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An all-new Ford Bronco is going to make its way back to dealerships sometime next year, and the speculation and hype around the next-generation off-roader is nearing feverish levels. Michigan Assembly builds the Ranger. It will also build the Bronco. But that’s not the only pickup truck that will be coming from there.

Automobile is reporting that a Bronco pickup truck is to start production in July of 2024 and will compete directly with Jeep’s Gladiator. The company making the prediction, AutoForecast Solutions, said that design and engineering for the truck began shortly after the launch of the Gladiator.

Why 2024? According to another source, the Focus-based Ford Courier is on the way in 2021. The next-generation Ranger set to go on sale during that time. Ford also plans to launch a Ranger Raptor on the new platform.

Because the company will be so busy getting Ranger Raptor and Courier out the door, they won’t have time to take on the Bronco pickup project until afterwards. A modified Bronco platform will be the basis for the pickup truck. That is a body-on-frame setup, and not the unibody construction that the upcoming “Baby Bronco” will have.

How much of this has merit?

I’ve had sources tell me that they’re expecting a Ranger Raptor around the 2021 timeframe. When the Ranger gets updated globally, the U.S. will be running the same version of the truck. Right now, the frames are different between the U.S.-spec and the global-spec models. None of the hard points are the same, which is why having a Ranger Raptor now doesn’t make sense.

The last time Ford officially said anything about Bronco, it was for the year 2020. There’s no reason to suspect that’s changed.

So what about the Bronco pickup? Initial sales of the Gladiator are strong, for sure. But we’ve yet to see any long-term take rates on the truck. In a lot of ways, the Bronco pickup already exists. The Bronco pickup is the Ranger.

It’s all interesting speculation, but only time will tell what the Blue Oval’s plans are for the Bronco and Ranger.

[Image: Ford]

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29 Comments on “New Ford Bronco to Spawn Pickup Variant: Report...”

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    The latest photos I’ve seen of the new Bronco are entertaining. I suppose they’re under no obligation to make it resemble a first generation Bronco, but who decided it should look like an International Harvester Scout that’s been reimagined by ICON? Too bad it is going to have a Ford drivetrain, because a new corn binder might be cool.

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      They better put the 5.0 in this or all the hype was useless, this is where the V8 makes the most sense in the entire lineup of vehicles, it’s the one vehicle besides the Mustang where the V8 is make or break for a sale, it’s the one area that Jeep has actually failed at over the past two decades and is their Achilles heel.

      In totally unrelated news the FJ cruiser registered 1 sale last month for a brand new unit.

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        And actually the big news is that FCA made a product that big bad Ford is trying to copy since they got caught with their pants down trying to push their one Ford dream on Americans that didn’t want anything to do with it.

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          Kyree S. Williams

          1. The part about “One Ford” isn’t true. It’s just that the products Ford unified globally were in shrinking segments, namely sedans and hatchbacks. However, the Escape and EcoSport are global products, and they seem to do quite well. Ditto for the Ranger, which–despite its unique frame here in the US—is otherwise a global product. I imagine Ford’s future lineup will be packed with more global crossovers and vehicles. I will agree that the C-Max was unpopular here because Americans do not like MPVs with nerdy proportions, but the C-Max didn’t exactly replace anything we had already, and they could have just not brought it over at all.

          2. I don’t think the lack of a V8 is going to be a make-or-break for most people. After all, it’s not like you can go somewhere else and get a V8 in an off-road-type SUV. The Wrangler doesn’t have one. The upcoming Defender’s not getting one (and will be quite a bit more expensive). Even the FJ Cruiser didn’t have one, when it was around. I suppose you can spend two-and-a-half or three times as much on the G-Class, if a V8 is really that important to you. So far, it’s been confirmed that the Bronco will at least offer the 2.3-liter turbo I4.

          The things you’re expressing are *your* preferences, which skew toward body-on-frame trucky things with big engines (like Hummers), but keep in mind that you are in the minority.

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            “it’s not like you can go somewhere else and get a V8 in an off-road-type SUV.”

            There’s still the GX460. And a V8 is offered on the JGC Trailhawk.

            However I think the chance of a V8 Bronco rounds to 0.

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          1)Realistically what is left of the one Ford policy? I know the bread and butter trucks don’t count, the full-size SUVs don’t count, the two midsize crossovers they have probably don’t count. The Mustang works in some other countries but is hampered by the rest of the world having regulations from the dark ages. So what are we left with? As you said the Escape, Ecosport, and kinda the Ranger. I would say the Escape is the only one that truly counts as the Ecosport probably isn’t long for this country at least in the shape its in, and I’ve seen more Gladiators on the road now than I have new Rangers, despite the Ranger being out longer.

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            The V8 will be important for Ford to differentiate itself from the Wrangler, they have to offer a reason to go to their dealers for something you cannot get in the Wrangler. FCA has a long history in the Pentastar while Ford can’t keep a small engine around longer than a few years before replacing it. Ford offering a 4 cylinder is going to get laughed out of the ball field. Regardless if competition offers a V8 this is a segment that is hot for a V8. Open top cruising without a good exhaust note is good looking food without any flavor.

            I can’t believe you included the defender when we were talking about SUVs, that minivan won’t be capable of going anywhere off carefully combed “obstacles”. Compare it to the X7 or Traverse if you wish but we were talking about SUVs.

            I predict that if a 2.3L 4 actually does get offered it will be dropped within 2 model years due to a lack of interest. Ford is thinking in crossover language if they think that will fly. The first time someone puts off-road capable tires on this the little 4 bangers 0-60 will drop to over 20 seconds while the gas mileage will drop to the low teens. I’m sure typical Ford reliability will be followed. I am far from the Minority in wanting V8 exhaust, power, and reliability – we’re just waiting for a vehicle that isn’t as long as a 3/4 ton truck that’s built to off-road.

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    It’ll be a bucking Bronco upon hard braking with an empty bed.

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    Will it be a Bronchero or a Branger?

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    Sounds promising that we’re going to get solid axles, Fords starting to get a real nice team assembled if the 7.3L and this turn out good. I will be highly disappointed if this comes out and the top engine is some turbo piece. Hopefully Fords more creative than putting undersized engines in an off-road vehicle.

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      I agree. Enough with the tiny turbo four cylinders, the turbo 3.5 six cylinder though…. That engine piece is a stud! I’m not a Ford guy but I do like several models in their current/soon to be lineup.

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    I’m looking forward to this, but Ford is seriously behind on things.

    These should be on the road NOW.

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    Smart move. If you’re going to live on an all truck/utility vehicle lineup, it better be as comprehensive as possible.

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    Aren’t you listening ? By 2024, all Fords will be electric powered, not internal combustion engine powered. And by 2030, Ford will be no more.

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    So the ranger raptor is a non starter for our market but an entirely different truck is a-ok?

    Furniture Jim really isn’t bright. He’s a buffoon.

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    This is all good. Ranger Raptor should be very cool. Chevy Colorado already has an nice, if underpowered, off-road version which is a direct competitor to the Gladiator. The current Ranger is pretty lame for serious off-roading in comparison to both of them. It will be interesting to see how Toyota responds to all of this. The Taco is good, but could be a lot better. Bring it on. We are living in a pickup truck golden age.

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      In my area buyers are scooping up the Gladiator without regard to price. Not that they would use it primarily as a daily driver, because they also own other vehicles, but more to drive it around as a show piece, because it really is unique. Nothing else on the road comes even close.

      If you haven’t seen the Gladiator on the road yet, it turns heads, jaws drop, mouths move silently “What the ……. was that?????”

      Neither a cool Ranger Raptor nor a fire-breathing off-road Chevy Colorado would gin up as much interest than a Gladiator does today.

      But you are right about “We are living in a pickup truck golden age.”

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        I definitely agree with you on the Colorado. The styling could not be more bland and has no panache. But I’m willing to bet the Ranger Raptor will have its own rabid fan club and will be as popular as its price permits. Taco owners, for the most part, are also very loyal.

        I am a HUGE fan of the Gladiator Rubicon and plan to wait for the Raptor before I pull the trigger on one of them. Hopefully, FCA will offer a more powerful engine on the Gladiator in response. That would make for a very happy dilemma. Competition is good and we have come a LONG way in a short time in the midsized pickup segment. It is indeed a good lime to be a pickup lover.

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          thelaine, I took my wife to lunch at McD’s on the nearby airbase today, and parked outside were THREE 2019 Colorado midsizers (Red, Silver and White) and one Silver/Black Hardtop 2020 Gladiator.

          Every single one of those trucks was driven by …….. an old guy. I’m serious! Guys in their seventies or late sixties. Like me.

          The Pentastar V6 cranked out 295hp in our former 2012 JGC and 305hp in the RAM halfton truck.

          My guess would be that it would be more than adequate for the lightweight Gladiator, which appears to be a direct AEV knock-off of their most popular customized Wrangler plus Custom-made bed.

          I don’t know what happened to “American Expeditionary Vehicles”, the company. My guess is they were swallowed whole by Fiatsler.

          In short, those were very light-weight off-roaders powered by the then-current lackluster Jeep engines.

          Fiatsler put a monster V8 in several of their products, and sold every single one they made with people clamoring for MOAH!

          Putting a V8, much less a monster V8 in a Gladiator, is purely for show.

          Because they can.

          And they will sell every single one they make, at any price they choose to attach to it.

          The all-black 2012 SRT8 that was given to my grand daughter by my son, her dad, is so much in demand that a week doesn’t go by without someone asking her husband if he would like to sell it, even for more than it cost new.

          Figure that one out. I can’t.

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            Horsepower sells, as you well know. Too much is not enough.

            I don’t think the Gladiator is as light as you may assume. It weighs as much as a Grand Cherokee. We have a GC with the Pentastar. It is a very nice, very reliable engine, but it could really use more horsepower and more torque, as far as I’m concerned. It is perfectly adequate to the task, but pretty gutless for people who want a little more.

            Gladiator power doesn’t have to come in the form of a gigantic V8, but the Gladiator with the Pentastar is underpowered, in my opinion. A small V8, turbo V6 or re-worked Pentastar would probably do the trick. Hopefully, the standard will be set by what Ford puts in the Ranger Raptor and FCA will be forced to respond. And may God bless America.

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            thelaine, go online at and tell them that you want the Standard-bearer 5.7L HEMI in the Glad. If enough people tell them that, I have no doubt they will make it happen. Just like they did with the Monster V8-equipped vehicles they offer now.

            A long time ago I remember reading that Fiatsler announced it was going to offer unique high-performance collectible vehicles as part of their line-up. And to a large extent, they’ve done just that.

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    I could be wrong, but why would Jeep even consider putting a V-8 into the Wrangler or Gladiator ? They are selling pretty much everything that they can make right now, the V-6 has enough power for the average user, and a V-8 would lower FCA’s CAFE average. Sure, they may drop in a Hellcat motor for a few halo sales at an exorbitantly high price, but that’s all. Maybe after they have sold a million or so Gladiators…

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      Once you’re pushing 5K lbs soaking wet, before cargo or tow, it’s time for the V8. There’s usually about a 1 mpg penalty, EPA, but real world, the V8 can easily get better mpg than the V6.

      Although I don’t understand the mentality of the V8 having to be a Murdercat, or Deathwing or require you to set the Nurhambergering on fire.

      The 265 hp 4.6 V8 in my old F-150 installed in any current midsize 4-door, 4wd pickup/suv would make it way more livable, useful and the minimum powerplant for the application if you ask me.

      If you think a 305 HP V6 embarrasses a 265 HP V8, you’re deluded.

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    …the pickup variant of the Bronco is called removing the back shell.

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    I hope Ford reads this.

    When is it coming out?
    When can we see it as official vehicle and not as what someone thinks it’s going to look like?

    I have been impatiently waiting for the new Bronco. I’m about to give up hope of it. I’m about to go order a new Jeep Gladiator.

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