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Here’s a quick update from a previous Ask Bark questioner:

Hey Bark,

I wanted to drop you line to give a quick update and say thanks.

First and foremost, thanks for taking my question! I really appreciate your advice, and that of the B&B. It’s definitely safe to say that everyone’s thoughts pushed me to listen to the shoulder-devil that was saying, “You’re only young, dumb, and have no kids, wife, or dogs in your life once! Get something fun, impractical, and fast!”

However, I ended up going in a different direction than mentioned by pretty much everyone.

I drove almost everything on my list, your list, and the collective list of the B&B. I walked away from the process with some good impressions — and some mediocre ones. I still love the FiST, but was convinced that it was too damn practical in light of the wagon I have on standby. When (not if) the Allroad explodes, I’ll seriously look at a FiST to handle practical duty.

Last week, I picked up one of the least practical cars I could think of: a 2005 Nissan 350Z Grand Touring Roadster 6MT with 36,000 miles from the original owner, a retired auto detailer. It was a Craigslist creampuff that was just too good to pass up, and it allowed me to put a big part of my budget towards more fiscally responsible pursuits. It’s certainly a better car than I am a driver, but hopefully I’ll catch up soon! Every mile so far has been an absolute blast, and I have zero regrets.

What I’m trying to say is thanks, to you and the B&B, for convincing me to live a little.

See you on the road!

Connor sent along the above photo, which is just awesome. See? We’re changing lives here at Ask Bark, one non-compromised car purchase at a time.

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51 Comments on “Ask Bark: An Update to ‘Hi, I’m a Millennial Who Likes Cars!’...”

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    Whether you LIKE a car or not is irrelevant.

    Can you AFFORD ONE?

    Can you AFFORD ONE on top of other liabilities: rent, food, student loans, etc.

    ACCORDING TO TTAC the answer to your needs is a Mazda Miata with a manual.

    As for the Nissan Z, it’s been ranked one of the DEADLIEST cars on the road.

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      Do you ever sleep? Or leave your computer? Or have a life? Do you just watch TTAC hitting refresh every 10 seconds to be first on every post to either tell us how great FCA is, go buy a Hellcat, or pee in someones Cheerios?

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        I have been kinda wondering that myself about BTSR….

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        He spends the rest of his time writing headlines for the Daily Mail.

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        I keep 3 different windows open in order to constantly refresh the last 3 pages I was commenting on. I check back periodically for new content.

        While I’m a bit disappointed that I can’t get an instant notification when a new thread of interest is posted, some of them slip through my fingertips.

        The price of first-posting is eternal vigilance.

        This is DARWINISM at work right here.

        The organism that can afford smartphones with browsers or laptops – or has a comfortable office job that allows you to keep a multi-monitor setup (I have 3 HP widescreens to help monitor my Youtube empire) – will be the organism that dominates other posters.

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      Can’t a guy be happy for another guy buying a car he obviously enjoys?

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      You know cars kill more people (via accidents) then guns do.

      It’s not a statistical exaggeration to say every time we put the key in the ignition- or, for you poor souls with new cars, press the Start button- we are taking our lives into our hands.

      May as well make the reward worth the risk , then. Bravo to the OP for owning something he loves.

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        Cars may or may not kill more people than guns, but most people who have guns–probably a lot less than have cars–probably don’t use them every day, and in fact, probably use them a tiny fraction of the time they spend using cars. I’m sure guns kill far more per unit time they are in use than cars do.

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          “Cars may or may not kill more people than guns…”. There is no may or may not as cars clearly do.

          PS I’m not a gun owner but facts are facts.

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      While I agree completely with your middle three points, the only source of info on deaths per brand/model is IIHS. They don’t control for the type of driver, so while they are very meaningful on a statistical basis, they don’t do much to predict a particular driver’s risk of death or mayhem. Zs may indeed have a high death rate–but it may be because they attract reckless drivers.

      It sounds like the OP got a very good deal on the Z, and it also sounds like he’s probably a sensible driver, and a sensible consumer. I wish him lots of enjoyment.

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      Pre 2011 NHTSA rating says you’re incorrect, bigtrucks. It actually has a better side impact rating than a 2007 Charger and a better roll over rating than a 2009 Challenger. Your Hellcatsssssss had to be retrofitted with side impact beams and god knows what else since then to catch up to the 350Z.

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      “As for the Nissan Z, it’s been ranked one of the DEADLIEST cars on the road.”

      I saw one once.

      I died.

      That’s how deadly they are.

      (Note that 143 deaths per *million registration years* simply isn’t a very big number, even if it’s the highest one.

      Another year’s study showed the G35 with a much lower rate than that year’s Z – suggesting, since they’re Basically The Same Car, Structurally, that “Z drivers are idiots who drive dangerously” more than “the Z is super dangerous in itself”.

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      Thank you, Debbie Downer, for raining on our parade and raining on our collective open-topped 350Z roadster.

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    WHY are you still DOING this THING with capital LETTERS in RANDOM places?

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    Nice choice, and a convertible to boot.

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    Congrats. Glad you’re enjoying it.

    “Craigslist” and “creampuff” are not two words that often go together.

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      S2k Chris

      ““Craigslist” and “creampuff” are not two words that often go together.”

      “Craigslist” and “creampie”, however…

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      “creampuff” makes a regular appearance in the Casual Encounters section!

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      There are lots of cream puff cars on CL, as well as lots of junk and a good number of cars that fit somewhere in between. If sorting the wheat from the chaff is too much effort your local car dealerships will be happy to pretend to do the sorting for you; of course, you will be paying dearly for the privilege.

      CL is the best thing that ever happened for bringing individual buyers and sellers together: lots of information and photos, low/no cost, and limited amount of friction in the process. Compare it to newspaper classifieds of just 10 years ago, or the crappy Auto Traders and there is no comparison.

      I’ve sold cream puff and (fully disclosed) worn out vehicles on Craigslist; I got a lot more money than I would have trading the vehicles in to a dealer, I reached a much wider audience, and communication was easy. The buyers got to see detailed descriptions and multiple photos of many cars, make comparisons, and shop from their couch.

      CL is great unless you need to have your selection curated; the wild west is not for everybody.

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    What, Connor didn’t buy a Sonic or a Spark? What’s the matter with that boy? The Sonic and Spark are *lit* – the stuffed animals and the talking cactus told me so!

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    Sounds like a fun and, most likely, reliable choice. Enjoy it!

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    A 36k mile roadster with a manual transmission and nearly 300 hp seems like a fun way to get around. Sounds like a very nice ride.

    That said, my short experience in an ’08 350Z coupe suggested to me that it’s a car that can let you get in over your head in a hurry – by the time you realize you’re pushing the limits, you’re already going fast enough that the consequences can be grim. It’s a capable road car, for sure. Enjoy it and be careful.

    Oh, and maybe set some money aside for tires. My brother didn’t run his particularly hard, and I think he was down to the wear bars by about 6 or 7 thousand miles on the OEM rears.

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    Congrats on the new ride. Impractical and enjoyable is definitely the way to go when you already have a hauler.

    I’m in a similar, but different pickle. I picked up a same gen A6 wagon (2.late is slow, but reliable), and wanted an Allroad, but as it’s going to be the wife’s, decided two pedals and reliability were more important.

    I moved from east to west coast using my trusty rusty mk3 Jetta, which has since become a dishwasher, but still have a fun car out east, a D2 Audi S8. It needs about $2700 worth of work, and doesn’t have three pedals. Besides that, it’s a monster, an excellent highway car, and just looks beautiful. I’m conflicted as to getting the work done and bringing it out, or selling it and getting some nutty Japanese import (15 year law FTW!)

    I can’t do both, and am stuck on the fence… but I’ll have to make a decision soon.

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    “36,000 miles…” “original owner…” “retired auto detailer…” “creampuff that was just too good to pass up…”

    This is that x-factor that you can’t usually account for giving armchair internet advice on buying a specific vehicle. Anyone looking for a great deal with modest money is best served by finding the nicest example they can find of a car that pleases them at the price they can afford; sure, there may be better choices than a 350z vert, but if you can’t find one at the price and condition you want, it doesn’t really matter. Particularly when shopping for cars +10 years old. I’d much rather have this than a clapped out WRX/e36 m3/insert-other-desirable car at the same price.

    Nice find.

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    Nice choice. That and an Allroad make for a fine stable.

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    I just knew nobody’s opinion would carry the day, and something out of left field would be chosen. That seems to be how it always works. I expected a used car, but I was thinking van or pickup. Just shows to go you these guys asking our informed, serious opinions are just twerking us. Or using their own judgement, which is almost the same thing.

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    Nice ride, I am quite jealous. One good thing about buying from Craigslist or buying private party in general is that you buy the owner as much as you buy the car. You can ask them detailed questions, why does this car have so few miles? Or why does this car have so many miles? How often do check the oil level? Talk to them, you know. I have backed away from quite a few private party sales due to the owner not responding to my questions in a manner that I was comfortable with.

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    Nice choice. A z might be the perfect foil for an all road (the a6 avant that got struggle snuggled by a touareg).

    The last time I was in a z was with a buddy of mine who comments here. He set the brakes on fire giving a crotch rocket a run for his money coming out of the catskills. It’s a brutal but fun car.

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