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YouTube has finally processed our counterclaim to Volkswagen’s claim of copyright infringement. And guess what? YouTube’s copyright bots decided in our favor! I’m right chuffed about it.

What does that mean? Well, not so much for you, but it means we can do our jobs a bit more effectively. Also, it means David can still take on Goliath — and win.

It’s been over a month since we made our counterclaim against Volkswagen’s copyright infringement claim. Google’s Search servers might be lightning fast, but its process for sorting out a copyright claim for YouTube is arduously slow.

To celebrate our win, enjoy this soothing, Volkswagen infotainment B-roll. Ohhhh yeah.

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27 Comments on “Guess Whose YouTube Channel Works Again?...”

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    Wait what happened here? Did I miss a story about vw making copyright claims about ttac’s YouTube channel?

    Is be pretty pissy about it if I were you, provided this isn’t just a routinely generated take down request.

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    Feels good when the “little guy” finds justice. Bravo for sticking to your guns, as it were.

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    Now you understand why I use video game music and can’t demonstrate the speakers the way I want to.

    Did you see my new HELLCAT and replacement new Jeep?

    $2000 a month on Youtube.

    I’ll be crossing 13,000,000 subs soon.

    Blew past 13,000 subs.


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      I get hassled by the YouTube bots for music played by DJs at car shows. One music company claimed monetizing rights on a 20 minute video of the Woodward Dream Cruise because a Bluesmobile replica was playing the Blues Brothers’ version of Flip, Flop, Fly for 45 seconds as it drove past my camera.

      BTW, I’m no lawyer, but it seems to me that using an excerpt from a commercial recording to critique an audio system could fall under fair use, which specifically allows use of excerpts for comment and criticism purposes.

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      Coming from youtube era 2009 or so, you guys should be happy they dont ban accounts.

      Back then theyd ban, no ads, and had a 10 min limit. On the upside youtube wasnt the big taste influencing career thing everyone’s turned it into.

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      >> Now you understand why I use video game music

      I thought that’s what Buick was doing for its new theme until I heard the full song about a week ago.

      BTW – Hellcat makes it’s own music. No copyright to worry about either (ask Harley Davidson about that one).

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        I’m so sick of that theme in every Buick commercial. The GMC one isn’t really any better, there just seem to be fewer spots.

        At least Ford gives us variety in their advertising music.

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      I didn’t see the new HELLCAT and Jeep, BTSR, but I did see that you swept the primaries on supertuesday.

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        Are BTSR and The Donald one and the same? Well,…

        – both are men from NYC with egos the size of the Empire State
        – they are both power hungry
        – they both brag about how much money they make
        – they both love foreign models (Melania, FCA vehicles)
        – they both find themselves continually combating the rumor they are compensating for small weiners

        Now that I think of it, they’ve never been spotted together at the same time…

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    Kyree S. Williams

    “Right chuffed?” Did you turn into Mike Brewer when I wasn’t looking? haha

    Meanwhile, one would think that Volkswagen’s lawyers would have more important things to worry about than TTAC’s YouTube.

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    Maybe you can celebrate by releasing another article compiling all the articles on VW scandal so far. Honestly, not being sarcastic, it’s been a while since the last one, and the links are a useful way to provide a detailed account without making it a hundred pages long.

    Also, it’s a good reminder to VW that they have bigger problems to worry about, seriously, your lawyers don’t have better things to do in the middle of the biggest scandal of your company’s history? Not that I was a huge fan of VW before, but I have considered the GTI, CC, and their wagons at various times in my life. Don’t know if they will ever be a contender again for me.

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    This is increasingly becoming an issue as YT has to deal with more and more videos uploaded every minute.

    So for a short briefing:

    Youtube implemented this system in response to taking away their responsibility for the DMCA (a Republican favorite for you right-wingers out there). It isn’t that the law is awful, it is to some extent, but rather that Google’s solution is really awful. Basically they automated the system to bring down the copyright infringers faster and they do bring down SCORES OF THEM. The constant barrage of illegal posting is an issue but in the same breath sites like TTAC can be trolled by corporations for violations. It doesn’t mean that TTAC can’t or doesn’t violate the rules at times but there needs to be a clear and separate path for ‘official’ channels that are accepted as monetized entities and present themselves as upright actors.

    This is happening to scores of internet reviewers, video game lets players, and the like that use established media to create new and interesting works. Until Youtube fixes this new trolls are going to spring up to steal revenue (since they allow all monetization to go to them until it gets reversed instead of escrow) and corporations are going to aggressively abuse it to the point where they’ll continue to silence views they dislike.

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      Google is probably setting themselves up for a few lawsuits if they don’t change their system for dealing with this. There are a number of legal challenges that have been suggested that will have good odds of success if brought into court. It’s really in Google’s best interest to straighten this out themselves.

      Also, I don’t know why you’re taking a shot at Republicans over DMCA. The bill was sponsored by a Republican, but it passed unanimously in both houses, and was signed by a Democratic president. It might not be a great law, especially the way it’s been implemented, but there was zero political opposition to it when it passed, and there probably isn’t much today either.

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        The core of DMCA is wholly in the neocon corporatist architecture. Democrats passed it in the era of Third-way approach so if that bill came back up it would likely suffer major changes or complete blockage.

        As it stands, it’s really outmoded. It was a stop-gap measure when the internet was new and unfolding. It’s going to need to change and Google’s YT needs to shift how they make their complaint system work but that may end up costing some access to YT as other 3rd party video sites get more and more bandwidth access.

        Frankly, the system is wholly convoluted….

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    To add to Xeranar’s post, there is (are) companies that do exactly this as a form of business – the file a copyright infringement claim against a channel and have it taken down while they then profit from the monetization of the same video. It takes Youtube MONTHS to resolve the claim, resulting in loss of revenue for the original channel and a boon for the trolling company.

    Said company does this against a multitude of channels, even if the content is purely original.

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