Piston Slap: We NEED Questions! (And a Shafted Pacifica)

Sajeev Mehta
by Sajeev Mehta
piston slap we need questions and a shafted pacifica

Folks, I need automotive queries for publication on Piston Slap, my inbox is almost empty! Email sajeev@thetruthaboutcars.com so the TTAC community can help. And yes, ask anything except for car purchasing advise for aforementioned reasons. – SM

Stefan writes:

Sajeev, here’s the latest news regarding our Chrysler Pacifica: it is gone!

My son and his wife bought a Ford Flex, and my wife was so impressed with it that she wanted one. Since buying cars with her generally has been like pulling teeth, I quickly agreed and we took delivery of a 2017 Limited: cherry red, camel leather interior.

So her Chrysler Pacifica and its Chinese driveshaft has moved on (probably to the auction). It served us well and was a much better car than its reputation. Thanks again for your help; I enjoy reading your postings at TTAC, you’re the best!



PS: I still have my ’97 triple-black Town Car with only 167K miles on it. Panther love!

Sajeev answers:

What a fantastic ending to an interesting query: the Flexes (Flexi?) are cool and will likely get cooler with age. But we also learned that longtime TTAC reader Stefan still has his fat-panther (i.e. 1995-1997) Town Car. Mark my word: the sight of a Fat Panther and a Flex in the same driveway will be pure internet clickbait 15-20 years from now.

Now please help us out by sending your automotive queries to sajeev@thetruthaboutcars.com so we can return back to our normal(ish) programming.

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Send your queries to sajeev@thetruthaboutcars.com. Spare no details and ask for a speedy resolution if you’re in a hurry…but be realistic, and use your make/model specific forums instead of TTAC for more timely advice.

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  • Land Ark Land Ark on Aug 31, 2018

    I believe it was a one year only option, at least from my limited research, but there is a Flex that came in teal with a silver top, just like the Land Ark. I see one every now and then and look longingly at it as it goes by. I would love to have one with EcoBoost and AWD. I don't think it came that way though.

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    • Land Ark Land Ark on Aug 31, 2018

      @JohnTaurus I was wrong. It was one year only (2011) and it was Mediterranean Blue. It did come in SEL and Limited trim and the Rapid Spec package meant it was available with Ecoboost and had AWD. There are currently none listed on Cars.com thusly equipped.

  • RHD RHD on Aug 31, 2018

    We can't help but wonder if the Flex is named for what it does when you go over a railroad crossing...

  • Slavuta Slavuta on Aug 31, 2018

    sajeev, in this blog you will find answers, not questions

  • Lie2me Lie2me on Aug 31, 2018

    "My son and his wife bought a Ford Flex, and my wife was so impressed with it that she wanted one." I call BS, there isn't a woman alive who likes the Ford Flex. Are you really a Gay couple in disguise?

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    • JohnTaurus JohnTaurus on Sep 03, 2018

      @Arthur Dailey I feel the same way. I don't want it to be thrown in my face, you know, and that doesn't matter if its hetero or homosexual. Talking about it is one thing (and keeping such talk respectful is preferred), but dry humping and face sucking in front of others just gets on my nerves. I don't judge what you do or who you do it with, I'd just prefer not to see it lol.