Prakash Patel Out at Ford After Allegation of Inappropriate Behavior: Report

Steph Willems
by Steph Willems
prakash patel out at ford after allegation of inappropriate behavior report

Prakash Patel, Ford’s global director of program management and former lead planner for the sixth-generation Mustang, has left the company. Ford Motor Company confirmed Patel’s departure to Automotive News, but declined to discuss the circumstances surrounding his termination.

This makes Patel the second high-ranking exec to leave Ford under a dark cloud this year. In February, former Ford North America president Raj Nair departed the company after an internal investigation turned up instances of “inappropriate behavior” that was “inconsistent with the company’s code of conduct.”

Former Lincoln Motor Company boss Kumar Galhotra took over Nair’s position, but there’s been no word on who’s filling Patel’s shoes. Frankly, much like with Nair, there’s next to no word on what alleged occurrence sparked the investigation.

While a Ford spokesman claimed the issue was a “personal matter,” a source told Automotive News that Patel’s firing was the result of inappropriate behavior.

Before taking on global program director role in January 2017, Patel served as business manager for Ford’s performance arm — a role he continued until his recent departure. The executive’s time at the automaker saw him wear numerous hats. He once headed up strategy for the Lincoln brand, attempting to boost the status of the once-moribund division, and before that saw him knee-deep in Mustang work.

For nearly seven years (February 2009 to December 2015), Patel was the go-to guy on the Mustang file, heading up work on the 50th anniversary Global Mustang (S550) program. The sixth-generation Mustang went into production in July 2014.

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  • Barryfaetheus Barryfaetheus on Aug 07, 2018

    All these guys would do well to remember the old adage; Don't sh** where you eat. There is a whole world out there and money (which they do not lack) helps.

  • RSF RSF on Aug 07, 2018

    Just get rid of anyone at Ford who actually cares about cars. Probably someone from Office Depot or some furniture store waiting to fill the role.

  • IBx1 IBx1 on Aug 07, 2018

    There seems to be a lot of Indian names at the top of Ford. Sounds like they still want open bobs and show vagene

  • FWD Donuts FWD Donuts on Aug 07, 2018

    Prakash, we know you're a big Lions fan -- but slapping your secretary on the ass is not an appropriate way to tell her she did a good job. Now pack up your crap and get out.