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Genesis Hybrid Sports Sedan Concept, New York, Image: Genesis

Genesis is on path to preview its design language going forward with the reveal of the Hybrid Sports Sedan New York Concept. The styling is synonymous with the Vision G concept, while the powertrain and interior receive further enhancements.

Genesis Hybrid Sports Sedan Concept, New York, Image: Genesis

The front fascia displays a large mesh trapezoidal grille as the centerpiece bookended by a pair of aggressive LED headlights. The fenders bulge out of the sides to give it a sculpted wide body look and feature mesh vents that match the grille.

Genesis Hybrid Sports Sedan Concept, New York, Image: Genesis

Leather and suede cover the interior, and the dashboard features a 21-inch LED display by LG.

Genesis says a direct-injected hybrid engine powers its concept, and that it sends power to the wheels via an eight-speed automatic transmission. The 2.0-liter GDi hybrid engine puts out an estimated 241 horsepower and 260 lbs-ft of torque, which is roughly on par with mid size luxury options such as the Lexus GS 200t.

While some of the more extravagant features are unlikely to make it into production, many of the design elements are likely to show up in the upcoming G70 and G80 models.

The Genesis model lineup will increase at a quick pace in the next few years with the introduction of six models by 2021.

[Images: Genesis]

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21 Comments on “NYIAS: Genesis Hybrid Sports Sedan Concept – To New Beginnings...”

  • avatar

    Oh hey, a cheaper LC.

  • avatar

    Is this vehicle actually at Javits Center, or did Hyundai just give out thumb drives with a bunch of Photoshops on them to journalists?

  • avatar

    Hyundai builds damn good cars now.

  • avatar

    Completely overstyled.
    Hyundai gets credit for attempting to create a unique design language in a world where just about everything has been tried already. However, they are proposing an interior that’s being stretched by warpdrive, a dashboard that would give Sulu a migraine, a shark snout at the hood line, a modified Jeep grille, mysterious triangular panel gaps at the rear corners, and wheels that are trying way, way too hard.

  • avatar

    I see the hybrid, and I see the sedan….

    but with ~240hp in a presumably-heavy hybrid drivetrain and chassis, I’m not seeing the “sports”.

  • avatar

    I awoke one fine day a few years back to discover that the entirety of English-speaking North America had, en masse, been programmed to replace the perfectly good adjective “future” with the smarmy, insinuating and dangling participle phrase “going forward”.

    Why dat? Why errybody alla sudden talkin’ Mission Statement?

  • avatar

    Did the show car have any interior? I haven’t seen any pics at all, only photoshops. Highly disappointing that this still seems so far from production. Hyundai/Kia seem to produce concepts only over the years and never dare to actually enter the compact luxury sedan/coupe segment.

  • avatar

    I’m down with the profile, but the interior is hideous. Luckily it’ll look like a normal car by the time it hits production, if it does.

    I’m still not sure what purpose these ludicrous concepts serve in the post-50s-optimism era; do they persist purely out of inertia?

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    Hyundai/Kia sales have doubled since Peter Schreyer moved from VW – get used to seeing more and more cars influenced by his designs.

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    I don’t think Hyundai gets it. If you want to win in the premium game, you need to bring crossovers. No one wants sedans anymore, and if they do, they go with the established makes.

    For 30 years now, Infiniti, Lexus, Acura, Cadillac and Volvo have tried to beat the 3-series at it’s own game. Not gonna happen. On the other hand, the X3 and RX are vulnerable.

    • 0 avatar

      The 3 isn’t untouchable these days like it once was – and “beating the 3 Series” is only hyperbole (aside from the ATS, XE and other actually beating the F30 in driving dynamics).

      Anyhow, Hyundai is working on 2 RWD crosssovers (probably should be working on a 3rd) for the Genesis brand – so it’s not like they don’t “get it.”

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    SCE to AUX

    Ridiculous concept cars.

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    Looks vaguely similar to Infiniti’s Q90 concept. Not a bad thing. I think Genesis brand was a smart move.
    I don’t think they’re after a 3 series, More C-Class or E-Class in my opinion.
    As far as crossovers go…give it time. I’m sure they’ll have a version of the Santa Fe all dressed up, eventually.

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