Mazda's MX-5 Available With Cherry On Top For 2018

mazdas mx 5 available with cherry on top for 2018

Mazda is offering driving enthusiasts a late Christmas gift by touching up the Miata for 2018 with a bevy of welcome options and a handful of all-inclusive improvements.

Even though nobody complained about the fourth-generation MX-5’s on-road behavior, the manufacturer still tweaked its rear suspension and steering for 2018. It also says it made efforts to reduce undesirable cabin noise. However, the most noticeable alteration for the next model year is the addition of an optional red soft top for the North American market.

For the more-aggressive MX-5 Club, Mazda maintains the optional Brembo brake and BBS wheel package. But shoppers can now add heated Recaro seats if they wish. Available only with a six-speed manual, the brake and wheel package tacks $3,770 onto the Club’s $29,155 MSRP — or $4,470, if you want the sport seats included.

Downshifting to the base model, Mazda is giving the Sport trim a 7-inch infotainment system and advanced keyless entry as standard equipment for 2018. The model now sells for $25,295. While that represents an increase of nearly $400 over last year’s car, the media center wasn’t even available on the base Miata in 2017. In terms of the bigger picture, we’re considering it a good deal overall.

Color changes are subtle and welcome. The $30,195 Grand Touring trim is now available with an auburn leather interior, which ought to look great with black paint, for an extra $300. However, is black isn’t your bag, Mazda is now offering the MX-5 in Snowflake White Pearl Mica ($200), Soul Red Crystal ($595), and Machine Gray Metallic ($300), which was previously exclusive to the RF hardtop.

Pricing and packaging information for the 2018 Mazda MX-5 RF will be announced later, but we’re expecting to see similar options and fees. Soft-top models will start showing up at dealerships in January with both black and cherry-red canvases.

[Image: Mazda]

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  • Silverfin Silverfin on Dec 26, 2017

    I have always liked the MX-5 but I fit better in the 2018 VW GTI. I am not sure if these 2 cars are cross shopped but wondered which would win in a track meet head to head. I think it would be very close. Has this ever been done? I think I might have an easier time convincing DW that the GTI is not a sports car (buckle up honey and hang on for dear life while I show you what this baby can do). Way back in 1987 when I bought my first GTI and my wife to be said "it doesn't look like a sports car"...that is exactly what I told her.

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    • Trev Limiter Trev Limiter on Dec 27, 2017

      Yes, it has been done. The answer depends on the track. Car and Driver runs its annual "Lightning Lap" at Virginia International Raceway, a track with long straightaways that favors cars with more power. There, a 2015 GTI (manual transmission with performance package) clocked in at 3:14.6, much faster than a 2016 Miata Club (manual transmission), which finished in 3:20.8. These two times were recorded in the same week, maybe even on the same day. On a tighter course, the margin between GTI and Miata is slimmer. Motor Trend does the track portion of its Best Driver's Car competition at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca. There, racing driver Randy Pobst recorded 1:50.11 for a 2015 VW GTI (dual-clutch automatic with performance package) vs 1:50.68 for a 2016 Miata Club (manual transmission). These two times were recorded one year apart. Even accounting for different track conditions, there is less difference between the two lap times. Sources:

  • TMA1 TMA1 on Dec 27, 2017

    More paint choices, two of them grey-scale, on a car that is already limited to grey scale colors and red. Oh, and one blue, highest trim level only.

  • 2ACL What tickles me is that the Bronco looks the business with virtually none of the black plastic cladding many less capable crossovers use.
  • IBx1 For all this time with the hellcat engine, everything they made was pathetic automatic scum save for the Challenger. A manual Durango, Grand Cherokee, Charger, 300C, et al would have been the real last gasp for driving enthusiasts. As it is, the party is long over.
  • MaintenanceCosts The sweet spot of this generation isn't made anymore: the SRT 392. The Scat Pack is more or less filling the same space but it lacks a lot of the goodies, including SRT suspension, brakes, and seats. The Hellcat is too much and isn't available with a manual anymore.
  • Arthur Dailey I am normally a fan of Exner's designs but by this time the front end on the Stutz like most of the rest of the vehicle is a laughable monstrosity of gauche. The interior finishes suit the rest of the vehicle. Corey please put this series out of its misery. This is one vehicle manufacturer best left on the scrap heap of history.
  • Art Vandelay I always thought what my Challenger really needed was a convertible top to make it heavier and make visability worse.