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Ferrari plans to launch two limited-edition supercars using the Monza formula and name. The open-topped pair are said to have “the most powerful engine Maranello has ever built.” That’s a 810-horsepower, 6.5-liter V12, according to the automaker’s September press announcement. We imagine it’s the same unit currently residing in the 812 Superfast.

As you might imagine, the single seat Monza SP1 and double-chaired SP2 aren’t meant for aimless weekend cruising. Inspired heavily by the 1948 166 MM Barchetta, 1954 750 Monza, and 1956 860 Monza, they’re pretty hardcore for a modern-day automobile. Alleged (by the manufacturer) to be capable of a 0-to-62 mph sprint in 2.9 seconds, with 0-to-124 mph passing in 7.9 seconds, the duo are said to be capable of at least 186 mph. We wouldn’t recommend trying that without a full-faced helmet, as neither model comes with a windshield. 

However, Ferrari says it incorporated a “Virtual Wind Shield” into the fairing ahead of the instrument panel that deviates a part of the air flow to “maintain driving comfort.” How effective this system actually is is unknown. Hopefully, the automaker chucks in a pair of goggles just in case some of that pesky air manages to sneak by at over 100 mph. It wouldn’t be much to ask for, considering they’re supposed to cost around $1.75 million each, according to Car and Driver.

Made entirely from carbon fiber, both models weigh in at around 3,300 pounds — within spitting distance of the 812 Superfast. They also boast similar overall dimensions and weight as the 812, though the Monza’s are almost an inch wider. The absence of a roof makes these speedsters significantly shorter.

If you’re exceedingly rich and intent on buying a modern Monza, you’d best hope you’re a preferred customer at Ferrari. These two limited production models will instantly become highly coveted artifacts, meaning individuals with an extremely strong relationship with the brand will get the first stab at owning one. Anyone else will be left paying a not-so-small fortune when one of these babies finally goes under the gavel at a high-end auto auction.

Ferrari plans to release official pricing at the Paris Motor Show later this week, where both cars will be on hand — likely creating a puddle of human drool and God knows what else.

[Images: Ferrari]

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