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We’re aware of the login issues and have sicced IT on the case. Maybe you think we’re not aware, but that’s because sometimes we have trouble logging in, too.

We’re working on it. Please be patient while we get the site back to full speed.

As always, feel free to contact us when you notice tech issues and we’ll do our best to fix it.

That’s all for now. Carry on and be nice to each other, kids. The weekend is almost here.

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24 Comments on “Housekeeping: Yes, We Know About the Tech Problems...”

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    *logs in 7 times*

    I thought y’all had just fixed this recently? It coincided with the stupid 5 overlapped full-page amazon coverup ads, so I think your ad provider should be interrogated.

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    SCE to AUX

    FWIW, if I refresh my page a few times after a ‘failed’ login, it often finds me. I haven’t had to actually log in multiple times.

    But IBx1 may be onto something – the recent spam ads may be related.

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      Yep just refreshing 2-3 times gets me back in without having to actually go through the process of re-logging in.

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      Yeah, I’ve had absolutely zero problems with this site ever. Logs me in automatically every single time. I use Mac with VPN. So it could be the VPN keeping the ads out that keeps everything running like a swiss watch.

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    It’s good to know that you’re aware and working on it

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    I’ve noticed every time I get “kicked out” (logged in, click something whether it’s “home” or some other link within the site) I get a pop up video add for Cooper Tire.

    I actually like Cooper Tire but this is making me not like Cooper Tire.

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    I haven’t experienced any pop up ads since the Amazon Prime Day BS has ended. I still have to log in several times.

    Refreshing the page sometimes works, but not most of the time. I have found that if I click on a different article once I’m logged out, *sometimes* I will magically be logged in again. I have also tried a different way of accessing an article when I’m repeatedly logged out (such as using the “dashboard” instead). Again, this doesn’t work every time or even most of the time.

    It is, however, good to know that it isn’t my 4G connection or high-speed DSL, as was determined by sub_BTSR.

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      JohnTempo, you live an incredibly fascinating, mystifying, and spicy life, and I certainly hope you will always continue to keep all of us abreast of all developments in your legendary life in EVERY. LAST. DETAIL.

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        You know, DW, I have done the same things John has with similar results and although the problems logging onto this site are probably among the lowest priority problems that most people have, reporting them just might help those working on the issue to bring it to a speedy resolution. If not, those working on the problem can just respectfully ignore the reporting and none will be the wiser… Just sayin’

        So, any reports on improved instrument cluster design coming out of Cadillac? I mean we all count on you to keep us abreast of the important stuff. How about Melody Lee, has she found happiness after Cadillac or is her life still in shambles?

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        The problems JohnPinto is experiencing probably stem from the Dialup connection in his mom’s basement. Either that or he has to defrag his Compaq desktop. Also, this site might be too much for Windows 98. Man, I hope he figures it out.

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        Art Vandelay

        @DW, that unemployment check must be buying you the finesf liquors. Tell me,.do you slam a can of Thunderbird before every post?

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          Big Al from Oz

          Johnnie might be retired, or even retarded.

          Johnnie lives on TTAC and a trailer in Nth Vegas or something like that, I feel sorry for those who retire and have little money, just enough for the net.

          He lives in the 60s and still think quadrophonic and 8 tracks are all the rage.

          I remember as a kid in the 60s and 70s old farts (parents) stating how in the “olden days” cars were better and safer! This is Johnnies space.

          As for DW, I think he’s just crazy at times and it can make for interesting reading, and informative, once in a blood red moon.

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    All I know is that there are FABULOUS DEALS ON FABLETICS LEGGINGS!

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    I have been a member of this site for at least 10 years. I’ve enjoyed it and continue to do so even with a couple of annoyances. The good by far tips the bad. I turned a coworker onto the site as well. A few days ago I hear him mumble “Anus” – “WTF, I didn’t type that”! He is an older gent so I glanced over at this phone to see that he in fact had “Anus” in the comment section. Odd thing, when I checked the site on my phone, his comment was not visible. Oh well, I’m a huge supporter of TTAC. Anus and all.

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    What is Akismet? At least on iOS Safari, I noticed slow load times and the cookie-retention problems a couple weeks before Amazon Prime Days, right around the time that appeared on the pages.

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    Land Ark

    I’m thinking it’s my machine at work, but I can’t load new stories regularly/occasionally. I’ll come to the site main page and it will be a version of several hours ago or yesterday. The number of comments showing on the main page will be the same as the last time I visited. The only way to see content has changed is to go into a story (which will be up to date) and click on a recent comment on the sidebar to take me to that newer story.
    A couple times I was able to click on the header and take me to the updated main page, but the last few times trying that hasn’t worked.
    There are also times when it will revert to a previous version than the last time I saw it updated.
    Clearing cookies also fixed it once, but not another time I tried it.

    This only seems to happen on this site.

    Sorry if this has been addressed already.

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    I’ve never seen it mentioned but I don’t follow comments closely all the time. I have no issues logging in but often the front page of the site shows that the newest article is from days ago. New content is non-existent. If I refresh the browser 5-10 times the newer articles will pop up. I have it happen in Chrome on both my laptop and my Android’s Chrome browser.

    I’m sure you’re already aware but just throwing it in the mix.

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    Big Al from Oz

    I had only a day or two of sh!t service from TTAC. Oh, yesterday? I think I logged in after I had just made a comment an hour or so earlier and the articles started at a different time and place in history!

    Back to the Future! it was.

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    I’ve had so many login problems over the years, I haven’t bothered to post very often. Here I am, though, so maybe I’ve solved it.

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