Dacia Borrows Iconic Queen Hit For New Duster Commercial

dacia borrows iconic queen hit for new duster commercial
“Another one bites the dust.” Queen, 1980.

“Another one drives the Duster.” Dacia, 2016.

As the elites gaze at yet another Dacia Duster drive by, they adopt the 36-year-old words of Queen. Sort of.

“Another one drives the Duster,” Dacia’s latest ad repeatedly says.

“Relax, you can drive one too,” the commercial ends. And if you live in one of Dacia’s mostly European markets, you surely can. The Dacia is priced from only £9,495 in the United Kingdom, less than half the price of Nissan UK’s Rogue twin, the X-Trail.

If you, like me, capture major European sporting events through European-based streaming services, you’re bound to come across this Queen-inspired Duster ad before long. You’ll be uncomfortable at first – are they saying, “Another one bites the duster?” – and then you’ll simply perceive the ad as dorky. But the Duster ad manages to fulfill its mission of showcasing a Romanian SUV that you won’t be embarrassed to drive.

The Dacia Duster surely can’t be great, but if it’s any good at all, the Duster could be the modern SUV version of little European cars which dismissed class distinctions in decades past. According to Automotive News, Dacia’s European market share in 2016’s first five months stands at 2.7 percent, not far back of Kia and well ahead of Volvo.

Across the pond, Dacia is known mainly for being the focal point of a running Top Gear gag. But that Top Gear era is over.

[Image Source: Dacia, Dacia Denmark YouTube Channel]

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