Bosch Can't Escape Its Past as American Lawyers Close In

bosch cant escape its past as american lawyers close in

Lawyers representing U.S. Volkswagen owners claim European auto parts supplier Bosch was a willing accomplice in the scheme to deceive diesel buyers and regulators.

The scandal forced the automaker into a $15.3 billion settlement in the U.S., but its corporate partners escaped relatively unscathed. That might not be the case anymore, Bloomberg reports.

In a court filing obtained by the news outlet, lawyers behind the Volkswagen lawsuit claim Bosch was an “active participant in a massive, decade-long conspiracy with VW.” Bosch is listed as a defendant in the suit.

We already know that the automaker waited years to use the defeat device installed in diesel vehicles. Audi reportedly developed the technology in 1999, which Volkswagen then borrowed to fool emissions regulators around the world. The litigants say Bosch helped develop the device using its own software, then helped the automaker cover up the deception.

Bosch touted the vehicles’ “clean diesel” technology and lobbied regulators to approve them for sale, the documents state. The source of the claims come from documents handed over by Volkswagen prior to its settlement.

According to Reuters, the court filing came one day after sources said the automaker was holding talks with the U.S. Department of Justice to settle its criminal investigation.

If Bosch is scared of looming legal action, it isn’t showing it. A spokesperson for the supplier told Bloomberg that it hasn’t boosted its legal funds, which stand at $750 million.

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  • JPWhite JPWhite on Aug 18, 2016

    To me there can only be one 'evil one' Either VW asked Bosch to help them build a defeat device in which case VW are the evil ones or....... Bosch approached VW and said, look what our R&D team came up with, you interested? In which case Bosch is the evil one. They may both share the guilt, but one has to be on the hook as the instigator/master architect.

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    • NickS NickS on Aug 19, 2016

      Audi engineers developed it, at least by most accounts in the German press. Lots of development code never makes into production. It can be experimental code, or research prototypes meant prove a concept or to measure various characteristics in-house.

  • Fred Fred on Aug 18, 2016

    I remember reading that Bosch put the cheat code in there for VW to test, but warned them not to implement during production. Start looking for those emails, because the lawyers will call out every company that has their name attached to any part of the systems envolved.

    • SCE to AUX SCE to AUX on Aug 19, 2016

      Good point. Plenty of presumed guilt by association to go around.

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