Oshawa Arena to Drop General Motors' Name Nov. 1

Mark Stevenson
by Mark Stevenson
oshawa arena to drop general motors name nov 1

General Motors may have committed to its Oshawa assembly facilities, but it’s a different story for the city’s main arena.

General Motors Centre, a 10-year-old facility in Oshawa, will see its name change after another company secured naming rights.

According to DurhamRegion.com, the arena will be renamed Tribute Communities Centre on November 1st.

In 2006, General Motors of Canada paid $775,000 in cash rights over 10 years. GM gave the facility another $872,000 in “indirect financial benefits,” reported Oshawa This Week.

The deal with Tribute Communities, an Ontario-based home builder, is “substantially more” than the deal the arena had with General Motors, said Oshawa Mayor John Henry to DurhamRegion.com.

Specific dollar amounts were not disclosed.

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  • Trucky McTruckface Trucky McTruckface on Oct 09, 2016

    "Tribute Communities Center," what a clunker of a corporate name. About on par with the Reds' "Great American Ballpark" but not nearly as awful as the White Sox' new name, "Guaranteed Rate Field," because nothing says "winning" like being sponsored by a subprime mortgage lender with a big red arrow pointing down in its logo. It's bad enough that taxpayers get saddled with paying for these stadiums for years, team owners and local governments add insult to injury by saddling them with stupid names like this.

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    • Corey Lewis Corey Lewis on Oct 11, 2016

      I don't think the Great American name is bad. And it makes more sense when you're there watching the game and can look up at the Great American building towering over the whole thing.

  • Mikey Mikey on Oct 09, 2016

    Ya write. cheque, ya get your name over the door.

  • Mikey Mikey on Oct 09, 2016

    If you happen to be a ball fan, the Texas Rangers will be playing the Toronto Blue Jays, at the Rogers Center tonight. Originally it was the Sky Dome built in 1989 with 500 million of mostly taxpayers money. Sold for 25 mil to Mr Rogers. Labatts originally owned the Blue Jaysl , named after their most popular beer. Now it belongs to , wait for it.....Rogers In an earlier time, Mr Rogers had exclusive rights to cable TV. The alternative at that time was an antenna . Worked well if you lived within range of the US stations . If not, you had one CBC channel. Rogers made a fortune, go figure. The former CEO of Rogers, is now the Mayor of Toronto. He seceded Rob Ford. As George Carlin once said "its a great big club, and your not a member."

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    • LXbuilder LXbuilder on Oct 09, 2016

      Always be the Sky Dome to me, I hate Rogers and their total monopoly on so much in Ontario. Will never call it Rogers centre, screw Rogers and the political process that made them what they are.

  • Big Al from Oz Big Al from Oz on Oct 10, 2016

    Is GM reducing its exposure just in case an unpopular decision needs to be made? I mean with GM placating UNIFOR by shipping Silverado's to have mirrors fitted or whatever appears to be nearing curtain time.