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lotus evora gt430

With the Evora getting on in years and Lotus Cars under new ownership thanks to China’s Geely, it’s just a matter of time before the swift little sports coupe is replaced with something fresh and exciting. That means it’s time for the automaker to roll out special editions of its old models. However, it could be argued the company’s low production volume makes every Lotus Evora special — thus making the new GT430 variant extra special, as its assembly tops off at 60 vehicles.

Like the Evora 400 and Sport 410, the GT’s numeric moniker denotes its horsepower rating of 430 claimed units. The manufacturer states the GT430 uses the same Toyota-sourced 3.5-liter supercharged V6, but with vastly improved cooling. While 20 prancing ponies doesn’t sound like a game changer, the upgraded Lotus is about 300 pounds lighter than the Evora 400 and 57 pounds less than the 410 — all due to a svelte suspension and plenty of carbon fiber. lotus evora gt430

Add a set of Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires, Eibach springs, and Ohlins TTX two-way adjustable dampers, and the GT430 should be plenty squirrelly on a track — which is where the massive rear wing suggests the vehicle belongs.

Lotus states the vehicle’s aero is capable of 550 pounds of downforce at its 190 mph top speed and 140 pounds at just 90 mph. That is significantly more than the less-tweaked variants. Zero-to-sixty takes 3.9 seconds, helped by the car’s 325 lb-ft of torque and variable traction control setups.

lotus evora gt430

In addition to some new (mainly functional) bodywork, the interior is mostly stripped out. Leather is replaced by Alcantara or removed entirely for an exposed carbon weave, suggesting this GT is not really fit for the kind of grand touring that happens outside of a racing circuit.

While Lotus says this particular GT430 will not be available in North America, it did promise to bring a U.S.-spec version across the pond in the spring of 2018. Pricing is a mystery but will assuredly surpass the Evora 410’s low triple-digit price tag.

lotus evora gt430

[Images: Lotus Cars]

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11 Comments on “Lotus Reveals Its Most Powerful Production Model Ever, the Evora GT430...”

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    Right now I’m struggling to get my old Elan running good. So that’s my excuse, well also the fact that I couldn’t keep this car from killing me, even if I could afford it.

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    I hope I get to own a Lotus before I die.

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    Never been a huge fan of the Evora but I like this.

    And speaking of Gheely and Lotus, I wonder if Gheely is the customer for the FreeValve engine? That would be pretty sweet, a Lotus with a FreeValve T4 or T6 engine.

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    This author: “With the Evora getting on in years and Lotus Cars under new ownership thanks to China’s Geely, it’s just a matter of time before the swift little sports coupe is replaced with something fresh and exciting. That means it’s time for the automaker to roll out special editions of its old models.”

    Jack Baruth Aug 2016: “new “400” is much more than a mere power bump and nose job. Two-thirds of the car is new or heavily revised, including the bonded-aluminum structure that serves as the Evora’s backbone. That new structure allows door sills that are 2.2 inches lower and 1.7 inches narrower. The front footwell is 3.3 inches wider; the rear seat has gained a staggering eleven inches in width.”

    As my prof used to say in Physics 400, “Do try to keep up.”

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    Please let Jack and Ronnie know. They be happy to hear that Toyota Camry engine makes more power in their beloved irrelevant Lotus. Does any one care?

    Meanwhile, Jack refuses to test a Stingray

    • 0 avatar

      You cared so little that you decided to comment.

      My Elan has an engine based on a Ford block (Ford even sells replacements these days). Why should I care if these days Lotus uses another major manufacturer as a supplier? Lotus is a car company that I respect, not my religion.

      As for Jack’s supposed bias against America’s sports car, I believe that he’s had nice things to say about the Corvette in Road & Track’s Performance Car of the Year awards. Also, Mrs. Baruth owns a C5.

      • 0 avatar

        Ronnie, of-course I care. I am still upset that Jack is willing to fly half way around the world and tell us about a car (Lotus) that no one else (virtually) cares about here. Yet he is unwilling to give his opinion of GM’s top performance car. Please, his wife’s car is a c5 hand me down from Matt Farrah.

        Also it doesn’t count that he sheepishly follows the herd in performance car of the year review. Why not give his personal opinion here?

        As for your Evora and its Ford engine, some things don’t seem to change. Ford or Toyota engine, Lotus is not a car manufacturer , they specialize in component manufacturing, that’s all. Since I believe you live in Detroit, you should try some American made goods in future.

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      It would be great if I didn’t have to attempt three log ins just to finally make a post…..

      That aside, I personally LOVE Lotus and have decided I will seriously shop a used Lotus the next time I’m in the market. Not this one likely, but I love the Evora. I may be the exception, or one of only three guys here, but I would rather read about a Lotus than a Corvette. But that’s just me.

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    “Lotus Reveals Its Most Powerful Production Model Ever”
    Dear TTAC copy editor, “ever” includes the future. This is their “Most Powerful Production Model To Date.”

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    Historically, I’m a huge fan of Lotus. Back to the basics. Light. Handle. Reasonably priced ($45K to $60K). Don’t need insane power to provide pure driving fun and impressive performance.

    Don’t care about Lotus anymore. Used prices are absurd. This thing is $110K. At that price, it’s not Lotus anymore.

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