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Last year, Ford announced a new green paint option for the Mustang as a tie-in for Saint Patrick’s Day. This year will be no different. Ford has unveiled Grabber Lime for the 2020 model year and, once again, has timed the debut to coincide closely with the holiday.

While Grabber Lime was never a metallic shade, Ford’s latest incarnation is more shimmery than a school of sardines. That does not appear to be the case for Ford’s other historic hue, Twister Orange, however. We’ve already seen the color roll off the auction block, slathered on the first 2020 Shelby GT500, for a cool $1.1 million, and it’s gloss only. Frankly, Grabber Lime is absolutely blaring in comparison.

“It’s lime green on steroids,” says Ford color and materials manager Barb Whalen. “This color traces back to a Mustang heritage color while bringing it forward with more modern, dynamic pigments and bold new energy.”

Other new color options available for the Mustang range, including Shelby GT350 and Shelby GT500 models, include Iconic Silver and Red Hot Metallic. While the silver is pretty self explanatory, that red is not quite as hot as it name would suggest — it’s closer to Candy Apple Red, just enhanced with some extra metallic flake. It’s another new take on a classic automotive shade and handsome enough for us to wonder why Ford didn’t lead with it in the announcement.

The cars should arrive on dealer lots this fall… just in time for Saint Patrick’s Day.

[Images: Ford Motor Co.]

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11 Comments on “Ford Provides ‘Retro-inspired’ Mustang Colors for 2020 Model Year...”

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    That gaping maw and weird angles! So busy. And I thought the Lexus GS-F was hit with the ugly stick.

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    Can I get a sunroof, or a manual transmission that’s not made in China? No? Then I won’t be repeating my 2016 Mustang GT purchase.

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    Why don’t they bring back the “Mystic” option?

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    I like the fact they’re adding some real color to the Mustang. Now how about doing the same for their other vehicles?

    For that matter, I want to see more color from ALL the brands. I’m tired of living in a grey-scale world. This ‘Goth’ look on cars has got to go.

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    Nice color, shame that most of tbe retro stylings missing though. Mustang looks kinda ugly when you stick a Hyundai grille on it.

    In person these things look surprisingly fat thanks to the slopes and curbs everywhere.

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    I saw a purple Model A pickup hot rod at the hardware store yesterday. Looked really nice, just not for me. That’s how I feel about this color green.

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    Jack Baruth might like the color!
    He had to pay extra to get Lime Green on his S5.

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    I’m still hanging on to a few shares of F, like the 7% dividend, but that Hyundai/ Toyota/ Lexus grille is horrendous.

    Please, Ford, start shipping every new truck you can. Your chance at global domination has well passed and Volkswagen won’t pull you out of the dumpster.

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    It’s nostalgic “Spectraflame” paint, Hot Wheels (Redline) 1968-72. Shown on the featured Mustang is “Apple Green” translucent mentalic, or similar shade. Real amazing stuff, but never on Fords or original factory cars.

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    Even when car manufacturers try to introduce “new” paint colors that are supposedly retro, they cannot get it right. This green appears similar to the shade the Camaro tried a few years ago, which resulted in such vehicles being glued to dealer lots. Same with ear-searing yellows and overly bright blues. The sad thing is that they have a whole catalog of great colors to choose from if they just go back to their offerings in the ’60s and early ’70s. But it seems the people making those decisions now feel the need to amp everything up to the max.

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