Possibly the Best Reason to Have Your Vehicle Serviced by an Accredited Dealer

Matt Posky
by Matt Posky
possibly the best reason to have your vehicle serviced by an accredited dealer

A Houston man says his Lexus went missing after the local auto repair shop, which he entrusted to fix his car, closed without notice. Returning to the mechanic to make a prearranged twice-monthly payment, he noticed an eviction notice and a completely empty parking lot.

“I’m thinking this guy has stolen my car,” said Randy Exom of the mechanic after being unable to find his automobile.

According to KPRC2, Exom had gone to Houston’s On Site Auto Repair on January 19th to make an installment for work being done on a used Lexus he had purchased in November. When he arrived to see a barren parking lot and shuttered workshop, he believed the owner, Shawn Gee, had stolen his car.

“Everything was going fine up until I came there to make a payment and there was an eviction sign posted on the door, and the regular cars that were in the lot weren’t there anymore,” Exom explained in an interview.

After calling the owner of the repair shop looking for answers, he said it was explained to him that the business had moved locations but wasn’t given an exact address — just the name’s two intersecting streets. Looking into that second location, Exom uncovered this is not the first time a car had gone missing while under the Gee family’s care.

Last fall, KPRC2 reported cases of cars missing from the second location too, which is run by Shawn Gee’s brother. Gee worked there prior to opening his own shop and appears to have returned now that it is closed.

Exom found his car on Friday after nearly a month of searching. It had been impounded and will cost him $800 to get out of the lockup. Many of the other missing cars turned up there as well.

“My thing is my car was in your possession and you should have made some type of contact with me and say, ‘Hey this is what’s going on, sir,'” said an annoyed Exom.

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  • Whitworth Whitworth on Feb 13, 2017

    My "accredited" dealer story was years ago having my Ford Thunderbird serviced. When I got it back, the window was split in two. I don't mean a hairline crack, I mean it look like it had a beveled edge down the middle. Clearly, someone had dropped something really heavy on it or worse. Dealership refused to take responsibility, said I must have brought it in that way. Decided to simply run it through my insurance rather than suing the dealership over it.

  • -Nate -Nate on Feb 13, 2017

    Sometimes the Customer brings this on them selves IMO : . In the 1990's my Brother took his old & battered 1979 VW Diesel Rabbit to an Indie VW Shop in Glendale, ca. because " it shakes too much " (he meant engine vibration) ~ it was filthy but ran perfectly and had five brand new tires . . As he was dropping it off he told the Service Writer " no hurry, whenever you get to it if that will save me money " . . I grabbed his arm and said " Idiot ! they'll never fix it now ! ". He ignored me and a YEAR LATER got a telephone call from the Glendale police telling him his car was impounded..... . We drove by the impound lot to retrieve his vanity tags and discovered a bare shell with wheels ~ when they removed the driveline they'd chopped right through the main harness, the grimy and worn out seats were gone ~ everything . . I always tell people that when you think you've saving$ by telling the shop/Mechanic ' work on it in your spare time ', what they hear is " I don't care if I never see this piece of junk again " ~ NO EXCEPTIONS, EVER . . Anyone in The Auto Trade or who's had Classic Car body work done can tell you horror stories . . I have Dealer stories too but this isn't the place for them . . CAVEAT EMPTOR ! . . -Nate

  • MrIcky It's always nice to see a car guy put in charge of cars instead of an accountant. I wish him well and look forward to some entertaining reveals. I think he and Gilles may be the only industry people that I actually enjoy listening to.
  • Master Baiter It doesn't matter whether autonomous vehicles are better or worse drivers than humans. Companies with deep pockets will find themselves sued over incidents like this. Enough lawsuits and the whole business plan collapses. Cheaper to just put a human behind the wheel.
  • MaintenanceCosts How many dogs are wiped out by human drivers annually?Which type of driver wipes out more dogs per mile? Per trip?Without some context there's not much information here.
  • SCE to AUX I hope the higher altitude doesn't harm his zeal or his career.
  • SCE to AUX Probably a fair price. This is a car I can't own, since it's not made for 6'6" people.