QOTD: What's Next for Your Driveway?

Matthew Guy
by Matthew Guy
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qotd what s next for your driveway

Since we started Question of the Day, we’ve interrogated you on a myriad of subjects – ranging from the one that got away to your thoughts on a particular brand. Today, our question is a heckuva lot more straightforward.

What’s on the short list for your next car?

Let’s take an informal poll of our randy group of gearheads: hands up if you constantly check out Craigslist, cruise through dealership lots on the way home from market, or have a bookmark on a favorite build and price tool? *mumbles while counting*

So, that’s a full one hundred percent of TTAC readership, then. Excellent.

We’re all afflicted with the car bug, no matter if our next vehicle purchase is planned for the next week or the next decade. Deciding what we’re going to buy next is deeply ingrained in our DNA.

Me? Well, the final payment on the Filthy Charger will be made in September, yet we are still completely happy with the combination of rear-wheel drive, stretch-out legroom, and decent fuel economy. No plans to replace the daily driver, then. It should be noted this is the first car in my thirty-seven years on this planet I’ve liked enough to pay off.

Same story with the Ram. Sure, its box is starting to show telltale signs of the trademark Ram Rust (TM) over both rear wheel arches, but other than that it has been a great steed, regularly hauling 9000 lbs with nary a complaint. It can also be fixed with a hammer. The Ram stays, then.

No, my next purchase will be something for fun, not meant to replace anything in our current fleet. Surprisingly, I keep finding myself drawn to right-hand drive rides imported from Japan. Thanks to Canada’s import laws, we can now import vehicles from the early 2000s, unlike the Draconian legislation scuppering the late-model dreams of JDM fans in the States.

Four-door R34 Skylines can be landed for about $8,000 Canadian (or about twenty-five cents American). A nifty Honda Beat is about two grand cheaper, although I’m certain my lanky 6’6” frame would not fit in that funky convertible. At least headroom wouldn’t be a problem. Or, I could freak out the neighbors and pick up a tasty all-wheel drive, stickshift, turbocharged Nissan wagon for the same price as a Skyline. Whatever lands in my driveway, I’m confident in predicting the steering wheel will be on the wrong side.

Unless, of course, a cherry Lincoln Mark VII LSC comes along.

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Matthew Guy
Matthew Guy

Matthew buys, sells, fixes, & races cars. As a human index of auto & auction knowledge, he is fond of making money and offering loud opinions.

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  • Noble713 Noble713 on Jul 12, 2017

    Used Evo X, definitely. I have a 2JZ-swapped Altezza I'm fixing up to sell. Then I want to sell my daily driver Mark II iR-V, and take the money from both sales to buy a high-mileage Evo X at around $14k. At that point my vehicle lineup will be the AWD dual-clutch Evo for daily driving and my 5-600hp Supra/ weekend project car. And a 250cc naked bike for occasional 2-wheeled fun.

  • Ncwalls Ncwalls on Jul 12, 2017

    2007-2008 Lotus Exige S hopefully.

  • SCE to AUX Another outsourced battery goes awry.
  • Jkross22 Nah, If I needed a truck, I'd get a Nissan titan or for nearly the same money a 20 yr old SR5.
  • Kwik_Shift No. It is hideous and jarring to look at. Why would I need this anyway?
  • Jeff From the side profile this gives off Taurus wagon vibes. Nice looking wagon love the exterior color and the interior. The burled walnut interior trim is beautiful.
  • Jeff I think initially there will be a lot of orders for this truck and then sales will crater. Those that want this truck mainly the Tesla fans will buy them and then anyone that wanted one will have already bought one. The Cybertruck kind of reminds me of the Delorean which was widely anticipated and once it was out and those who wanted a Delorean bought one that was the end. Both the Delorean and Cybertruck are stainless steel and both are weird looking. Maybe they could release a new Back to the Future sequence and have Doc drive a Cybertruck.