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Corporate partnerships and integrated purchasing solutions are all the rage right now in the auto industry. While it’s easy to miss the appeal, as credit cards are pretty easy to use when cash isn’t an option and most modern phones have similar applications, car-based transitions are on the rise. Now, Hyundai’s joining Xevo to provide its own branded in-car purchasing platform.

Like similar services, Hyundai owners will be able to sync their credit card with the vehicle and use it to locate and buy food, fuel, and parking (from participating companies). Also under development is the Hyundai Digital Wallet, “which stores a customer’s payment information and facilitates secure processing, for a seamless checkout experience to enable in-car commerce.”

Hyundai hasn’t established an official launch date — or nailed down the final design — but it insists the system is coming. Initial partners include Chevron and Texaco-branded gas stations, Applebee’s To Go and ParkWhiz. Out of the three, the parking solution seems the most useful by far. But if you absolutely refuse to get out of your seat to procure a bundle of mozzarella sticks, Hyundai (like GM) will eventually have you covered.


“We are always learning and exploring with Blue Link, having worked with technologies like Google Glass, Amazon’s Alexa, Google Assistant, Wear OS and Apple Watch,” said Cason Grover, a senior group manager at Hyundai Motor America’s vehicle technology planning division. “Usage-based insurance and in-vehicle payment can offer savings and convenience to our customers, and we look forward to offering these services.”

However, like all connected car news, there’s a dark smudge we have to address. While it wasn’t directly mentioned in this particular release, Hyundai also partnered with data firm Verisk earlier in the year. As a result, the automaker will provide the analytics company with driving data from its connected car owners. That information will then be sent to insurance companies, provided the driver consents (or neglects to opt out of the agreement).


“Our alliance with Verisk will enable new value-added services for our customers,” said Manish Mehrotra, director of digital business planning and connected operations for Hyundai Motor America. “Hyundai customers will have access to their portable “Verisk Driving Score,” which can lead to discount offers on UBI programs and support driver feedback that helps improve their driving.”

This could also lead to insurance companies trying to mandate this kind of thing in the future, penalizing motorists who don’t want their information shared (or who engage in the occasional bout of spirited driving). It’s just speculation for now, but we don’t love the precedent this sets.

It’s nothing to smile about.

[Images: Hyundai]

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27 Comments on “The Car As a Wallet: Hyundai Adds Food, Gas, Parking for In-Car Payment Plan...”

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    Is that a gang tattoo?

  • avatar

    Hard pass.

    Not only can somebody jack my car, but can spend me into the poor house at the same time. What could possibly go wrong? I haven’t even convinced myself that storing credit card and banking info on my phone is a good idea.

  • avatar

    Give me a blue 4-door with AC, the optional seats and 2 large pepperoni and mushrooms. Oh and some hot wings and a 2 liter bottle of Cola. Include that every month with my car payment, please.

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    I carry a credit card because (1) there are transactions that cannot be completed using cash or check and (2) if my card or the information associated with it is stolen, the card issuer eats the cost of everything the thief buys with it. I won’t have a debit card because it would be a direct pipeline into my bank account.

    • 0 avatar

      What Kendahl said. I had the hardest time convincing my bank I did NOT want a cash/debit card, I just wanted a cash machine card. When someone hacks a gas pump, or steals my card number another way, and it HAS happened, it’s a lot easier to call Visa and get a new number, than it is to call your bank and ARGUE that you didn’t just go off to Austin, TX, and buy burritos and $180 in liquor……

      The bank eventually found me a non – debit cash card.

      On topic…do NOT sell me subscriptions with my car, for Apple play, or anything else…

    • 0 avatar

      I don’t use credit or debit cards. All local purchases are made in cash. I really don’t see any reason to involve a 3rd party that’s going to take a cut of the transaction and even less reason to leave an electronic trail of purchases that can be data-mined. The idea of the car itself carrying one’s financial information is such an appallingly bad idea that it could only appeal to today’s electronically mind-numbed young idiots.

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    You should read up on China/Alibaba social media credit score and all it implies, before you think this is a good idea. Besides I bet this requires a $10 subscription to some ISP for the car.

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    Okay, it’s technically feasible. Cool. Now, who the hell needs it?

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    If my insurance company was privy to my driving habits I’d have to sell my R/T and buy an EcoSport or something. Who would subject themselves to this rubbish? If it was mandated it would wring the last ounce of enjoyment out of driving, unless you’re some kind of hyper-miler fringe whack job.

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    Omg I am getting so sick of this crap.

    Is it just me or does everyone seem to just want to make money knowing everything about you and then selling it?!

    I guess just making a useful product and selling it for a good price isn’t enough anymore?

    I try not to be a Luddite but Jesus. Now even my car is gonna spy on me?

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    Well, we’re through improving cars so let’s just focus on trivial crap to make money.

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    Great idea. My sync3 system routinely forgets all of the apps I’ve used with it (Pandora/Spotify). It asks me if I want to enable apps, even though I’ve never disabled them, and then they just disappear from the menu anyway. But I’m sure this system will be just as flawless and not half-assed at all.

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    The people that think this is a good idea and valuable are also the people that drive in heavy rain with headlights OFF.

  • avatar

    Just one more thing to get hacked or jacked. This is an easy “NO” for me.

  • avatar

    Why don’t they just stick a chip in our heads at the dealership? Then they can screw us all the time, not just when driving.

  • avatar

    Nothing says millennial like paying rent to live in a digital panopticon.

  • avatar

    “Jane! Stop this crazy thing, Jane!” – George Jetson

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    Guess it may appeal to the post millennial generation (convenience; can’t be bothered to pull out a CC), but something like this has the potential to create a lot more problems.

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