QOTD: How Would You Spend That ZR1 Money?

Jack Baruth
by Jack Baruth

I doubt there’s much enthusiasm for the ZR1 out there among the Best & Brightest. Can’t say that I blame you. It’s not a very TTAC-friendly automobile, insofar as it costs the same as five Honda CR-Vs in LX trim while offering significantly less space for your companion animals than you would get from even one CR-V. Plus, it kind of looks like the hero car for an edgy Christopher Nolan reboot of Mark Hamill’s best movie.

That doesn’t mean, however, that I am not looking forward to it. It should be absolutely vicious around the NCM West road course and it might manage to combine the best aspects of the outstanding C7-generation Grand Sport and the even more outstanding Viper ACR. Plus, there’s the outside possibility that I could convince Danger Girl to chop in her old C5 Vette and her year-end bonus to get us a spot in the order line. You never know.

Before I get too excited, however, let’s consider some alternatives to the blunt-faced Kentucky wildcat.

The best alternative that immediately comes to mind: A loaded, full-aero Grand Sport for $80k and any of the half-ton value-leader pickup trucks for $36k and an open-deck trailer for $4k. Or you could buy a C6 Z06, twenty grand’s worth of suspension and engine upgrades to get you within shouting distance of the new car, and a poverty-spec Tesla Model S.

Let’s assume there won’t be any dealer gouging and the true price of the ZR1 will be $121,000 plus tax and title. What do you say? Do your worst — or do your best!

[Image: General Motors]

Jack Baruth
Jack Baruth

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  • Silentsod Silentsod on Dec 01, 2017

    ZR1 cash if it has to be spent on cars: Repair and restore my RX-7 (cranks, fires, does not idle, ECU or wiring potentially, sat around so the apex seals might not hold compression any more). Invest the remaining $110k! Reap rewards from interest and dividends to pay for constant motor rebuilds on said RX-7 ;).

    • 87 Morgan 87 Morgan on Dec 01, 2017

      Have you ever considered the Church of the 3800 swap for the RX-7? I was told once they fit surprisingly well and know for a fact even with abuse, the 3800 will last substantially longer the than the similarly abused rotary.

  • Ra_pro Ra_pro on Dec 01, 2017

    I just leased a brand new M3, a car I always wanted; always here means 20 years or so. Now I feel like my life is over, I have nothing to live for. Corvette does nothing for and in fact nothing else does in the automotive-dom that I would really want other than perhaps if I had to choose something or my life depended on it then I might be willing to take a Ferrari preferably the hatchback version.

  • OneAlpha OneAlpha on Dec 01, 2017

    '87 Grand National with a C5 manual tranaxle + IRS swap and new suspension set up for cornering.

  • Lou_BC Lou_BC on Dec 03, 2017

    I'm not sure what one of these would cost in Canada. Assuming I was only allowed to spend the cash on vehicles, I'd go with a ZR2 diesel Colorado and a Power Wagon. If I had any cash left over, I'd get a Husqvarna FE 350.