Fresh 2020 Toyota Tacoma Bound for Chicago Auto Show

Matthew Guy
by Matthew Guy
fresh 2020 toyota tacoma bound for chicago auto show

Despite seeming to be older than the dirt on which it rolls, the Toyota Tacoma is enjoying massive sales growth. In fact, it recently had its best-ever December, quarter, and year since introduction. Seriously. It was up an enormous 24 percent for the year, enjoying thirteen consecutive best-ever months.

For 2020, Toyota is massaging the midsizer’s styling, bringing it slightly more in line with its big brothers. We’ve brightened the image to give you a better look.

What looks to be some LED mascara appears on the headlights of the truck shown in Toyota’s teaser pic, along with turn signals baked into the mirror caps. The hood looks to have slightly deeper scallops along the edges of its power dome, but that could be thanks to studio lighting.

An aggressive lightening-up of the teaser image, shown above, reveals a honeycomb-style pattern to the 2020 Tacoma grille. Expected features like a sliding rear window and safety sensors tucked near the rearview mirror remain.

The Tacoma isn’t exactly cheap. An entry-level Ace of Base model (ok, it’s actually called the 4×2 SR Access Cab with an automatic and long box) lists for $25,700, nearly five grand north of a base Colorado. Adding 4×4 to that trim tacks on just over $4,000. At the spectrum’s opposite end, an automatic TRD Pro 4×4 with the Double Cab and an automatic transmission, costs an eye-watering $45,515.

Despite this, the Tacoma’s sales number continue their northward march. Toyota sold nearly a quarter million of the things – 245,659 to be exact – in the 2018 calendar year. That is a sum greater than the combined might of Avalon and Prius and Sienna and Yaris and … well, you get the picture.

The midsize truck market is currently a crowded space, with Ford’s Ranger (absent a Raptor trim – RAGE) appearing in showrooms as we speak and the tag team of Colorado/Canyon continuing to do well. In fact, Chevy’s off-road prowess keeps being cranked northward, first with the ZR2 and now with the AEV Bison. Perhaps Toyota will have an even more aggro TRD Pro in Chicago, although that doesn’t seem to be the truck shown here.

If you’re keen to see the rest of Toyota’s new Tacoma, check out the livestream from their booth at the Chicago Auto Show at 10:00am CST on February 9th. Our fearless Managing Ed will be our boots on the ground at CAS this year, so stay tuned for his coverage, as well.

[Image: Toyota]

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  • Fordson Fordson on Jan 30, 2019

    A front-clip restyle and the headline calls it a "fresh" 2020 Tacoma - ?

  • Lightspeed Lightspeed on Jan 30, 2019

    Taco is selling well because people are sick of the new stuff and all the 'tech toys' They don't trust the new stuff to last, so go with a proven, durable product. I'll bet a lot of Taco buyers are middle-age and seeing it as their last vehicle purchase.

  • Tassos While Acura was the first Japanese attempt to sell 'luxury' (or "premium") vehicles in the US market, and despite its original good success in the near-luxury segment with the Legend and the far smaller and less expensive Itegra (a glorified Civic), it later lost its momentum and offered a series of underwhelming vehicles. It sure is not a LUXURY maker, and as long as it offers FWD or AWD and NOT RWD vehicles, it will never be taken seriously as a serious sports cars maker. Infiniti is much worse, and if both of them go under, few will notice. Lexus was more successful, offering pimped up TOyotas for 10,000s more, but there is NO vehicle in their lineup, esp now that they scewed up the only serious entry (the LS), that I would care to consider. AND I say all this as a very satisfied owner of 5-speed Honda coupes and hatchbacks (a 1991 Civic hatch and a 1990 Accord Coupe).
  • Mike Beranek Yet another reason to accelerate the transition to electric vehicles charged with energy from wind & solar with modern, non-Monty Burns nuclear as a backup.
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  • FreedMike "...I wouldn’t recommend holding your breath until fuel prices drop."Regular is $2.87 at my local gas station today. Considering that it was over four bucks this summer, I'd call that a drop. And it happened with the war still going on, the GOP not taking over Congress, Dark Brandon in the White House, and the Theoretical Keystone Pipeline still being canned. Imagine that. And I wonder if poor Slavuta has broken out the "will rap for food" sign yet.
  • THX1136 I would imagine the caps will have minimal impact. Putin is going to do what he wants to do regardless of how the citizens of his country fare.