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Image: Hyundai

Hyundai hopes the answer to that question, for a good number of young or otherwise cash-strapped buyers, is “yes.”

As it performs a slow leak of its upcoming small Venue crossover ahead of the New York Auto Show, the Korean automaker wants would-be buyers to know the subcompact Kona won’t be the cheapest Hyundai crossover for long. Nor the smallest.

But how small is too small for America?

When he told you about the upcoming sub-subcompact mini-ute, Matthew Guy had trouble imagining a smaller crossover than the Kona. Dimensionally, the Venue might not undercut the Kona in size by all that much. This isn’t Japan.

No official specs are available for the perusing, but the Venue’s severely truncated rear, seen here in these artist sketches, points to a compromise on cargo capacity (especially if that rear glass is as steeply raked as the images suggest). After being burned on U.S. sales volume due to its limited crossover lineup, Hyundai’s not taking any chances, preferring to stuff any white space in its lineup with new crossovers. The new Santa Fe and recent Kona were the first salvos in that effort, with the 2020 Palisade serving as a larger, more brawny range-topper.

Image: Hyundai

One the bottom of the size scale, Hyundai feels there’s room for something with an MSRP below that of the $19,990 (before destination) Kona. That’s the space where Nissan’s Kicks plays. The front-drive-only Nissan starts at $18,540 for 2019.

Certainly, Hyundai wants to get across that the new model is indeed smaller and cheaper than Kona. In a brief bit of copy targeted at Millennials, the automaker touted the Venue’s “abundance of playful and practical features including seamless safety, versatility and connectivity,” without mentioning engine size or availability of all-wheel drive.

All will become clear on April 17th, when the Venue accepts out-of-shape journalists into its cozy cabin.

Image: Hyundai

[Images: Hyundai]

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9 Comments on “Hyundai: Is This Venue Big Enough for You?...”

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    We don’t know if it’s AWD, but do we know if it has greater ground clearance? Without those two elements a crossover goes back to being a hatchback. I’m onto you and your games auto manufacturers ;-)

    • 0 avatar

      Psssssss… Manufacturers are hoping we’ll go ahead a buy hatchbacks/wagons if only they’re “butch” enough. (Minus ground clearance and AWD.)

      • 0 avatar
        CKNSLS Sierra SLT


        Don’t know if your statement is accurate. The Buick Encore is a small CUV and it’s a big seller for Buick-and doesn’t look too “butch” at all. I read most are sold to women.

        • 0 avatar

          Yes, but it IS a crossover (AWD + high ground clearance) that older folks seem to just love, both men and women. As one elderly neighbor told me, “It’s so easy to get in and out of and I can see so well in traffic” This is what’s important to the folks who buy them

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    cimarron typeR

    Smart play, I suspect there will be an Accent phase out in NA , at least.
    Given how much soft(per reviews at least) the Kicks and Eclipse are, should be able to compete.

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    Hyundai already has the Creta. Could that be an overdesigned version of it?

  • avatar
    cimarron typeR

    Yikes, thats not a name you’d think the marketing wonks would choose stateside. Maybe the Smegma?

  • avatar

    If the only way for us to get our hatches is with a mild lift, I’m OK with that. Pricing doesn’t seem too bad. Does that line down the center of the rear mean this actually has barn doors? That would be interesting.

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