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Honda Sports EV Concept

While I can’t say much for Honda’s concept-naming strategy, the company certainly knows how to make a retro-future-inspired dream machine. When the Urban EV Concept was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show, everyone wondered, “Why don’t we have more cars that look like this?'”

The two-tone hatchback was the perfect balance of new tech and vintage charm, yielding something semi-fantastical that still felt totally grounded.

Using that design language once again, Honda has brought the Sports EV Concept to the Tokyo Motor Show. Possessing an equally uninventive name, the Sports EV harkens back to a different automotive era. Similar to the Urban concept, which seemed to be a modernized interpretation of the first-generation Civic or S600, the bodywork of the sporting model is pure Toyota 2000GT — although not so much as to get anyone into legal trouble. 

Honda Sports EV Concept

It’s sexy, swoopy, and just square enough to remind you that the late 1960s was a pretty good time for automotive design. Exceptionally small, the two-seat sports coupe rides on architecture similar to that of the Urban EV and would be targeted at the Mazda MX-5 were it enter production. How likely that is to happen is anyone’s guess, though.

Honda has already stated that a production Urban EV is forthcoming for select markets in 2020, so a buyable Sport EV doesn’t appear to be out of the question. However, Honda has kept its lips sealed on the model thus far. We don’t have any details on its power source other than it will be electric — either completely or as part of a hybrid system. The manufacturer has said it incorporates artificial intelligence with the specific aim to achieve “unity with the car.”

While we’re less excited about computerized intrusions into the driving experience of a sports vehicle, we’ll wait to see exactly what Honda means by this before passing judgement. Hopefully, the manufacturer can clarify what this brand of A.I. will look like and give us some hints as to what will live beneath the hood of this lovely little fastback.

Honda Sports EV Concept

[Images: Honda]

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18 Comments on “Honda Sports EV Concept: A Retro-futuristic Fastback...”

  • avatar
    MRF 95 T-Bird

    I see at lot of AMC AMX in the styling, particularly the rear haunch.
    It might be a niche market coupe but many who want an electric that does not look like a Bolt or a Leaf.

  • avatar

    First gen NSX aside, it’s been decades since Honda has produced anything I’ve lusted for style-wise. I really hope Honda puts these designs into production.

  • avatar

    The Honda Urban concept shares styling cues with the 1st/2nd gen Civic and the N600, not the S600.

    The Sports EV concept seems to pick up many pieces from the S800 coupe, along with a healthy amount of 2000GT.

    • 0 avatar

      ^this. The S600 was not anything like the Urban concept. Not even the hunched-back coupe model.

      It was funny watching everyone say the Urban looks like this car and that car…and maybe it does if you’ve never seen a 1973 Civic. Once you view it in that context, its clear Honda copied nothing but their own early designs.

  • avatar
    87 Morgan

    At first I thought nope, but then after further review I kinda like the 1973 AMC Javelin front fender panels.

    Fix the nose, and perhaps we have something here.

  • avatar
    Jean-Pierre Sarti

    IMHO this is what the miata hard top should be if only mazda was not so stubborn about making a hard top miata. The miata RF is just an overly complicated abomination and not easy to my eye at all (and I love targa roofs!)

  • avatar

    I see lots of Saab Sonnet III in this.


  • avatar

    I like it. And it’s a pretty original design IMO. I get a bit of Porsche 928, albeit squared off some. But there are some pretty original design elements in the Honda.

  • avatar

    ‘The manufacturer has said it incorporates artificial intelligence with the specific aim to achieve “unity with the car.”’

    Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated.

  • avatar

    Hot damn!

  • avatar

    That is one of the downright cleanest designs I’ve seen in years, and this is coming from a senior industrial designer. Pure lines and wonderful proportions, lots of “purpose” in the angles and muscle in the curvature.

    Sometimes we get lucky and they actually build the damn thing.

    • 0 avatar

      It doesn’t look like an angry kitchen appliance. Never gonna happen.

      Just look as the Subaru concept a few clicks higher up the page to see the current mandatory styling theme for production cars.

      • 0 avatar

        Yeah, I commented on that one too… it’s fussy, blocky, and kind of has a “hewn from a billet” feel to it.

        This is lithe, fresh, and yeah, probably not going to see the light of day.

    • 0 avatar

      Clean design indeed!
      Current cars are such a clutter these days. The first time I laid eyes on the current Corvette, my first thought was a sarcastic “It needs more lines and creases”. The current Civic coupe is a hot mess of clutter. Yuk.

      • 0 avatar

        The running joke in my design studio was that the designers got so fed up with the designs they crumpled up the paper and tossed it in an exec’s trash can… and he loved it. lol!

  • avatar

    I get that this could be a nifty little EV. It might even be fun as an EV. But what it really needs is the engine from a CBR1000RR. 189 HP @ 13000 RPM should be enough.

  • avatar

    Nice looking car! IF it goes to production, and IF it’s pure EV, I think the styling choice for the nose is great. It still has enough of a “traditional” look that it doesn’t seem odd – or “uncomforatble” – like the Model 3 does. It holds promise. Hopefully we’ll see it become a reality on the streets.

  • avatar
    Shortest Circuit

    How fun would this be with the CTR’s engine?

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