NAIAS 2016: Ford and LEGO Declare Everything is Awesome!!!

Chris Tonn
by Chris Tonn

Ford and LEGO have teamed up to unveil new Mustang and F-150 Raptor sets, complete with everything the builder needs for a day at the racetrack.

No word if the Mustang has a double-decker flat plane crankshaft.

The Mustang set, offered for $14.99 when it’s released in March, will be sold with a driver and a lap-time board. The F-150 Raptor includes a hot-rod Model A on a trailer, mechanics, a workshop, and a drag race Christmas tree, all for $49.99.

Early reports place Ford fanboy Bark M. already in line at his local LEGO store.

Chris Tonn
Chris Tonn

Some enthusiasts say they were born with gasoline in their veins. Chris Tonn, on the other hand, had rust flakes in his eyes nearly since birth. Living in salty Ohio and being hopelessly addicted to vintage British and Japanese steel will do that to you. His work has appeared in eBay Motors, Hagerty, The Truth About Cars, Reader's Digest, AutoGuide, Family Handyman, and Jalopnik. He is a member of the Midwest Automotive Media Association, and he's currently looking for the safety glasses he just set down somewhere.

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  • Quentin Quentin on Jan 12, 2016

    Trying to make the cars look real (in proportion) at this scale is silly. It just turns out weird looking. I much prefer when they make the greenhouses match the mini-figs. I made an FJ Cruiser for my father in law a few years back. It really turned out nice and is clearly an FJ despite the model being all greenhouse. That reminds me that I need to convert my minifig scale 4Runner from white to red. I did have to commit a Lego taboo by modifying a glass piece to give the correct look for the C pillar on the 4Runner.

  • IAhawkeye IAhawkeye on Jan 13, 2016

    You can never have too many LEGO's, definitely want them.

  • Hermaphroditolog Good hybrid cars use ICE implosion mode.Mercedes-EQXX uses implosion turbines (turboexpanders) for regeneration from heat losses.
  • Kosmo I, for one, and maybe only one, would buy a 5.0 L, stickshift variant of the sedan/hatchback that is Ford's "Not A Mustang EV" tomorrow.I'd buy the sportwagon version yesterday.
  • Akear I am counting the days when Barra retires. She has been one long nightmare for GM. People don't realize the Malibu outsells all GM EVs combined.
  • Redapple2 you say; most car reviewers would place it behind the segment stalwarts from Honda and Toyota,........................... ME: Always so. Every single day since the Accord / Camry introduction.
  • Akear GM sells only 3000 Hummer EVs annually. It is probably the worst selling vehicle in GM history.