The things I don’t miss are having every third Sunday off and the insecurities of IT managers who have Ivy League degrees and make hundreds of thousands of dollars a year but on some level know they are no more valued than janitors by the people who harvest money.

      I project managed trading floor relocations to a new HQ building. If I ever dropped the ball on one market data service for one trader, it would have been given a level of attention that one can only hope they would receive in a medical crisis. Nissan had one system that their entire business depends on and they didn’t have enough redundancy and contingency in place to contain a failure in minutes or compartmentalize it to a small unit of their business? There are some failures that really do merit firing everyone, but who knows if they’re allowed to hire the best people available to replace them.

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    Hello failover data center, anyone?

    Preferably away from the primary, with its own dedicated power supply and network backbone?

    Or even, God help me, “the cloud?” Even for a backup data center.

    I think many of these types of systems are accessed through virtual desktops anyway.

    • 0 avatar

      Or at least a redundant power source, or a backup generator (for a large data center – driven by a diesel engine the size of one used in a locomotive).

      Somebody in IT operations should have been walked to the door.

      • 0 avatar

        “Somebody in IT operations should have been walked to the door.”

        Statements like this bother me. This “someone” in IT operations has probably been screaming for redundancy for decades. These guys and gals understand the need better than anyone. Upper management likely refused to provide the resources and just expects IT operations to kill themselves and make it work without funding. Eventually, it failed.

        Somebody in upper management should have been walked out the door.

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    Never underestimate the power of one man – the notorious and all-powerful Carlos Ghosn. Even being locked in jail he manages to get revenge on his enemies. He was one who saved Nissan and he will be one who will put it to the rest.

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    Nissan deathwatch ? Hardly. It’s the official car of Not Much $ here in the Green Suburbs of NY. Like roaches, there are millions of them…they may not make $40k on each sale but they sell a LOT of them. Rogues, Altimas, and Muranos clog my daily commute every day…..and not a ONE well driven….

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