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Despite the 2020 Volkswagen Golf arriving later this year, VW hasn’t done much to tease it. In fact, the only glimpses we’ve had of it were of the Sasquatch variety — unconfirmed, low-resolution images taken in the wild before the elusive creature vanishes.

There’s now another one. Last week, Instagram user johannes.vag captured a couple of photos of what appears to be a black 8th-generation Golf stopping at a McDonald’s drive-thru in Germany.

While it could be a fake, we’ve seen videos of a similar-looking model crop up in South Africa. That, in addition to the Mk8 Golf’s June assembly date and a few preliminary sketches from the automaker, gives us reason to believe this is probably the real deal and not a tasteful aftermarket job. 

The size and shape of the snapped model would appear to make the 2020 Golf slightly larger than its predecessors, while the slimmer headlamps match VW’s newer models. Most of the model’s signature visuals remain intact. Volkswagen isn’t the kind of brand to embrace aggressive new styling choices, so we weren’t expecting anything too different.

Thus far, Volkswagen is only willing to confirm that the Mk8 Golf will arrive on a different platform (possibly MLB Evo) featuring updated connectivity features and a heavier focus on tech than past incarnations. “[The Golf will] not only feature all those proven characteristics loved and cherished by customers but will, in addition, be fully connected. You could say that the new Golf opens the door on the digital world of Volkswagen,” the manufacturer said earlier this month.

However, industry leaks hint at attempts to improve interior volume. Based on the photos, it also looks to have a longer wheelbase and lower ride height. Add in the claimed weight savings of around 100 pounds across trims vs the 7th-gen car and performance enthusiasts should be sated.

Engine options are expected to be a 1.0-liter inline-three as the base overseas option, a turbocharged 1.5-liter four-cylinder motor as the North American base, and a 2.0-liter turbo four in the GTI with a rumored output of around 250 hp. The Golf R could receive a 3.0-liter V6 making around 360 hp — though we’ve heard rumors of up to 400 hp and even a widebody variant. If the rumors are to be believed, it would be the first such engine since the model’s VR6 days of the late 1990s. Frankly, we’re betting on a greased-up four cylinder with more boost being the R’s mainstay powerplant after 2020 if those MLB platform rumors turn out to be bunk.

Each version of the Golf is also said to come equipped with a 48-volt mild hybrid system and the potential for an all-wheel drive option (at some point).

Volkswagen will likely confirm or deny all of this later this year, probably before the Frankfurt Motor Show this fall. As previously stated, European assembly is scheduled for June with deliveries occurring a short time later. North America will probably see its first 2020 Golf early next year.

[Images: johannes.vag/Instagram]

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21 Comments on “2020 Volkswagen Golf Spotted at German McDonalds?...”

  • avatar

    Is the Mk8 really MLB Evo?

    I have a hard time believing that since MLB is longitudinal platform. Right?

    MQB “Evo” I could see.

  • avatar

    The Golf is thankfully like the 911 and Miata in that it hasn’t changed too much as the years passed by. However, I hope VW doesn’t go too much further in the lower-and-longer direction.

    Now, where’s the new Scirocco?

  • avatar

    “The size and shape of the snapped model would appear to make the 2020 Golf slightly larger than its predecessors”

    I’m not seeing that at all. I have no idea where you came up with that.

    This looks like an easily altered image of a current Golf. If this is a real car, VW has definitely gone down the route of making the Golf into what the Beetle was–barely changing generation after generation.

    • 0 avatar

      The author thinks it’s bigger because as per the article the Mk8 Golf is on the MLB platform! I’d be pissed if I were the new Passat.

      • 0 avatar

        “The author thinks it’s bigger because as per the article the Mk8 Golf is on the MLB platform! ”

        No, he said “based on the pictures”.

        And based on the pictures, you can’t tell SQUAT about the thing compared to today’s vehicle. That was all just breathless millennial blogster speak for “pay attention to ME!!!”

        And BTW–no way is it on the MLB platform. MQB it was, and MQB it shall be. I have no idea where this stuff comes from.

    • 0 avatar

      At first glance I thought so too, but oddly enough now I do think it’s a new vehicle. The front bumper treatment and headlights are different from the MK7, and the most telling thing is the doors. The styling crease on the MK7 is below the door handles. This car’s hard edge is in line with the door handles. No way they would change the door panels for anything other than a full redesign. The redesign is due, the MQB Golf was set up for a 5 year lifecycle.

      • 0 avatar

        The C pillar is also a bit different than the current car. The “kink” on the current car where the window (and c pillar line) changes isn’t quite as severe as this Golf, and is a tad bit lower in the current Golf.

        While the design is clearly evolutionary (nothing wrong with that) as a current Golf owner this is differently a new car and not a restyled/photoshop current gen. The small details don’t match.

  • avatar

    “The Golf R should receive a 3.0-liter V6 making around 360 hp”

    Where in the world did you hear this?

    • 0 avatar

      I’d love to have some of what he’s snorting.

      You know, in this day and age all it takes is one random dude saying one random thing, and in an hour and a half it’s all over fifteen blog sites, all “confirming” it with one another in a circle jerk.

      • 0 avatar

        Yeah, Posky basically paraphrased the same story that was posted on Autoblog 6 hours earlier that contained the same wild speculation and errors like “MLB Evo” instead of “MQB Evo”.

  • avatar
    Arthur Dailey

    Is it just me, or in the first picture, from the windshield back, does it have a more than a little resemblance to the previous generation Nissan Versa hatchback?

  • avatar

    If this is the Mk VIII, I’m going to sign up to get one of the outgoing Gen seven Golf Rs on the usual tiny Volkswagen discount.

  • avatar

    I’m sorry to see the Golf going more conventional in design and layout. It’s losing the utility that was unique.

  • avatar

    I am shocked – it is a radical departure from old design language. But I would prefer it to be more square and has higher center of gravity. And AWD or course. And do not forget plastic cladding. Then I may be interested.

  • avatar

    I hope that isn’t really it. It’s ugly. And that’s quite an achievement in black since black usually hides unfortunate details.

    I’m not going to buy a Golf but I have to drive around looking at them so I’d prefer to be looking at something a bit easier on the eyes.

  • avatar

    I’m more curious if the guy ordered a Royale with Cheese.

  • avatar

    More bloat. A Golf should be US compact / Euro midsize, but it keeps growing. It used to be if you wanted a bigger Golf you bought an Octavia or Jetta, if you wanted a sporty looking non-GTi you bought a Leon. Now the Golf is just a Golf Plus.

  • avatar

    Some questionable claims in this piece. Other commentators are correct–MLB Evo is a longitudinal platform, the Golf is a transverse-engine car. A V6? And 48-volt mild hybrid? It’s difficult to believe every variant will get the latter unless mass production eventually makes these systems cost-effective for economy cars. Also, if this is a photo of the real deal (and the different door handles might lend some credibility here), then VW styling seems to have regressed. The rear three-quarters looks more like a Mark VI.

  • avatar

    So the MkIV remains the high water mark for the Golf.


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