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burned f430, Image: South Yorkshire Police

A driver in the United Kingdom obliterated a Ferrari after only a single hour of ownership. Not that it’s easy to tell from the photographs, but the vehicle in question used to be a Ferrari F430 Scuderia prior to its transformation into smoldering wreckage.

The South Yorkshire Police said fire and rescue services were on the scene when they arrived, “squirting water all over some kind of sporty motor” that had careened some fifty meters off the M1 highway before exploding into flames. Miraculously, the vehicle’s owner survived with only a few scrapes but his ego may not have made it. Taking some mild joy in the wealthy man’s plight, the department wrote on social media the officers on the scene “asked the driver what sort of car he ‘had’ to which he replied ‘It was a Ferrari.’ Detecting a sense of damaged pride he then said ‘I’ve only just got it, picked it up an hour ago.'”

According to the BBC, he former owner shelled out a whopping £200,000 on the vehicle before it flew off the roadway and exploded Thursday afternoon. Since the 503 horsepower Scuderias tend to hold their value exceptionally well, this would have been a fair price for the coupe or and incredible deal for the coveted roadster variant. Unfortunately, the car’s present condition makes assessing which model it started out its life as next to impossible.

While it’s unknown how close to the vehicle’s top speed of 198 miles per hour the driver was traveling, authorities have stated they don’t believe speed was a factor in the crash. Although, the department did specify the vehicle “went airborne” due to the wet conditions and reminded motorists to be mindful of inclement weather.

“Over the past couple of weeks there has been a number of collisions where driving styles have not reflected the road and weather conditions,” stated the South Yorkshire Police. “Please take more care.”

That should go double for anyone driving a highly-desirable supercar intended primarily for track-use.

burned f430, Image: South Yorkshire Police


[Images: South Yorkshire Police]

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