2019 Jaguar I-Pace Delivered Early to Average American Family

Matt Posky
by Matt Posky
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2019 jaguar i pace delivered early to average american family

Jaguar has delivered its first I-Pace electric crossover in North America, a little ahead of next month’s retail sales, to a picture-perfect family living in Florida. Who are these fortunate environmentalists? None other than Lakewood Ranch residents Mark and Holly Pascarella, according to Jaguar Land Rover’s Tuesday press release and the multitude of auto outlets that reported it as news without commentary.

“When you have a family of five you always need space, so we were looking for an SUV,” explained Mr. Pascarella. “We’ve always had a seven-passenger SUV, but one of my daughters just went off to college, so now a five-passenger SUV will be large enough. When I looked at the I-PACE I could see that it was a typical first-class product made by Jaguar, with top of the line appointments and great looks. It doesn’t look like a typical SUV, and on top of that, being electric was very appealing.”

Based on Mark’s very natural and clearly unprompted manner of speaking, it certainly sounds like the perfect automotive product for families living in a city with an average household income of $100,991 — which, coincidentally, is exactly the case in Lakewood Range, Florida. Plus, it has that coveted electric appeal, allowing you to indicate you’re environmentally conscious when you aren’t firing up your other Jaguar’s 5.0-liter V8 every morning.

These types of financial decisions shouldn’t be taken lightly, even when you’re confronted with something as objectively perfect as the 2019 I-PACE™ from Jaguar. We’re betting the Pascarella family probably shopped around like crazy before settling on it. There are other brands producing high-quality EVs, after all.

“I’ve looked at Tesla in the past and was never impressed with their interiors or looks of the car, but when I saw the I-PACE, I said that’s something I’d like to drive. My wife loved it as well,” Mark hinted. “She’ll probably drive it more than I do because she sells real estate and that’s what she’ll take clients out in. It’s definitely going to be a conversation piece and everyone’s going to be looking at her when she’s driving it around the neighborhood. When we go out to dinner with the family I can’t fit everybody in the F-TYPE so having the I-PACE available, with its space and luxury, will be great. We’ll also use it when we travel to see family during the holidays.”

That’s definitely true, so long as the Pascarella’s extended family lives within an EPA-estimated 234-mile radius. Otherwise, they’ll have to stop for a while to let their fabulous new I-Pace recharge. But, even if they do, Holly still loves the car and you can’t beat that. Your wife will probably love it, too!

It’s also good to hear from an unbiased source that all Teslas have bad styling and sub-par interiors when compared to Jaguar products. That’s the kind of useful information that can really help inform purchasing decisions, and Mark’s ownership credentials indicate he’s the kind of man who isn’t beholden to just one brand.

“I’ve had two XKR models, an XJ, two F-TYPE vehicles and an F-PACE. I have an F-TYPE right now and my daughter has an F-PACE, so this will be our seventh Jaguar,” Mark explained. “My F-TYPE R is so much fun to drive. I’ve had it two and half years now, and people turn their head every time I pull up somewhere. They’re always telling me how beautiful the car is.”

Wow! It sounds like the F-Type is also a really good car. Maybe it would be a good idea to pick up one of those when you head into the Jaguar dealership next month to buy the new I-Pace. But what if someone has a family with one of those particularly active lifestyles we’ve heard so much about in the media?

“We’re a very busy family,” Pascarella said. “The kids are involved in marching band so we go to all their competitions and events. We love to go to the theatre and we love to go out to dinner. We probably eat out 6-7 days a week. I’m a big sports nut, we support our local teams here. We entertain a lot, and we’re constantly on the go, I don’t like to sit still. I love to play golf, I play at least four times a week. Besides my wife and my three daughters it’s my passion.”

Mark sounds like a very interesting person and we’re all grateful to get his unique take on the new I-Pace. Jaguar has targeted November as the month it’ll begin shipping models to dealerships. The electric crossover comes with a 90-kWh lithium-ion battery pack and dual electric motors delivering a combined 394 horsepower and 513 lb-ft of torque. Prices are said to start at $69,500, before destination, with the First Edition coming in at $85,900.

If that’s a little steep for your household budget, don’t worry. The I-Pace qualifies for the federal EV tax credit of $7,500, plus any applicable state or local incentives on zero-emission vehicles.

[Image: Jaguar Land Rover]

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  • Jkross22 Jkross22 on Oct 18, 2018

    The saddest part of this marketing exercise is that someone at Jaguar thinks this ad will appeal to Jag and Tesla potential marks/customers. More importantly, Mark needs a throat punch. And a better toupe or Jack Baruth's stylist. And Holly needs to get off the opioids.

  • Lon888 Lon888 on Oct 18, 2018

    I'm guessing the is the "typical middle-class family" Republicans love to rave about. Middle class, yeah...

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