NHTSA Investigating Faulty Airbag System in Jeep Liberty; Preexisting Recall on Older Models

Matt Posky
by Matt Posky
nhtsa investigating faulty airbag system in jeep liberty preexisting recall on older

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is conducting a preliminary investigation regarding the 2012 Jeep Liberty’s airbag system after numerous complaints of a faulty control computer, leaving the safety measure non-functional in the event of an accident. That particular model year has already undergone a 2013 recall that required dealerships to re-flash the brand’s Totally Integrated Power Module for similar problems relating to non-deployment of active head restraints.

Owners have reported airbag warning lights remaining on while driving. Several were informed the occupant restraint controller (ORC) needed to be replaced, but their vehicle was not among the model years recalled. Since many drivers elected not to pay to have the system repaired, the NHTSA is concerned a recall may be necessary.

While many of the consumer complaints express worry, an equal number indicate outrage over the company’s handling of the problem.

“The head restraint recall in my 2012 Jeep Liberty will not correct the warning light that seems to be an epidemic in this make and model,” wrote one owner. “This ORC module replacement that was covered by a recall in the 2011 model is still an issue in the 2012 but not covered by recall. Why does Chrysler still continue to sell vehicles with huge TIPM failures? Disgusting.”

An investigation does not automatically result in a recall, but the preexisting issue and large number of complaints are deemed grounds enough for the NHTSA to look into the matter and see if one is warranted. If so, it would affect roughly 105,000 vehicles, according to Automotive News.

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