Housekeeping: Yes, We Know There's an Issue With Images

Steph Willems
by Steph Willems

No, this isn’t just a big tease to keep you wanting more Jeep images, we swear. As you might have ascertained, we’re experiencing technical issues with our WordPress photo uploader. Currently, a team of IT professionals is working feverishly to cast the dark spirit from our system, so we’ll hopefully have things under control in short order. Stay tuned.

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  • JimC2 JimC2 on Nov 01, 2017

    On a related topic, and I suspect this is Wordpress rather than TTAC, but has anyone else *not* been getting email comments lately? I still check the "notify me of follow-up comments by email" but I don't get the "did you subscribe to this?" email nor the other comments for the article. I still get an email alert every time TTAC publishes a new article, along with the headline and teaser paragraph. I like those- they keep me coming back here when it's an article with content I'm interested in!

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    • JimC2 JimC2 on Jan 13, 2018

      @Corey Lewis Kind of a better-late-than-never response on my part, but I think I figured out how to clear this one up. You gotta go to the wordpress website and type in your email to manage your subscriptions. It'll send you a link, you click on that link, and you should find a small backlog of article comments you wanted to subscribe to. When that backlog gets a little too big then wordpress stops accepting new subscriptions to your address. If you didn't[t get the original wordpress emails with the "confirm follow" link, because they were never sent (in error) or you otherwise didn't get them, then the only way to clear the backlog is via the website. Anyway, subscribe dot wordpress dotcom. Hope that helps a few of the TTAC B&B.

  • Redapple Redapple on Nov 01, 2017

    me too. I dont get the notifications either. Seems to be one thing or another every month or 3. I m a little tired of it.

  • JMII JMII on Nov 01, 2017

    Might as well pile on... my issue is sometimes instead of seeing a "reply" button I get the "log in to reply" button. It only happens on random articles. The real problem is no matter how times I log in the site just refuses to let me comment on those articles.

    • Tim Healey Tim Healey on Nov 01, 2017

      Thanks to you and the other commenters who have noticed these issues. WP can be a hassle. I tried to read the comments as much as possible but I can't see everything, so please direct IT issues to or and we'll do what we can, if it's on our end. I can't fix an issue if I don't know about it.