QOTD: Your L.A. Winner?

Matthew Guy
by Matthew Guy
qotd your l a winner

The Los Angeles Auto Show — a title your author will always use in reference to the annual soiree, despite the show’s repeated attempts to rebrand it as “AutoMobility LA” — is over for another year. Shrimp consumed, after parties attended, the works of it.

As befits California, there were no shortage of stunners. On the other hand, as befitting its near-Thanksgiving time slot, there were also a few turkeys.

What was your winner? Betcha can’t guess mine.

What’s that? A Lincoln crossover based on a rear-drive platform whose powertrain is reportedly capable of 600 lb-ft of torque? Have mercy. I’ve yet to see the Aviator in person and will reserve my final judgement until that day; however, it is leagues ahead of its krill-hungry forebear.

Further reasons the Aviator is my pick as L.A. champion are clear, including the continuation of a sensible naming scheme that has NO ALPHANUMERICS whatsoever. You listening, Cadillac? Thank the pharaohs that Johan de Nysschen and his moronic brand of nameplate mischief never infected Lincoln. It certainly took its toll at Infiniti and Caddy.

Here’s some more food for thought about the Aviator — a helping that includes its powertrain. At 450 hp and 600 units of twist, you author firmly believe that it offers a glimpse into what’ll be under the hood of Ford’s upcoming F-150 Hybrid.

Think I’m off the mark? Look again. An increasing number of machines are marketing their hybrid option as the sporty choice. It would make more than a lick of sense if Ford, in a bid to get traditional truck buyer to embrace electrification, to endow the thing with near-Super Duty levels of grunt. Bookmark this post and check back in 2020.

On the losing side of the ledger is Volvo. Look, I get their schtick about “Not a Car” and pushing their mobility stuff. But this show turned out to be a cracker in terms of product: Gladiator, new 911, sedan and hatch Mazda 3, and Rivian R1T to name a few. Volvo picked the one show that actually had superb product to which not to bring any, y’know, product.

Bold call, didn’t pay off.

What was your winner from last week’s [s]AutoMobility[/s] L.A. Auto Show?

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  • Gasser Gasser on Dec 03, 2018

    I went to the Auto Show on Saturday. I thought the best car was the Mazda 3 hatchback in a fabulous Candy Apple Red. The worst?? The very sad looking Regal X wagon at Buick. Sadly, the American sedan/wagon is over. Ford had my interest for a while with the Fusion, but their usual lack of any development in the years after its introduction, plus the choice of horrible engines (compared to the Japanese) just erased any possibility of purchase.

  • Hpycamper Hpycamper on Dec 04, 2018

    Toyota TJ Cruiser looked pretty interesting. Might be a worhty replacement for the Honda Element if it gets built.

  • Paul Mezhir As awful as the styling was on these cars, they were beautifully assembled and extremely well finished for the day. The doors closed solidly, the ride was extremely quiet and the absence of squeaks and rattles was commendable. As for styling? Everything's beautiful in it's own way.....except for the VI coupe....it's proportions were just odd: the passenger compartment and wheelbase seemed to be way too short, especially compared to the VI sedan. Even the short-lived Town Coupe had much better proportions. None of the fox-body Lincolns could compare to the beautiful proportions of the Mark V.....it was the epitome of long, low, sleek and elegant. The proportions were just about perfect from every angle.
  • ToolGuy Silhouetting yourself on a ridge like that is an excellent way to get yourself shot ( Skylining)."Don't you know there's a special military operation on?"
  • ToolGuy When Farley says “like the Millennium Falcon” he means "fully updatable" and "constantly improving" -- it's right there in the Car and Driver article (and makes perfect sense).
  • Master Baiter New slogan in the age of Ford EVs:FoundOnRoadDischarged
  • Albert Also owned a 1959 Continental Mark IV coupe for 20 years and loved every minute!