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Corvette ZR1

I doubt there’s much enthusiasm for the ZR1 out there among the Best & Brightest. Can’t say that I blame you. It’s not a very TTAC-friendly automobile, insofar as it costs the same as five Honda CR-Vs in LX trim while offering significantly less space for your companion animals than you would get from even one CR-V. Plus, it kind of looks like the hero car for an edgy Christopher Nolan reboot of Mark Hamill’s best movie.

That doesn’t mean, however, that I am not looking forward to it. It should be absolutely vicious around the NCM West road course and it might manage to combine the best aspects of the outstanding C7-generation Grand Sport and the even more outstanding Viper ACR. Plus, there’s the outside possibility that I could convince Danger Girl to chop in her old C5 Vette and her year-end bonus to get us a spot in the order line. You never know.

Before I get too excited, however, let’s consider some alternatives to the blunt-faced Kentucky wildcat.

The best alternative that immediately comes to mind: A loaded, full-aero Grand Sport for $80k and any of the half-ton value-leader pickup trucks for $36k and an open-deck trailer for $4k. Or you could buy a C6 Z06, twenty grand’s worth of suspension and engine upgrades to get you within shouting distance of the new car, and a poverty-spec Tesla Model S.

Let’s assume there won’t be any dealer gouging and the true price of the ZR1 will be $121,000 plus tax and title. What do you say? Do your worst — or do your best!

[Image: General Motors]

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96 Comments on “QOTD: How Would You Spend That ZR1 Money?...”

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    Chris Tonn

    You don’t want me answering this one, Jack. One, it will require 25 open Craigslist tabs, several spreadsheets, and a few tetanus boosters.

    Second, you and I live close enough to each other that any answer I provide would lessen your property value.

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      Right??!?!? Lol, I could build a nice fleet with that cash. It might be 90% full of cars that nobody else wants, but that’s okay, I wouldn’t be buying them for everyone else, just me.

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    Pay off my house and knock down a few years worth of payments on the GT350 that way I’d be better positioned when the 2020 Mustang comes out.

    If that’s too ordinary I’d just pay off the GT350 and get a GT350R and not worry too much about the inevitable wall splat since I could drive the tires off and not be on the hook for a wrecked car and car payment then recycle the drivetrain into a nice foxbody of some sort (Voodoo powered Fox LTD or Fairmont wagon would be cool)

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    Easy, with my current set of priorities I’ll have two sets of Canadian University tuition for the kids, and a 1970 Triumph Spitfire to growl around in and visit them occasionally.

    I figure with 68 horsepower I am talented enough to use all of them, which would not be the case with the ZR1

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      I have a ’74 Spitfire with a nicely upgraded motor and I feel much the same. I see no point in buying more power than I can use while keeping my license intact. A Spitfire is all the sportscar I have any need of.

      I’d use the money to nearly pay off both my houses.

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    Low 6 figure sports car? The answer is always 911. My track time is reserved for motorcycles and go karts, and there’s nothing this thing would do on the street better than a PDK C2S.

    Now if we are doing multiple car setups, a Macan S loaded how I want still leaves $50K or so to build a K-series Exocet that would “make a dead man scream”. Hell I’d probably have money left over for a dedicated tow rig.

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    As much as I want to say just go all out and spend the $120k on a low mile ACR, it would be hard for me to turn down the idea of a ZL1 or GT350 and a 3/4 ton mid-high trim diesel truck at $60k each.

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    A new Ram 4500 C&C, a 24 ft deck over power tilt in the 16-18k GVW range, a new wedge hauler, and a new 20 ft dump trailer. Have to be at least 18k GVW so I could haul my mini or my bobcat inside it.
    And if I still had enough left over, I’ve always wanted an enclosed trailer. Would have to have at least 7k axles under it.

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    Strictly automotivally, a max tow Sierra 1500 and a very nice ultralite RV behind it.

    But thats barely 20% down on a mediocre bungalow in this town.

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    At my age, I’m smart enough to realize that any screw-up “on the limit” in one of these (or similar road rocket) is gonna be one big honkin’ crash. So since I pretty much have all my personal fleet handled, I’m thinking a nice safe set of wheels for each of the 5 grandkids and perhaps an XT5 for my spouse.

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    I would invest half of it in low risk mutual funds and then take the other half over to my friend Asadulah who works in securities…

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    In the real world I live in, I would pay off debt, maybe a new kitchen remodel and throw the rest at kids 529 college plans.

    In a world where I actually had this much cash laying around and wanted to update my stable…..MX-5 softop, Lincoln Continental and new Wrangler. Covers all the bases.

    If I really wanted a supercar, this wouldn’t be a bad option. I wouldn’t really want the wing as I doubt I would ever drive it anywhere close to 100%. But its a lot of performance, power, etc for the money.

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    Pay off all of my student loan and credit card debt, demo my falling-apart detached garage and the two crappy sheds beside it, build a new attached garage, pave my entire driveway.

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    A desert southwest RX-8 with a 8k RPM LS swap (LS3 block, LR4 crank, pistons/rods/head/valves/cam) $20K

    Another of the same above but stripped out, caged and prepped for track use.

    Diesel truck/SUV with enclosed 20′ trailer $30k.

    Rental space to store truck, trailer and track car for many years $5k.

    That leaves $35k for scope creep and driving school.

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    1. Trofeo
    2. ’74 AMC Matador X
    3. Olds LSS Supercharged
    4. 70s Trans Am
    5. Best condition Lexus LX or Land Cruiser I can get with the remainder

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    Used ACR and track time. Lots of track time. And tires.

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    Suburban LT Z71 towing package.

    The nicest Viper coupe I could afford with whatever was left.

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      And just where are you going to get a Suburban LT Z71 with the towing package*? GM will let you order an LT with the Z71 package OR with the towing package, but not both as the suspensions are different. Ford, on the other hand, will let you order an Expedition Max FX4 with the towing package. You just have to pay for the e-LSD and heavy duty radiator twice as it’s included in both packages but you don’t get any discount on the second package if you order the first…
      *I believe if you are a fleet buyer, you can order a Suburban 2500 LT Z71…

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        I was just throwing option packages at a Suburban before 8 am (my time). The Z71 has transmission cooler etc that I’d want in a towing package anyway.

        I’d be the guy who would search high and low for a vehicle with a towing package never intending to tow. I don’t want it to tow I want the upgraded components that come with it.

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          “I don’t want it to tow I want the upgraded components that come with it.”

          This was my mentality with my FX4 + tow package.

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            But the only things you get in the towing package that you don’t get with the FX4 package are the trailer brake controller and the trailer backup pro thing that lets you “steer” the trailer via the little dial on the dash board… Or am I missing something…

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        No 2500 Subs, however there is, or at least was a special order 3500 4×4 that will set you back near $80k after fleet discounts. And that is a true special order vehicle, ie someone at GM corporate needs to approve the order (and the buyer) for it to be submitted. So good luck getting one.

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    I’d spend the first $100k-$110k for a Ferrari F430 and stash the rest for the first couple of major service visits.

    The boring/practical/realistic answer is I’d spend about $45k-50k on a used C7 (which is probably more car than I can use on the streets and to most people looks just like every other Corvette), about $12k to pay off the two cars we have now, and put the rest into remodeling our basement and the two full bathrooms. :-)

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    I’d pay off the mortgage and student loans, but that’s boring.

    The new ZR1 looks wicked, but I wouldn’t blow my whole $121K load on one vehicle.

    1. New Audi A4 with a 6 speed manual, one of the last luxury-ish sedans with a manual….plus AWD, not because I need it, because it’s fun as hell in Minnesota in the winter. This would be my winter/everyday car.


    2. Mustang GT. Don’t need something nuts like a GT350, this would be plenty, I’m used to an Elantra Sport now. Don’t care if the Camaro performs better, the Mustang looks 10 times better and as far as domestics are concerned, I’m a FORD guy.


    The balance of $46K is for the wife to pick out an SUV, everyone’s happy.

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      Interesting. I might go the same way with some modifications – S4 for the Audi, this generation, but used V6 with manual for the Mustang.

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        New V8s aren’t even that expensive, if you’re doing used…AND you have a $121K windfall….man, just get the V8.

        I used to have an LX 5.0L Mustang, there is no way I could do a V6, even if it’s faster, because a V8 sounds too damn good. The sound is an essential part of the experience.

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          now I’m thinking you had the right idea from the beginning nels – a 4 and an 8 cylinder, instead of a 6 and another 6. I just can’t get used to entry level four cylinders as 45 grand propositions – I am stuck at 35. That’s why S4 at barely over 50 sounds way better to me.

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            * Tango Red S4 with Sport Package and Carbon Fiber interior trim. That rings up to $54,975.

            * Race Red F-150 XL SuperCab 4WD with the 5.0-liter V-8, STX Package, FX4 Package, Trailer Tow Package, and a couple other minor options. That stickers for $41,900 but where I live you can get them at 9-10k off without too much effort. Let’s call it 33k.

            * Soul Red Metallic MX-5 Club with Brembo/BBS Package for $33,375.

            Then I would break the piggy bank and pay Flyin’ Miata to upgrade the MX-5 with the BBR Super 200 package.

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      The GT350 isn’t all that nuts when you consider the 2018 GT has “ahem” 460 horsepower on paper ( most of these cars are dynoing 420 to the rear wheels and in the case of an automatic a 15% drivetrain loss is a believable figure) so the actual difference is around 40 or 50 horsepower down from the GT350.

      The 2018 Mustang GT with the L2 PP package will certainly stick better than the regular GT350 and given its better low and mid range grunt plus better gearing get off the corners better. The only downside in comparison is that the GT350 has much better endurance under hard use thanks to all its coolers and monster brakes.

      Case in point, a buddy of mine got a chance to run a new GT at VIR a few weeks ago and the car threw a code indicating the differential was running hot and they don’t shed heat all that easily even with the cooler installed.

      There are kits from Ford and the aftermarket to address the differential and transmission but they are pricey and ultimately its just better to step up to the GT350 if your looking to track a new Mustang on a fairly regular basis, especially since the handling deficit can be addressed by purchasing a good set of track tires (since the PP L2 cars come equipped with Michelin Pilot Sport Cups instead of the Pilot Super Sport).

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    Paying off a house is too boring.

    I’ll commission a 100-series LC build.
    Then I’ll commission some sort of wagon build so I can use daily.

    Should be less than a Vette.

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    Art Vandelay

    1991 B13 SE-R sent back to Nissan and restored Ferrari “red book” style. And a load of Grunge cassettes to play while driving it.

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    Chally Hellcat: $70K
    500 Abarth: 25K
    Remainder? Pay off bills or retirement.

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    01 Deville

    Real World-get wife out of the ageing T&C and int a new Odyssey, buy a CPO S65 AMG for myself and distribute the rest into kids College funds.
    Quasi real wold- SL65 AMG, and a vacation with hired vacation partner to a private island in Caribbean.
    Imaginary world: Wouldn’t be a question for me.

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    S2k Chris

    Assuming I have to use it for all automotive purchases and can ignore boring s*** like investments and mortgages, I would buy $120k of 911C2S, and then selling off my other cars nets my wife about $50k of SUV of her choice.

    Given more space, I could be tempted by a two car option of a new 540i or even M550i and the rest going to a nice used 6cyl Boxster S or GTS.

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      S2k Chris

      Because I have nothing better to do on a Friday afternoon I built my $121k Porsche.

      911 Carrera S $105,100

      Delivery $1050

      Guards Red $0

      Black standard interior $0

      Rear Wiper $370

      Power folding mirrors $330

      Sunroof in glass $2000

      7MT $0

      PASM Sport $890

      Sports Exhaust in Silver $2950

      20” RS Spyder Wheels $2380

      Wheel caps with colored crest $190

      GT Sport Steering wheel $330

      Sport Seats Plus $810

      Seat Heating $700

      Seat Ventilation $840

      Smoking Package $0

      Seat belts in Guards Red $540

      Porsche Crest in Headrests $290

      Brushed Aluminum Interior Pack $820

      BOSE stereo $1600

      That’s $121,190.

      Basically, $10k on significant options (sexy fancy wheels, sunroof, sports exhaust, Bose, PASM) and then $5000 on frippery like heated and vented seats, and fun odds and ends like red seat belts and Porsche crests in the headrests and other trivial BS when you’re spending $120 Large. Some of it is pure BS to make the car look nicer, like the rear wiper that nets you one less button blank in the center console, and the smoking package that puts a nice cover over the gaping useless hole that is there otherwise. Interestingly, this is how I’d configure a 911 regardless of budget, that it costs almost exactly $121k is pure coincidence.

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    $46,000 to pay off all loans (cars, education, home improvement) so I can be 100% debt free (except the mortgage of course)

    Buy a 2016 or 2017 Accord coupe EX 6MT in any color besides red or silver. Blue preferably.

    Put the rest into renovating and additions to our house so I wouldn’t have to go through the hassle of selling it and moving in a few years. Hmmm… Sadly I don’t even think $60,000 would cover everything I’d have to do. Meh. Scratch that- I’d replace the roof, sell the b1tch, and put the rest down on a new house.

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    Ford Edge Sport (loaded) and $80K of VTSAX.

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    I won’t repeat the middle-aged stuff we are saying we would do…’cause I so would.

    I think we have sort of given up our Supercar fantasies to Road and Track comparos and occasionally binge watching old Top Gear. Maybe many of us grew up trading in our “Success” posters for the broke, Gen-X car-purgatory of cheap fun. (Audi GT’s with wheels that fell off! GTi’s blowing fuel injection seals! Hiking boots may be required.) It would explain the brown-wagon-lust.

    There are those that complain about driving blind in a canyon of truck flanks while secretly wanting one (guilty). So maybe we yearn for a safe, high-riding, massively capable monster in today’s world where literally anything can happen around us at any time. Zombie apocalypse? Of course it is. Throw the dog and the bug-out bag in the Raptor!

    I think there would be a much better answer at the site-that-shall-not-be-named. They can see themselves launching a phone game and having one of these by 25. I envy that.

    Ok, bummer over. My fantasy? Porsche with European Delivery and half a year to take it everywhere. There is no substitute.

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      Exactly which Porsche with Euro delivery would you get for $120? A friend looked at a lightly optioned convertible and it was $96k. 18 years ago.

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        S2k Chris

        You can buy all sorts of Porsches for $120k. Hard (not impossible) to load up a Boxster or Cayman or Macan to that level, and non-turbo*/non-GT 911s, Panameras, and Cayennes are all within reach. Not with Burmeister and Leather All The Things, but there’s lots available. And Euro delivery is free.

        The trim level, not the snail itself.

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        I had worked a deal for a Euro-Delivery Cayman in 2015 for ~$55K. I ended up getting a Euro-Delivered M235i instead, but it was a close decision. Obviously, that was a very lightly optioned Cayman, which is just how I wanted it. White on blue, stick of course. But between getting the M235i for $46K, and the thought of dragging my mother and luggage around Europe for a month in the Porsche, relative practicality had to rule.

        I’m going to do Euro-Delivery of something again in 2019 for my 50th birthday, Porsche seems more likely than BMW this time around.

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    3 996s with the IMS fix? Just kidding, I would take the ‘Vette every time.

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    I already posted my real answer, but if we’re limited to automotive choices:

    1. The aforementioned demo of detached garage and building of attached garage, pave driveway, outfit garage for basic usefulness ($50k)
    2. Pay off my used cars ($10k)
    3. two 1994-1996 Buick Roadmaster Estate Limited Editions, one low mileage to preserve and love and enjoy as the embodiment of driving perfection, the other to turn into the most glorious sleeper. Ideally, they’d look identical to casual observers when finished. ($30k)
    4. Quigley 4×4 conversion and some TLC for my E350 12-Pass ($20k)
    5. Dodge Stealth R/T Turbo ($10k)
    6. Lemons car ($1k)

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    Let’s assume that the realistic stuff is all taken care of – I have no mortgage, my car loans are paid off, my student loans are gone, kid’s college is paid for, and my 401k is VERY healthy. In short, I’m in the perfect position to drop $120K+ on a toy.

    I wouldn’t. Instead, I’d buy some land and build a shop. I’d fill it with tools and a lift. Should be able to get that done for well under $100K. The remaining money I’d spend over a period of years browsing Craigslist, finding old junkers that look interesting, and working on them. I’d rather drive a few dozen interesting old cars than one fast new one.

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    30-mile fetch

    $121K? Jeebus.

    Well, start by selling our sedan for $9K more than we owe on it. Now we’re at $130K

    Pay off house and 4Runner. Boring! Where’s your companion animal and CR-V, you loser! But prudent.

    The remainder would buy two others: a nice little Miata to scoot-scoot around town and our little mountain roads that have too much traffic for a high-hp monster. Slow-car-fast logic applies to my area.

    …and because we still need 2 household cars with a usable backseat, one of these:

    I should set aside the rest to buy tools, manuals, and a down payment on the divorce lawyer I would need when I spent all of my time neglecting my family and learning how to properly keep the Mercedes in the shape it deserves to be in. But since I’m being reckless I would be tempted to use it to sip cappuccinos on the Italian coastline for a week.

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    $121K towards automotive stuff… how much is a low-hour Lycoming turbofan?

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    Jack, first a Corvette Grand Sport. It is a great machine, wish I had bought it instead of my Z51 package stingray. Then a new Mustang GT. The remainder ~ 20k for delta for when you trade in made in Mexico Silverado for a F150 Lariat with the creme and cocoa interior and double sunroof with Coyote 5.0 and ten speed transmission.

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    Jack is clearly asking for an alternate at that price point not used or two cheaper cars etc.

    At this price point my issue becomes re-sale, down the road, even 10 years away, what am I looking at?

    I keep coming back to a 911 GT3. You can also get a NSX for that money and that makes you stop and think.

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    Index funds.

    In an irresponsible world? I’d buy the cleanest E34 Alpina B10 Biturbo. Blue with no stripes, with the classic Alpina wheels.

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    Oh and maybe consider importing a proper UBER wagon, like the RS6 Avant, genuinely unique and doubles as a family hauler.

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    Being presently in need of both a new minivan and a tow rig with capabilities exceeding affordable 1/2-ton pickup ratings I would opt for something like this:

    Preferably less luxurious. I might actually prefer a Cummins Ram 4500 with 6-door conversion.

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    Boring but real answer: Pay off the remaining ~40% of my student loans and do a bunch of work to my old house (re-siding, re-wiring, new floors, knock out some windows that the house should have had when built).

    “You can only spend it on wheeled things” answer:

    1) Good 981 Boxster S: ~$45,000
    2) Craigslist GMT400 Silverado/Sierra and restore it: ~$20,000
    3) Sit on the rest and wait for the EV market to evolve a bit. What I really want for my family hauler is basically a CR-V that works like a Volt.

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      You’ve got quite the collection already so I think your real world plan is a good one. Unless a global reset actually occurs, between overseas money and Agenda 21, all residential real estate in any medium size job market will become untenable to it’s citizens. I really see the $800K condo Toronto/GTA scenario occurring indexed by region. Minor/cheap improvements will only help margin, hell I bet the multiplier will be 3x or more if you do the work yourself (i.e. invest 1,000 in materials with your time, increase valuation by $3K).

      Depending on your situation I would also refi under what will probably be the new $500K cap and consolidate your loans that way as I imagine you can or will be able to itemize. Depending on conditions next fall I would like to do so myself but we’ll see.

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        We got our mortgage at the very bottom of recent interest rate history (lucky us!) and rates have gone up since. We were actually thinking about doing a refi or a second mortgage to pull out some more cash for remodeling, given the ~$150,000 increase in value that has occurred just since we bought our place a bit over a year ago, but it would be very costly.

        I disagree with your conclusion on real estate. I think there are a few markets that are headed toward San Francisco/Silicon Valley-style unaffordability (and as it happens I live in one of them), but most places just don’t have the same issues. The few markets that are headed that way (every major city on the West Coast, Toronto, London, the major Swiss cities, Hong Kong, Moscow, and the two biggest Australian cities) are doing it for different reasons. In London, Moscow and HK, and a lesser extent Toronto and Vancouver, it really is about foreign capital. On the US West Coast and in Switzerland, it’s about a decades-long refusal to permit housing to be built in proportion to job generation. In Australia I honestly can’t tell what’s driving it.

        (Foreign capital is also affecting Manhattan, but not the rest of the New York metro, so I didn’t include it. Housing can be affordable-ish in New York if you don’t insist on living in the same places as the fancy people.)

        And as San Francisco/Silicon Valley show, there’s a limit to it. Once a market really does become unaffordable to the majority of the citizens, growth is strangled. Seattle is absorbing growth that would have happened in NoCal had they built a couple hundred thousand more housing units down there.

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          “We were actually thinking about doing a refi or a second mortgage to pull out some more cash for remodeling, given the ~$150,000 increase in value that has occurred just since we bought our place a bit over a year ago, but it would be very costly.”

          Get a HELOC; easier and more flexible. Refi or second mortgage, you’re committed; HELOC doesn’t cost–except for appraisal and ‘fees’–if you change your mind.

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            HELOC would not make sense to me personally given the rates. I would need a 15y fixed around 3.5% for it to make sense in my situation… current fixed is 3.99 with about 10K equity vs valuation two months ago at purchase.

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          Lucky you to get rates at the bottom :D

          I have an employee in Melbourne, VIC who bought in 2002 and is a paper millionaire on their terms. The issue is multifaceted, he explained Australian tax laws are written by the politicians to encourage landlordship because the politicians own whole city blocks in Sydney, Brisbane, etc. Something about you can defer all rental income tax into the property or something and they use the deferred money to just buy more to rent. Similar issues are more than likely occurring in other international cities.

          There are many properties in Melbourne which are purchased with possibly questionable foreign funds, but he said it was not like Vancouver where there are literally $1.3m dollar abandoned homes acting as “bank accounts” for “hot” money. Much like Toronto, condos sell out before the building is built and as you point out construction is purposely limited. He added Melbourne was something akin to San Francisco in terms of expense and culture but the gays tend to live in Sydney (his words). He added Brisbane was for bogans which is some sort of derogatory term for blue collar slobs if I understood correctly.

          I see the US issues as also multifaceted with a section of the trend of megacities as evidence of Agenda 21’s sustainable development concepts. Our interest rates were never set to negative but still were low, which spurred asset inflation in most regions. While there are rules I’m not familiar with, I do know foreign entities are allowed to own real estate and thus “hot” money can flow into US real estate vs say Poland or Lichtenstein where only citizens may purchase property IIRC.

          Here in Yinzerville, valuations are wildly out of line with even real inflation in most areas. I estimate in an average borough about 50% since 2015 [!] alone while wages of course stagnate (sidebar: I have been interviewing contractors for another team with 20+ years experience for a role if salaried would be a job I would not take). We don’t have foreign money flowing into the average areas though so I am only left to conclude it is the easy money policies, combined with high cost of entry of even a townhouse, with historically limited apartment buildings and other space (outside of city limits) which has created this situation.

          “And as San Francisco/Silicon Valley show, there’s a limit to it. Once a market really does become unaffordable to the majority of the citizens, growth is strangled. Seattle is absorbing growth that would have happened in NoCal had they built a couple hundred thousand more housing units down there.”

          Interesting point.

          Additional: He mentioned a small 2BR house (what we could call townhouse style) without a working toliet went for 800K AUS at auction last month. So-so area he said but it was in the city vs where he lives several miles away from the “city centre”.

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    With market returns at 19% over the last year?

    I’d invest the money, rent a fast/fun car now and then to get it out of my system, rent a van for vacations with the family, and otherwise drive a reliable beater every day.

    $121K into a fast depreciating asset is insane, unless $121K to you is what a nickel is to me. But even then.

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    No ‘hookers and blow’, anybody? I’m really disappointed.

    But if I had to spend on cars, I’d go with some fun 20-30yo machinery, because f*** depreciation.

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      On the other hand, the older gear is a known quantity in so many ways, including depreciation.

      So that’s probably a much better way to spend that cash.

      Except from Richard Rawlings.

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      You bring up depreciation but if your doing a resto-mod that you’ll more than likely be satisfied with chances are unless you run into your automotive soulmate the ROI on that vehicle is going to be just as bad.

      I can right off the bat build a fox car and dump an easy 50 or 60k into the build and maybe get half that if I sold it.

      The only people making money on old cars are barn finds, light resto garage queens and flavor of the auction builds.

    • 0 avatar

      Gotta do it Charlie Sheen style: shootin’ rails of coke off some hooker’s ass.

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    I’d take another $121,000 out of one of my stock funds, and order up a new Bentley Continental GT Speed.

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    New F-150 4×4 crew cab, about $30k

    New 2017 Honda Accord LX Sport coupe 6 speed, matching blue $25k

    That leaves me a whopping $65k.

    1988 Cutlass Supreme coupe, $3500, but lets add $2500 for a Olds 350 and a stronger 4spd auto.


    1969 Nissan Patrol, $3500 + $10k resto (mod?)

    $45.5k still in the kitty.

    1979 Datsun 810 coupe, $3500 + and additional $4500 for 2.8L I-6 & manual trans conversion (from a 280-Z), and round headlight front end conversion (from an earlier 810).

    $37.5k still left

    2012 Fiat 500 5spd for lolz, $3500 $250 for rear seat delete kit

    $33,750 left

    1995 Ford Explorer XLT 4.0L OHV ControlTrac 4×4 $3k, +$2k for any reconditioning, and 2″ lift.×4/6395281396.html


    1982 Oldsmobile Ninety-Eight Recency coupe, $3500 + $5000 for big block Oldsmobile V-8 conversion with 4spd auto, strip all the ugly crap off of it, add better wheels, sell those ugly things he has on it.

    $20,250 left

    1990 Toyota HiAce crew cab 4×4 diesel, camp/fishing truck, $9.8k est.


    $6k to restore my Taurus, including new paint, bumpers, 17″ Fusion alloys, recovered leather, new carpet, etc.


    I’d probably spend the rest on a nice car hauler.

    This is fantasy money spent on cars I want.

    If I were to be more practical, I would omit several of the fun cars, and buy a medium duty Isuzu/Mitsubishi/Hino/UD cabover truck with at least a 20′ flatbed so I could use it to run “hotshot” loads with, and a nice, low mileage 2008/9 Taurus to do rideshare driving with. This would give me two options to work when I’m able.

    This was fun. CLICKBAIT (eye roll) or not, I generally enjoy these QOTD comment threads. Its fun to converse with the B&B, take part in theoretical discussions like these, exchange opinion and insight and memories and perspectives.

    • 0 avatar

      88 Cutlass?

      No no no no, I want Darth Vader’s car. The Buick.

      • 0 avatar

        I’m far more partial to Oldsmobile, I could care less about all the hoopla surrounding the Grand National. Give me a V-8 in my RWD American coupe…or at least an Inline 6.

        My list is missing a Mercury Zephyr (Inline 6, upgraded to the 250 CID, with the Australian alloy head and EFI), Honda Prelude SH and an Acura TSX 6MT. I’d strongly consider replacing the Datsun 810 and possibly the Fiat 500 with them.

      • 0 avatar

        Actually, delete that rusted POS (88 Cut), I didn’t notice how bad it was. Lets go German instead, shall we?

  • avatar
    87 Morgan

    With 121k to spend on any automotive proclivity sans a ZR1 I would..

    Immediately order a Art Morrison chasis with LS3 and auto trans, perhaps a LS7 set up for my 57′ chevy. 20k

    Have the local builder swap the 57′ body onto the new chasis along with a new interior. 30k

    This would then be entered into 2018 one lap if America in the old car whatever class.

    C6 Zo6 to replace my c6 to use as a track day car so I can acquire the requisite track license to participate in the 1 lap event. 10k upgrade with current vette’

    60k left.
    Head to next mecum auction and see how much resto modded Mopar goodness I could find/get with 60k.

  • avatar

    I was really hoping that link would go to one of Mark’s Animation voice gigs, preferably Wizards. I saw Corvette Summer in the theater as a 14 year old, and even the short shorts couldn’t save that movie.

    Within the constraints of 121k on vehicles with no practical requirements and ignoring that I’d still lean towards something not looking at as steep a depreciation cliff: … The ZR1. It should be a bright loud middle finger to raise to the EU twice the price competition while they grudgingly point me by.

  • avatar
    Arthur Dailey

    If (when?) I have a totally unlimited budget to spend on anything that I want, then my garage would have:
    1) A Suburban. My do everything daily driver.
    2) A ZR1 for weekend summer/fall cruises.
    3) A fully restored Pucci Edition Mark IV for special days/events.

  • avatar
    Landau Calrissian

    Realistic answer? A new GTI as a daily driver/autocrosser, $10k for fun stuff to add on to my 4runner, $50k down payment on a house, and $30k nest egg. But an answer in the spirit of the question? $121k worth of 911.

  • avatar

    If it were a car comparison, I would purchase a new Porsche 911 GTS over the ZR1. Almost as fast 0-60, lighter weight, and IMHO, a better all around driver..even daily.

    Otherwise, I’d shop a used Cayman S and invest the rest.

  • avatar

    If I were American I would buy a loaded 2018 Mustang, have a supercharger professionally fitted and whatever supporting mods are recommended, then put the rest into my mortgage.

  • avatar

    ZR1 cash if it has to be spent on cars:

    Repair and restore my RX-7 (cranks, fires, does not idle, ECU or wiring potentially, sat around so the apex seals might not hold compression any more).

    Invest the remaining $110k! Reap rewards from interest and dividends to pay for constant motor rebuilds on said RX-7 ;).

    • 0 avatar
      87 Morgan

      Have you ever considered the Church of the 3800 swap for the RX-7?

      I was told once they fit surprisingly well and know for a fact even with abuse, the 3800 will last substantially longer the than the similarly abused rotary.

  • avatar

    I just leased a brand new M3, a car I always wanted; always here means 20 years or so. Now I feel like my life is over, I have nothing to live for. Corvette does nothing for and in fact nothing else does in the automotive-dom that I would really want other than perhaps if I had to choose something or my life depended on it then I might be willing to take a Ferrari preferably the hatchback version.

  • avatar

    ’87 Grand National with a C5 manual tranaxle + IRS swap and new suspension set up for cornering.

  • avatar

    I’m not sure what one of these would cost in Canada. Assuming I was only allowed to spend the cash on vehicles, I’d go with a ZR2 diesel Colorado and a Power Wagon. If I had any cash left over, I’d get a Husqvarna FE 350.

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