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John Cena

Professional wrestler John Cena has settled a lawsuit filed by Ford Motor Company over the sale of his Ford GT for an undisclosed amount. If you’ll recall, the automaker affixed a clause to the purchasing agreement that forbade buyers from reselling the vehicle for 24 months.

However, after the automaker filed its lawsuit, Cena’s legal team alleged there was a legal loophole that allowed for the flip. Since the agreement was not included in the final dealer documents, it speculated there was some wiggle room. Regardless, it doesn’t appear to have been enough to squirm away from Ford’s contract entirely. 

Cena originally claimed he sold the GT for financial reasons and received an unknown amount for it. However, taking into account the rarity of the model, it would not be surprising if that transaction netted the wrestler a tidy profit.

The first production run of the new Ford GT was limited to just 500 units and all of them went to individuals who were selected via an extensive vetting process that weighed the applicant’s enthusiasm for the brand, public notoriety and intent to keep the car. While a little more involved than usual, restricting sales to desirable customers and temporarily prohibiting resale is not uncommon among supercar manufacturers.

On Monday, a statement was delivered to Jalopnik from Cena’s legal representatives from Bush Ross, P.A., explaining that an agreement had been reached with Ford outside of court. The settlement value was not mentioned, but Ford has agreed to donate the proceeds to charity.

“I love the Ford GT and apologize to Ford, and encourage others who own the car to respect the contract,” said Cena in a statement. “I am pleased we could resolve this matter outside of court, and that a worthy charity will benefit from one of the most iconic cars in the world.”

Meanwhile, Ford’s lawsuit with New Autos Inc. is ongoing. As the company that took ownership of Cena’s vehicle, Ford has claimed it is similarly guilty of violating the no-resale clause. The whereabouts of the car are unknown. It was seen displayed in the dealership’s main office in a photo from November 2017 on Google Maps, but was ultimately sold to a private party.

[Image: Bella Twins via YouTube]

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7 Comments on “Wrestling With the Law: John Cena Settles With Ford Outside of Court...”

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    Unless the no resale clause was in the contract between Cena and the dealer, I don’t see how Ford had a leg to stand on.

    • 0 avatar

      The article says that lawyers handled it outside of court so its all done. Nothing to see really?
      Not sure if you are a dealer
      a lawyer
      a supercar owner
      But apparently they didn’t see it like you do.

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    Cena probably had to forfeit the undeserved profits that resulted from the sale…..I hope Ford donates it to some anti-douchebag organization.

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    Not a fan of the no-sell clause but good on Ford since they didn’t let it go and its not like people were blindsided by some weasel showing up at the door with an electron microscope pointing out the fuzzy line at the bottom of the contract was in fact small print.

    If Cena was as big a fan of the car as he claimed he would have known about the no-sell clause. Although I suspect he crowed a lot about he special selection process and being one of the “lucky” ones.

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    What contractual obligations does New Autos, Inc., or you, or I, have to Ford? A third party bought a used Ford. Since when do I need to call Dearborn and ask permission?

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    Not mentioned in this article is how John Cena is planning his wedding. He had better have a better understanding of contracts and how to not lose his shirt again if he goes through with that. Marriages almost always cost men money, often lots and lots of money (and freedom, autonomy, and property, et cetera).

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