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Workers represented by Local UAW 892 went on strike last night in Saline, Michigan. The union’s contract with Faurecia Interiors Systems, which expired on June 1st, was given a three-week contract extension to provide for negotiations. But, with no new deal on the table, employees walked out Friday at midnight. They’re demanding better wages, improved working conditions and profit sharing.

Plant workers have been complaining about conditions inside the plant to local media and online for several months, often citing plumbing issues and a leaky roof as the facility’s biggest problems. 

“I’m not sure how it ends,” Kristina Bridges, an employee at Saline Faurecia Plant, told WXYZ Detroit this morning. “I hope they keep the employees in mind — I’m hoping that our union and our bargaining reps can come to a fair agreement where everyone across the board will be happy.”

With the site’s 1,900 employees serving multiple domestic automakers, supply chains will likely impacted. However, it’s too early to tell exactly how far reaching things will be. A quick resolution could circumvent any major issues but Ford has said it might start feeling the supply pinch almost immediately.

“UAW Local 892 and Faurecia have not reached a tentative agreement as of the expiration of the agreed-upon contract extension,” the UAW said in a statement. “As a result, Region 1A Director Chuck Browning has called for strike action against the Company effective at 12:05 a.m. June 21 as authorized by international President Gary Jones. Negotiators continue to bargain and updates will be provided as progress is made.”

Faurecia has made no announcements as of Friday morning.

[Update 6/21/2019: The strike appears to have ended within the first ten hours. UAW leadership and Faurecia both announced a tentative contract agreement was in place, adding that employees have been informed they can now return to work.]


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10 Comments on “Faurecia Employees Strike After UAW Agreement Expires [Updated]...”

  • avatar

    Enter general quip questioning the validity of the workers claims…..

    Log grievance about the role of the twisted UAW and how it impacts the industry…

    There I think we are done with that now…

    So does anyone have any specific information or real insight on the situation that we can talk about intelligently?

  • avatar
    SCE to AUX

    Faurecia: Fix your facility, pronto.

    As for the money, it will be hard for them to win both a wage bump and profit sharing.

  • avatar

    I can understand the gripe about the facilities. Fix it already!

  • avatar

    I’d never heard of this company, so I looked them up. Founded in France, in 1914.

    • 0 avatar

      Maybe it’s time for Faurecia to make that move to Quebec. The CAW will give them a lot less lip than the UAW.

      • 0 avatar
        el scotto

        HDC, the CAW is as dead as dodo; they’re part of of UNIFOR now.

        • 0 avatar

          el scotto, I was just being ornery when I posted that comment.

          I believe that at one time unions were a necessary evil to endure to counter greedy industrialists who had no regard for human suffering or dignity.

          But in today’s world, with all the US government mandates, rules and regulations, unions are as useful as t!ts on a boar hog.

    • 0 avatar

      They’re an affiliate of Peugeot, and a pretty big one, 21,000 US employees. I know they design and manufacture exhaust systems (including a lot of the diesel emission package) here in Indiana.

  • avatar
    el scotto

    Well, at least we don’t have someone commenting who is totally ignorant about VEBA.

  • avatar
    schmitt trigger

    Agree with SCE to AUX.
    It is very short sighted for a company not to fix something as essential as proper plumbing aspects ( read: toilets), and allow it to fester to the point where additional demands will creep in.

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