Paint It Black: 2020 Lincoln Navigator Has New Monochromatic Colors, Safety Tech

Chad Kirchner
by Chad Kirchner
paint it black 2020 lincoln navigator has new monochromatic colors safety tech

Until the refresh of the Cadillac Escalade arrives, you want the Lincoln Navigator if you need a premium American battle tank. It’s a Raptor-powered beast of a cruiser, and Lincoln is keeping it fresh for the 2020 model year by offering a new appearance package and more standard tech.

Starting with the visuals, there is now a Monochromatic Appearance Package for the Navigator. If you don’t like chrome, and this author doesn’t, then this is a box you’ll want to check. Yes, there’s still some chrome, it is a Navigator after all. But the Monochromatic Package on the Reserve series offers three different colors to “showcase the bold lines” of the Navigator.

The three available colors are Pristine White, Ceramic Pearl and Infinite Black. “The monochromatic palette emphasizes the strong lines of the Navigator,” says Earl Lucas, Lincoln chief designer. “It’s a perfect color scheme for a full-size luxury SUV, and it offers clients another way to personalize their new Navigator.” It’s also taking advantage of the ongoing minimalism trend in design. Perhaps Jonny Ive’s Apple influence is rubbing off?

The new technology on board the Navigator is also worth mentioning. Aviator, launching later this year, is the first Lincoln vehicle to offer Phone As A Key tech. The 2020 Navigator receives this technology as standard. Which makes sense, because the Navigator is the brand’s flagship.

Power running boards and heated and ventilated seats are now standard as well — as is wireless charging for phones.

Lincoln’s CoPilot360 is also on board. This includes automatic high beam headlights, blind spot detection with trailer coverage, automatic emergency braking, pedestrian detection and more.

Similar to Ford’s version of the tech, Lincoln appears to be making much of the safety systems standard as models get refreshed. That also further separates the Navigator from the Escalade, while development of the new version continues over at General Motors.

[Images: Lincoln]

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  • DeadWeight DeadWeight on Jul 16, 2019

    Absolutely hideous, slab-sided monstrosity, and they couldn't even get the front or rear aesthetic tasteful, either. And I'm not joking or exaggeration, either, regardless of my well known disapproval of most of the rolling dumpster fires that are Ford/Lincoln vehicles, and Ford/Lincoln's abhorrent quality control and disastrous reliability woes that affect a huge chunk of their vehicle lineup.

    • SaulTigh SaulTigh on Jul 16, 2019

      Sure, sure. Tell us what you'd buy then in the full sized SUV arena.

  • 427Cobra 427Cobra on Jul 16, 2019

    I'm showing my age here... the "Monochromatic Appearance Package" totally kills it for me... deal breaker. I'll leave the "murdered out" look to the high school kids with their cans of plasti-dip & stick-on fender ports. That's what WE did in high school... pop the hub caps off & paint the rims gloss black... then flip the lid on the air filter over, for a little more induction noise. These days, I see FAR too many plasti-dipped vehicles with peeling rims and bumpers... like an edifice of broken teeth. I don't have a problem with chrome... or plasti-chrome... typically, it's more durable than painted surfaces. I don't have to paint everything black to feel "tough"... don't need that kind of validation... but to each his own. The rims on my Ram 2500 are plasti-chrome. The rims on my Focus ST are painted glossy charcoal, & the rims on my C5 Z06 are chrome (tho I wish they were painted or polished instead). But in regard to the Navigator, I think some chrome is appropriate. At least now, there's an option for those who feel otherwise.