QOTD: Can You Build an Ideal Crapwagon Garage? (Part VIII: Convertibles)

Corey Lewis
by Corey Lewis
qotd can you build an ideal crapwagon garage part viii convertibles

Over the past seven weeks, we’ve spent time filling the various sections of our Crapwagon Garage with the sort of vehicles only a true connoisseur of cheap can appreciate. This eighth edition in the series is the last we have planned, unless one of you enterprising members of the commentary can think of some style of vehicle the series missed.

Otherwise, we wrap up the series with some convertibles. Many of you have been holding onto your convertible selections for about three weeks, as when we covered coupes all drop-tops were specifically off-limits. Now’s your chance to let loose and take off your top talk about convertibles.

But first, the Forgettable Favorite from last week’s full-on van party.

Tonyola wins the award for a second time in this series. He likes the Nissan Van (Vanette elsewhere), and I agree. Nissan modified the Vanette for U.S. customers, giving in to their larger engine demands. Said larger engines didn’t fit too well into their allotted space under the floor, creating quite a lot of heat. Fires ensued. All vans were subject to a buyback and destroy effort by Nissan after four different standard recalls did not eliminate the engine fire issue. Time to cool off a bit, with convertibles.

Here are the ever-present rules:

  1. A crapwagon must be a vehicle which is relatively easy to find and purchase using an internet.
  2. All vehicles in the crapwagon garage must have been sold as new, in the North American market.
  3. Said vehicles must be obtainable to the casual crapwagon collector (CCC). This means in clean, running condition each one asks $7,000 or less on a normal day.
  4. Your suggestions must fit into the vehicle category of the week. If you don’t like the category, that’s tough. We’ll get to a category you like eventually.
  5. There are five rules to this garage game, and that’s the maximum number of vehicles you may submit for each section.

Here’s a convertible — an Infiniti M30. Available from the inception of the Infiniti brand, the M30 coupe and convertible occupied the space between the entry-level G20 and the flagship no-grille Q45. Typically, the M30 is found only in white, this red, or silver. Underneath the ruched leather and wood paneling resides a Nissan Leopard with the engine from a 300ZX. I’d rather have a coupe, but that’s not what we’re about today. I’ll live.

Since I don’t have to drive it every day, it doesn’t need to be extra-reliable. My second convertible Crapwagon is the angular Saab 900. Fun paint colors and an upscale Euro image distract from the cowl shake and somewhat sketchy build quality. An attainable and unique ride within budget. This press image is simultaneously dated and excellent.

Let’s hear which convertible Crapwagons you’d select.

[Images: FCA, Youtube, seller, Saab]

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  • Flipper Flipper on Jul 06, 2018

    Dakota pickup?

  • Jhefner Jhefner on Jul 07, 2018

    101 responses and not one mention of the last generation Ford Thunderbird? There are a couple of those still around in my community. 1. Chrysler TC by Maserati -- loved these since they first came out, in the light tan color 2. 2002 Ford Thunderbird 3. Fox body Mustang convertible. When to a car show last week that had a couple of them 4. First generation LaBaron convertible

  • Analoggrotto Engine shuts down just like the dad-bod Patagonia outdoor clad driver's libido.
  • Legacygt Great review. I've only driven one Wilderness model (an Outback provided as a dealer loaner) and I found the handling a little sloppy on-pavement. It's good to hear they managed to give the Crosstrek the Wilderness treatment without hurting the on-pavement experience.And this is the first time I've read a review that dared to criticize Star Tex seats. I find the material interesting and low maintenance and fairly comfortable but I totally agree that it rates very poorly for breathability. It's so bad that I think Subaru should offer it with some sort of ventilated option. 5 minutes on a hot day and you're sitting in a pool of sweat.
  • Analoggrotto Too bad they don't sell Kia Telluride, the greatest selling vehicle in it's class over the pond in the UK who burned Washington DC down but that's ok.
  • Analoggrotto Kia Telluride never faced such problems and now offers a superior offroad trim for those times where soccerdad needs to go get the white claws from costco.
  • Zerofoo There's a joke here somewhere about Tim's used car recommendations, Tassos, and death traps.