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Welcome back my friends, to the show that has yet to end! In this episode of QOTD, I answer the questions that you, the people, have entered into search engine-queries that landed you at TTAC. Let’s get the show on the road:

why cant you put general altimax rt 43 all saeson tirres on a 2007 bmw 328i 2 door coupe? Well, they might tell you that there’s no reason, but there’s a reason, my friend, oh yes there is. And that reason is called… the Illuminati.

what does it mean when they flash high beams? It means they are on to you.

diplomat sales munich scam? Oh yes, I remember this one. It was 1978, the German people were hungry for M-body Mopars, and they didn’t much care what they had to do in order to get them. An unscrupulous man named Qvell Kjale opened up an office in Munich, taking 50 percent deposits for “grey-market” Diplomats with the 318 V8 and velour trim. He took hundreds of deposits before vanishing into the night, leaving heartbreak and sorrow in his wake. The elite group “GSG-9” tracked him to Geneva, where Kjale was seen behind the wheel of an optioned-up 1980 LeBaron. But, despite their best efforts to kill him, the massive power of the de-smogged Chrysler V8 kept him easily ahead of their BMW 520i sedans. Recent rumors have placed Kjale in China, where he is attempting without success to convince the Chinese elite that “Avenir” is a real brand.

what transmission will fit my 1998 grand prix gtp? The one you just removed, you moron! Put it back!

why are jeep patriots so cheap? It’s the Illuminati.

144 payments for auto? Ed Bolian, is that you?

the howling rx7? I saw the best rotaries of my generation / blowing their apex seals, and crying with joy

how much does it cost to repair deployed airbags on the passenger side of a 2016 dodge ram? $1,812.46.

test drove a z71 truck and sugned lease papers dealership brings me an lt double cab truck do i have to take it? You should have thought about that before you sugned the lease papers, pal.

can cold temperatures make dents on body of a f_150? I hate to be the one to tell you this, my friend, but your wife did that at Lowe’s. She’s just telling you stories because it’s worked in the past.

anybody running g force tires on c4 corvette? Anybody? Bueller? Fry?

has porshe corrected the ims issues on the 996? Yup, and they paid for all of them to be fixed out of the goodness of their hearts. Just kidding! You’re screwed.

how did the 4 wheel drive work on a ww2 jeep? Not as well as you’d think. It was open diff city, pal.

curbside classic? Nice try, Paul, but last I heard your requested $50,000 was about $49,900 more than our parent company wanted to spend.

irv gordon’s secret to reaching nearly 3 million miles? Performance enhancing drugs.

cars people own after 10 years? Usually it’s the same car they owned after 9 years.

do street outlaws get paid? No, they usually rely on the revenue from their Los Angeles thrift shop.

pontiac sunbird wagon? You know, it’s not a bad idea, but they didn’t do it past the first restyle.

2011 third row mash up? Right here.

2009 gmc yukon denali transmission won’t shift? Have you tried swapping it for the transmission from a 1998 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP?

That’s all, folks! See you next time!

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